Thursday, 26 February 2015

There is no ending.....

Some philosophical mumblings.....    My blogs starting to go quiet now as I'm running out of things to write now I'm maintaining.  I've written about my journey and experiences along the way, but now life is just ticking along, and this is it - there's nothing new to say.  My journey with my band will never be finished as its a lifelong change that needs maintaining.... there is no end... but this is it now, I know what needs to be done and I know how to do it (whether or not I make the right choice is another matter), does that make sense?!?!  

I could and maybe should get some more fill in order that I can loose those last 5kg (11lb), but then my band would feel really tight, I'd have many stuck moments, wouldn't be able to comfortably eat out which would affect our social life, and would probably be quite miserable - is 5kg worth that?  Some people might say by not loosing the 5kg to ultimate goal I have failed..... what do you think?

I can buy clothes of the shelf now and don't have to shop in outsize stores, I can buy nice things, that are in fashion and know that I look nice, which empowers me.  I'm not skinny, I'm never the smallest person in company, but I'm not always the biggest anymore, and that feels good too.  I can sit comfortably in an aeroplane seat without the seatbelt being pulled to its limit and can have the snack table down flat too.  I can go on the waterpark chutes with the kids if I choose and know that I won't get stuck in the ring and feel every bounce and knock on the way down.  I can wear skirts and dresses and not have my thighs chaff, and I can wear a swimming costume and not feel out of place - to me that all rings of success!

My apron belly I hate, but I could take the steps to have surgery to remove it.... and maybe one day I will, I shall see.  Maybe, one day soon or in the future I'll make a concerted effort and loose the 5kg that are hanging around, I shall see - but for now I think I am done!

Well, I'll leave you all with a funny pic:

Hope you are all travelling well, speak soon x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Friday humour..... oops 6 days late posting!!

Some appropriate Friday humour:

Ha, Ha.... made me giggle!  Well its two weeks since my last weigh-in and I've stayed exactly the same at 77.6kg..... have been eating relatively well sticking to around 1000 calories, although have had bank holiday weekend which involved more eating and drinking than usual!  Had a stuck moment yesterday due to making poor food choices - but is a good reminder that my band is there and working.

My exercise however has been really poor!  You'll recall that I hurt my back at start of Jan, well I'm still having issues with it now.  I'm seeing a chiro and hoping it sorts itself out soon, but haven't been going zumba because I'd struggle.  There have been no netball games for the last 2 weeks as well due to bank holidays etc so all I've been doing is dog walking.  Am considering a dry February..... just considering mind you!

Well, the end is in sight...... kids return to school on Monday!  Some routine can return to the Sleat house, although saying that I think I'll miss having them around.  There pretty good kids really - so am fortunate.

Holly has had her hair done, and is now a blonde.... must say looks really nice!  Growing up so fast.... where's my baby gone...  Of for an assessment with Harvey now, hopefully will find out once and for all if/what learning difficulties he has - watch this space.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Mmmm, what to blog?

Mmmmm, what to blog?  You will recall that at start of New Year I decided to get back on track with my eating and exercise, shed the 3.6kg that I gained and try to loose a bit more....

I woke on the Monday morning enthusiastic for the week, got ready for the first zumba class of 2015 which I might add I was really looking forward to after a few weeks of no exercise.... went for a quick pee before leaving and somehow pulled my back getting of the loo......argh!  Hence there has been no zumba or netball for me in the last 2 weeks - chiropractor visits instead!!!!  Am hoping to get back to class tomorrow.

I've been good with my foods though, and have managed to cut out some of the carbs I had started eating again.  I bought one of those spiral thingy machines?!?!  to make zoodles... which are zuccini noodles or for my UK friends courgette noodles - so have been having them instead of spaghetti or noodles and as a nice veg alternative.  Also, have got back into the habit of making cauliflower rice for myself instead of the basmati..... and lots of fish for my protein.....  weigh-in Friday this week: 77.6kg, a loss of 1.2kg (2.6lb) in the last fortnight - slow but steady.

Feeling a  bit like i work in hospitality.... seem to be running a hotel for steady stream of sleepovers during these long Summer holidays, and should invest in a black cap to wear whilst driving kids all over the place - as long as they are happy.... I guess!!

Another couple of weeks and the kids are back to school, and my working hours will increase from 3 days to 4 days - not sure how I feel about that as I quite enjoy my 2 days off and they are the 2 mornings that I defo make zumba, I guess I'll have to try and make another evening class instead.  The studio that I go to are running an introductory hip-hop class - quite fancy giving it a try - Do you think I'm too old??

Am loving Perth weather right now, endless days of sunshine which is awesome although had some terrible bush fires last week.  Fortunately we were not affected, but many of my friends were on alert to evacuate - very scary.  The Firemen/woman do an awesome job.

My goal for the week is to loose a minimum of 0.5kg - lets see if I can make it.  Hope you are all well...x

Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year to you all - here's hoping that we all have a good one!

Not much to report, had a nice Xmas with friends and a quiet NY, Holly was working until 8pm so needed picking up, so we had a family evening with a take-away and game of Cluedo...!  Rich wasn't impressed - but Harvey thought it was fab lol!!

So wait for NY weigh-in....this morning...... 78.8kg (12.4lb) not good, but could be worse.... I guess?!?!?  So I'm up 3.8kg (8.4lb) from my lowest weight to date....  This time last year I weighed 81kg, so am a couple of kilo's lighter than then.... not sure if that is good or bad!?!  So my goal is to definitely to loose the 3.8kg that I re-gained..... and hopefully get to my ultimate goal of 70kg -  if I can't get there then I want to get back to 75kg and maintain......

Nikki in UK if you are reading, you are looking absolutely fantastic - you will be my new inspiration!

Anyway, love to you all

Monday, 22 December 2014

2 more sleeps...

... 2 more sleeps until Santa arrives....... am hoping he doesn't leave anymore chocolates, sherry and goodies!!  Have put my weight issues on the shelf until New Year, can't possibly fix anything over Christmas so I may as well enjoy!

Have some food shopping to do later and then all done - sigh!  What we haven't got, we go without!  Although saying that we are at friends on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so no real worries.

Am planning on taking the kids to see Paddington tomorrow evening (Xmas Eve), thought we'd go once I've picked Holly up from work - they are not too bothered but I'd like to do something with them that doesn't revolve around drinking in some bar - haven't told Rich yet - am guessing he won't come along.  Turkey to cook, profiteroles and banoffee pie to make before Santa can come.  Will go to beach Xmas Day, although am hoping this wind drops and off to friends for the rest of the day!  Starting to feel more festive now....

No plans for New Years Eve as yet, although no doubt something will crop up.

Anyway, as promised in last week's post here's Rich and I all dressed up for the Gatesby theme party.  Cheap and cheerful outfit I got online, not bad eh?

Well, Merry Christmast to you all - hope you all have a wonderful festive time!  Until next year......  x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bad blogger......

Woo Hoo..... I'm back..!  What a bad blogger I have been..... well the news isn't good.... the scales are still moving, but in wrong direction.... bugger!!!!!!!!  Official weigh in day today:  78kg (12 stone 2lb), thats a 3kg (6lb) gain from my lowest weight!

Just can't get back on track since my hols in UK back in Sept/Oct whether that's because I overindulged when I was in England and got the taste back, or whether it was because my fill was adjusted, or that I keep making goodies in my thermomix or I'm just not in the right headspace.......!  Guess I'll need to reign in my Xmas indulgences now.   I could keep making excuses but:

guess its up to me!  Come on Sleaty get a grip woman!!!!

What else is happening..... had a great family weekend away in Melbourne.  Rich and Holly went to the Katie Perry concert which apparently was great.  Whilst in Melbourne we caught up with my dear friend Nicola and her hubbie and son which was great - they all looked really well and were able to stay overnight in the City so we could spend the night and following day together.  I posted a year ago when I last visited Nicola in Melbourne, there's not a huge amount of difference in my weight then and now gulp!

My kids have now broken up for the long Summer holidays 10 Dec - 2 Feb....... how ridiculous!  Fortunately I have Holly to mind Harvey whilst I'm working, although now she has a part-time job not sure how that will work.

Tomorrow we are off to a 40th birthday party, Gatesby theme!  I've got a black frapper dress to wear - should be fun.  I'll post some photos next week.

Feeling very bah humbug and not at all Christmassy!  Normally we are looking forward to having visitors during the festive period, but have no-one coming to see us this year.  Although next year should have bestie -fingers crossed!   We are spending Christmas Day at friends which will be nice, just doesn't feel very festive.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.....x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

...... no change....

Still at 77kg........ despite doing optifast for 3 days..... bugger!  Am back to eating anything, nothing is getting stuck and can't really notice any restriction - therefore decided to take myself back to the Dr for some fill.

She's only given me 0.1cc more as anymore than that is normally too tight for me - so will see if this make a difference.  Interestingly she did say, that maybe I should be OK at my current weight and not worry about loosing anymore, that my body has probably found a weight its comfortable at!  This probably makes good sense, but I really wanted to reach my goal of 70kg - but wont stress about it!

I spoke to the receptionist about an abdominoplasty as had a referral letter from GP, she mentioned that the referral letter needs to be more in depth if I'm to be part covered by medicare.  Not sure about the procedure yet, will look more into this in the new year, but my surgeon Dr Dolan does carry out this op and its very common.  I just don't like the idea of 3 nights in hospital and then coming home with drains still attached...... yuck!  Would be a minimum of 3 weeks off work....... will give it lots of thought,  but would be lovely to loose my extra tyre of sagginess!!!

Feeling quite flat at the moment...... think its a knock on effect of our holiday, as we had such a fab time..... missing lots of people :(  The upside is Mum and Dad are back for a visit in March so not too long until we see them.

We are off to Melbourne soon, for the weekend - will catch up with Wilby clan whilst there which will be fab.  Lots of shopping......

Melbourne Cup day was good fun.  Took the day off work and got all dressed up, went on a girlie day out which was really good fun.  Here I am looking all grown up and posh in my fascinator:

Hope everyone is well......x