Thursday, 13 November 2014

...... no change....

Still at 77kg........ despite doing optifast for 3 days..... bugger!  Am back to eating anything, nothing is getting stuck and can't really notice any restriction - therefore decided to take myself back to the Dr for some fill.

She's only given me 0.1cc more as anymore than that is normally too tight for me - so will see if this make a difference.  Interestingly she did say, that maybe I should be OK at my current weight and not worry about loosing anymore, that my body has probably found a weight its comfortable at!  This probably makes good sense, but I really wanted to reach my goal of 70kg - but wont stress about it!

I spoke to the receptionist about an abdominoplasty as had a referral letter from GP, she mentioned that the referral letter needs to be more in depth if I'm to be part covered by medicare.  Not sure about the procedure yet, will look more into this in the new year, but my surgeon Dr Dolan does carry out this op and its very common.  I just don't like the idea of 3 nights in hospital and then coming home with drains still attached...... yuck!  Would be a minimum of 3 weeks off work....... will give it lots of thought,  but would be lovely to loose my extra tyre of sagginess!!!

Feeling quite flat at the moment...... think its a knock on effect of our holiday, as we had such a fab time..... missing lots of people :(  The upside is Mum and Dad are back for a visit in March so not too long until we see them.

We are off to Melbourne soon, for the weekend - will catch up with Wilby clan whilst there which will be fab.  Lots of shopping......

Melbourne Cup day was good fun.  Took the day off work and got all dressed up, went on a girlie day out which was really good fun.  Here I am looking all grown up and posh in my fascinator:

Hope everyone is well......x