Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday already.......

Hi guys,

Well an odd week.... as you may recall was feeling too tight after my last fill so went back on Monday and had 0.2ml removed from my band... so now sitting at 6.1ml!  My doc thought that maybe I'm at limit, and if I plateau for too long that I need to start looking more at my food choices and exercise and really start working hard...!   Lets see what happens!

Mid-week I hit the 81.6kg mark whoop whoop.... couldn't log it as it wasn't "weigh-in Friday"..... this morning it was back up at 82kg (think I need a poo.... TMI!)  Since having the fill removed, have had no stuck moments whatsoever.... so not sure whether I'm looser than the before the fill or not... mind games or what!!!  However, I'm having a milky coffee for breakfast, and then can go for sometime without needing to eat, so maybe just need to see how I go!

Exercise - well didn't make zumba on Monday as got a call from school saying Harvey had fallen over and hurt his wrist, consequently spent the day in A&E..... result being a broken wrist and cast!!!   However made up for it by going on Wed evening instead!  Seem to be at the Doctors, Chiro, or hospital with one family member or other at the moment..... hoping we can go back to normal life again soon!

Kids having sleepovers tonight, and at friends for BBQ tomorrow which will be nice.... nothing new to report at the moment!

Hope everyone is travelling well..... let me know how you are doing...x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Too tight.....

Hi guys

Hope everyone is well?  Finally the sun is shining, lets hope its here to stay for a while!

Had a good time at the golf dinner, the venue was really nice, as promised here's a photo of us all dressed up, (although don't know how to flip the pic the right way up doh)!:

You will recall how I mentioned that I may need some more fill.... well I went back to the doc's last Monday.  She was really pleased with my progress so far, and said my goal will be around 75kg..... originally they said my goal would be 70kg (I'm currently sitting at 82kg).... so she said we will gauge it by how I look and feel when nearer that weight!  Sounds like a good plan to me!  Anyhoose, she gave me an additional 0.3cc fill, bringing me up to 6.3ml in my 10ml band...... and now I'm too tight!!!!!   Nothing other than liquid or slider crap is going down easily, and most meals are getting stuck, and consequently coming back up again..... vitamin tablets, tuna mayo, chicken salad, scrambled egg...... so not a comfortable place to be, would feel very self conscious if were at a restaurant.  I therefore need to go back and have a little removed.... maybe I'll have 0.15ml removed and see how it feels - its amazing how such small amounts make such a big difference.  The downside is I have to pay for every fill or unfill so need to get it right!

I'm a bit peeved that my weight has plateaued, haven't really lost anything since the 27 Sept, I'm jumping around from 82kg up to 82.6kg down to 82.4kg, depending on holidays, TOM etc - bit sick of the 82kg want to see 81kg for a change!  Was hoping to get to 80kg for my Melbourne trip!

An "English chippy" has opened down the road, selling all the things one could buy from an English fish and chip shop.  Proper chips, not frozen ones that they sell in chippies out here.  Proper malt vinegar not white vinegar!  Has me salivating thinking about it......  Anyway, we decided to see what all the hype was about and bought a bag of chips to try at the weekend, (obviously I was only going to have a few ;) they looked "proper", smelt amazing, 2 chips in and I got stuck - how very disappointing!!!

Do any of you zumba?  If not you really must try it.  I try and go 3 times a week now, and soooooo enjoy it!  The more I go the more I get to learn the routines and the easier it becomes.  My instructor is fit, young and trendy and she makes the class alot of fun.  Its a form of exercise I look forward to.... wow didn't think I'd ever say that!  Monday is netball night, still enjoying that too!

Right, signing off now.  Haven't heard from a lot of you in a while..... hope everyone is travelling well...x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Back to normality!!

Hi guys

Well we are back to normality, back from our week in Queensland, had a fabulous although somewhat hectic time!  We visited Seaworld, MovieWorld (twice), Dreamworld, Wet & Wild, we went up Tambourine mountain, and walked along the beach from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise.  The apartment/hotel was great "Ocean Pacific" on Broadbeach and was only a short walk to the bars and restaurants - great time!  The best bit about our holiday for me though was having some catchup time as a family - so enjoyed it!

Well on the food front, I defo overdid it!  Ate too much and drank too much - have gained 0.8kg this week but no big deal!  Its funny how fickle the band is though...... I purposely didn't eat any food on the outbound flight (as heard some horror stories about stuck moments on a flight as apparently the band tightens with pressure (not sure if this is true or not!?!)), so once we arrived, unpacked etc we went out for dinner.  I ordered the entree garlic prawns, which I often have if we go out, and this particular time I got stuck - very uncomfortable - so maybe there is some truth in flying making the band tighter?  Does anyone else have this problem when they fly?  However, the following day I was back to normal.......

I have an appt on Monday with the Doc, and am thinking of getting a small fill.  My weightloss has really plateaued over the last few weeks, I can still get stuck if I eat too fast, but generally can still eat most things including breakfast - so maybe need a smidgen more!

I'm really going to buckle down this week, as I'd like to reach 20kg lost by the time I go to Melbourne which is end of November - so is definitely doable.

Am going to a posh golf dinner tomorrow, have been out and bought new shoes (very high for me..... !) and a new bag to go with the green/silver dress I posted about sometime ago, am soooo looking forward to it - will post a pic of me all dressed up once done!

Here's a pic of me on the beach in Queensland, its been many many years since I've been able to wear a swimming cossie with shorts, and not coverup with a tshirt....NSV - I quite like this one of me:

Well hope everyone is doing ok??....x