Saturday, 14 December 2013

Well, hello again.....

Woo Hoo, well hello again.... I'm back.... gosh its been a while since I posted - life has been hectic!

Well, on the weightloss no change..... am going to do sooooo well when I have to do maintenance!!  The upside is that I haven't gained either, my body has obviously found a weight its happy at and is happy to maintain.... !  I've had lots going on, have been to Melbourne and have had different Christmas events to attend so am pleased that am not gaining.  I am booked back at the clinic on 4 Jan, so may have some more fill or otherwise will either have to up the exercise or really re-evaluate what I'm eating!   On the health front my BMI has gone down from (36 - severely obese) to (28 - overweight), which is great and I'm feeling good about myself which is nice too!

Now Melbourne - had a fantastic time catching up with my oldest pal and her family, it was lovely to have some time-out away from hubby and kids to enjoy being with Nicola.  It was lovely to spend time in Nicola's beautiful home which was delightful and finally meet Marley the dog!  I did over indulge a little - but heck I was on holiday.... one day we went to the City and had a sandwich lunch closely followed by afternoon tea (more sandwiches, cream scones, cakes - yum)... our timing was a bit off lol; had thai one night; and cocktails at the movies another, and a delicious brekkie of poached eggs, mushroom, spinach on toast which was delicious ...... no stuck moments, but a brilliant time!

This is a full length of me at the Mornington Peninsula...
We had Richard's work's Christmas party last week, and had a really good time.... we seemed to dance all night long!  Although must have drunk plenty too as had the hangover from hell on Sunday!  We had a set meal, and can you believe I got stuck on the main of FISH....., mind it was soooooo dry, and I probably wasn't paying attention drinking and chatting, and obviously eating too fast!   Well, what gets stuck, must come out......

My Christmas shopping is bought and wrapped - whoop!  Thank God that's done, just the food bits I need to get, but as we are out for Christmas Day lunch no panic.

My sister-in-law and nephew arrive from the UK tomorrow, so we are frantically cleaning, tidying and shopping!  An excited house, as we are all looking forward to seeing them.  The weather here has been 40degrees for the last few days, so no doubt she'll be in shock following the UK weather!!  Have a few things planned but looking forward to a chilled out time.

Working a few hours on Monday, Wed and Fri this week and that's me done until the New Year.  Have works Christmas lunch on Friday - so should be a good week.

Well, my goal until the New Year is to not gain more than a kilo........ festive greetings to you all.....x