Monday, 22 December 2014

2 more sleeps...

... 2 more sleeps until Santa arrives....... am hoping he doesn't leave anymore chocolates, sherry and goodies!!  Have put my weight issues on the shelf until New Year, can't possibly fix anything over Christmas so I may as well enjoy!

Have some food shopping to do later and then all done - sigh!  What we haven't got, we go without!  Although saying that we are at friends on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so no real worries.

Am planning on taking the kids to see Paddington tomorrow evening (Xmas Eve), thought we'd go once I've picked Holly up from work - they are not too bothered but I'd like to do something with them that doesn't revolve around drinking in some bar - haven't told Rich yet - am guessing he won't come along.  Turkey to cook, profiteroles and banoffee pie to make before Santa can come.  Will go to beach Xmas Day, although am hoping this wind drops and off to friends for the rest of the day!  Starting to feel more festive now....

No plans for New Years Eve as yet, although no doubt something will crop up.

Anyway, as promised in last week's post here's Rich and I all dressed up for the Gatesby theme party.  Cheap and cheerful outfit I got online, not bad eh?

Well, Merry Christmast to you all - hope you all have a wonderful festive time!  Until next year......  x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bad blogger......

Woo Hoo..... I'm back..!  What a bad blogger I have been..... well the news isn't good.... the scales are still moving, but in wrong direction.... bugger!!!!!!!!  Official weigh in day today:  78kg (12 stone 2lb), thats a 3kg (6lb) gain from my lowest weight!

Just can't get back on track since my hols in UK back in Sept/Oct whether that's because I overindulged when I was in England and got the taste back, or whether it was because my fill was adjusted, or that I keep making goodies in my thermomix or I'm just not in the right headspace.......!  Guess I'll need to reign in my Xmas indulgences now.   I could keep making excuses but:

guess its up to me!  Come on Sleaty get a grip woman!!!!

What else is happening..... had a great family weekend away in Melbourne.  Rich and Holly went to the Katie Perry concert which apparently was great.  Whilst in Melbourne we caught up with my dear friend Nicola and her hubbie and son which was great - they all looked really well and were able to stay overnight in the City so we could spend the night and following day together.  I posted a year ago when I last visited Nicola in Melbourne, there's not a huge amount of difference in my weight then and now gulp!

My kids have now broken up for the long Summer holidays 10 Dec - 2 Feb....... how ridiculous!  Fortunately I have Holly to mind Harvey whilst I'm working, although now she has a part-time job not sure how that will work.

Tomorrow we are off to a 40th birthday party, Gatesby theme!  I've got a black frapper dress to wear - should be fun.  I'll post some photos next week.

Feeling very bah humbug and not at all Christmassy!  Normally we are looking forward to having visitors during the festive period, but have no-one coming to see us this year.  Although next year should have bestie -fingers crossed!   We are spending Christmas Day at friends which will be nice, just doesn't feel very festive.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.....x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

...... no change....

Still at 77kg........ despite doing optifast for 3 days..... bugger!  Am back to eating anything, nothing is getting stuck and can't really notice any restriction - therefore decided to take myself back to the Dr for some fill.

She's only given me 0.1cc more as anymore than that is normally too tight for me - so will see if this make a difference.  Interestingly she did say, that maybe I should be OK at my current weight and not worry about loosing anymore, that my body has probably found a weight its comfortable at!  This probably makes good sense, but I really wanted to reach my goal of 70kg - but wont stress about it!

I spoke to the receptionist about an abdominoplasty as had a referral letter from GP, she mentioned that the referral letter needs to be more in depth if I'm to be part covered by medicare.  Not sure about the procedure yet, will look more into this in the new year, but my surgeon Dr Dolan does carry out this op and its very common.  I just don't like the idea of 3 nights in hospital and then coming home with drains still attached...... yuck!  Would be a minimum of 3 weeks off work....... will give it lots of thought,  but would be lovely to loose my extra tyre of sagginess!!!

Feeling quite flat at the moment...... think its a knock on effect of our holiday, as we had such a fab time..... missing lots of people :(  The upside is Mum and Dad are back for a visit in March so not too long until we see them.

We are off to Melbourne soon, for the weekend - will catch up with Wilby clan whilst there which will be fab.  Lots of shopping......

Melbourne Cup day was good fun.  Took the day off work and got all dressed up, went on a girlie day out which was really good fun.  Here I am looking all grown up and posh in my fascinator:

Hope everyone is well......x

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Weigh-in Friday...... 77kg gulp...... the scales are moving in the wrong direction!!

I think I must have left my mojo back in England......., am becoming very complacent, not making wise choices, and not following the banding rules!  My meals are OK, but its everything else that isn't!  Constantly making cakes, scrolls, biscuits in the thermomix for the kids isn't helping as am sampling everything I make....... and who invented "Marvellous Creations" chocolate..... appear to be addicted to the stuff!!!

Really need to get back on track...... will spend the morning re-reading the rules and will try to avoid snacking this week!  Am not really noticing my fill either, so that's not helping either!

Other news, Richard has returned from China which was quite an experience apparently, whilst he was away had the house valued and went to view a couple...... am in the mood for a change and move!!  Harvey has had an overnight school camp at the zoo - how awesome!  However, as he doesn't do sleepovers, he really didn't want to go and was getting quite anxious, I thought  might get a call asking to collect him but so far so good.

Just bought a new dress for Melbourne Cup day, a strapless green and black number, got a black fascinator to go with it.  Having a girlie day at the resort, 3 course meal, wine package, dancing and off course the racing - should be fun!

Mum and Dad have booked their flights to come for a visit in March, so something to look forward to.  Might take advantage of them being here and head off for a few nights somewhere with Rich leaving the kids with Mum.

Well hope everyone is travelling well.......x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Woo hoo I'm back.........

Woo Hoo..... I'm back....!!!  Hi guys, a little late posting, I've been back in Perth for 2 weeks now, kept meaning to post but haven't got round to it!!

Well, where should I start...... we had an absolutely amazing, awesome time back in the UK!  Very full-on and busy but were able to spend some great times with family and friends and have come home with some awesome memories.  I still would like to bring Kate and my gorgeous nephews, and my Mandy over in my suitcase and never let them leave...... guess I'll try that next time!

We were able to be part of Dad's 70th birthday, which was the reason for the trip and a great time was had by all at his party!  We saw "Charlie & the Choc Factory" musical and Riverdance shows in London, we did the London sights, we visited Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures and Harry Potter Tour..... to name just a few things.... and the weather was awesome the entire time!

Sadly the goodbyes never get any easier....., but we then had 4 days in Dubai which was great, and were also able to catch up with Richard's brother, sister-in-law and sister who came to Dubai also!  A great time, very hot and glam place, spent lots of time in the waterpark, swam with dolphins, tried skiing..... and finally found a couple of hours to chill on a sunlounger - awesome!!

Now.... what did I eat.....  EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING...... chinese, indian, american, italien, pie mash and liqor, and good ole blighty food, washed down with copius amounts of alcohol.  I had some fill out before my trip taking me down to 5.8 in my band and I never had a stuck moment or arkward moment the entire time!  However, despite all this time with the band.... it seems I still have not learnt any self-control...... a ate loads of food one evening at the Chinese eat-all-you-like, it went down no problem, buy boy did I feel uncomfortable after!!!

How much weight did I gain....... just 1.6kg - how fab was that, I was expecting to have gained so much more...... we did do loads of walking though..... so back up to 76.8kg.

I've since been back to the clinic and had the fill put back in..... but doesn't seem to be making much difference yet.... can still eat lots!

I must now start some self control and try and shift the last 5kg to reach goal.  Think a review of the banding rules may be  good idea....x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cinderella went to the ball....

Phew.... what a busy time of it, as mentioned previously, Cinderella went to the ball....

Had a fabulous time at the ball, went in the limo, had 3 course meal, dancing, auctions, entertainment - fab night!  Finished off in the casino.  Have to say that I felt really great in my new dress with my hair done, heres a pic:

This made me chuckle:  "I'm doing well on my diet today, I ate a doughnut with no sprinkles...!" ha!

Friday's weigh in was:  75.6kg.... no change (there's a surprise!!)  So as mentioned last week thought I'd take my measurements, not loosing much more but have lost another inch from my tummy since my measurements in July.  Here take a look:

Inches                     Chest          Tummy             Hips           Thighs

Preband:                 48                47.5                   47              26.5
Sept 13:                  43.5             42.5                   43.5           24
April 14:                 41                40                      40.5
This weighing:       40                38.5                   40              23

Total inches lost:     8                 9                        7                 3.5

Not bad when you see it like that eh!!  Went to the Dr this morning for an unfill for my hols.  I still want some restriction but don't want to have to feel worried/cautious about all the eating out we have planned.  So have gone from 6.5cc back down to 5.8cc, with an appt for a fill as soon as I'm back home.  I also mentioned about a tummy tuck, and my bariatric surgeon does these..... out of pocket expenses around $4,500 with my insurance so may look more into this in the New year.  3 days in hospital, 3 weeks off recovering...... will give it some consideration thought.

Had my 20th wedding anniversary last week, Rich bought me a lovely watch and we had a lovely lunch out together - here's to another 20yrs!

Off to UK this weekend, we all so very excited have so much planned will need a holiday when we come home!  Signing off now, won't be updating till we're back.... au revoir!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

...deflated balloon...

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is travelling well!  Not sure what happened to last week's post... , maybe I forgot to upload it - bizarre!  Anyhoose, not much to report here, no weightloss but no weightgain - there's a surprise!  A few stuck moments this week when I've eaten too fast, so I guess that recent smidgeon of fill is making itself known.  A few people have commented that I look like I've lost a little more, and today at zumba I was told my top was too big, and was told I could do with a smaller pair of work trousers....... thought I take some measurements as the scales have not changed.... but I forgot.... so will try to remember to do so next week!

Its strange how we all get fixated on certain things...., now that I've lost some weight I'm fixated on the size of my tummy, bit like a deflated balloon, thats all I seem to notice when trying on new clothes.... think I might start looking into the costs and process for a tummy tuck, my batwings, and scaggy thighs I can cope with, but my tummy needs to go!!!

A few pic's.... not really weight related, but thought I'd share:

 Here's a selfie of me in my new dress that I bought for next week's do!  SO looking forward to it, 12 of us will be arriving in a limo.....  Anyway, here's the dress:

....Chester's hiding can you see him lol!

Well have lots to do, so will catch up wth you all next week...x

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Morning all,

Finally got round to updating my blog!  All is tickety-boo here..... no great changes on the weightloss, Fridays weighin was 75.2kg.  I did go back to the Dr and have a little more fill (0.1), hasn't really made a huge amount of difference this time..... so am guessing that unless I make more sensible food choices and increase my exercise this is the weight I will pretty much maintain - that's OK with me!

We are going to a charity ball at the end of the month so had the fun of dress shopping.  I tried loads of different dresses on, black, colours, long, short, sequinned, plain, ruffles, rushes, slits, fitted, flarey....... in a variety of sizes depending on the cut and style.  I settled on a very plain, long, black dress I'll pop some photos up when I've got it on........ but get this...... a SIZE 12 - whoop whoop!!!  Great NSV!

The other exciting thing that has happened in my small world is that I got a thermomix, which is an advanced kitchen appliance that has 10 functions in one!  An expensive gadget, but all the go out here at the moment.  I've got one to cook more wholesome, foods at half the time.  However, not sure how it'll fit in with the waistline, as so far have made:  stock, orange cake, bacon/cheese bites, softserve icecream, slushie...... of course have to taste a bit of everything that is made!!!  Got a weekly mealplan for this week just need to get the ingredients!

Have had a weekend of soccer, with both kids playing on both days.... however Holly's team won the cup and Harvey got man of the match - so good result!  Rich is working at the Perth Home Show running a stall this weekend so have been single soccer mum!

Anyhoose, the day is young and lots to do..... hope everyone is well.....x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Back from Bali......

Returned from a wonderful 5 days at the Bali Hyatt, a great few days away with the family.  I managed to eat breakfast daily (I don't normally bother with breakfast) but enjoyed chocolate croissant and nasi goreng...... would have lunch (taco's or salad or pizza) followed by dinner (usually something indonesian)..... washed down with copious amounts of alcohol....... hey, I was on holiday!!  But the great news is that I weighed in today at:

   76kg / 11st.10lb

so I didn't gain anything - whoop, whoop!!  Must be a fluke!!

However, I haven't lost for ages now, am maintaining and still have another 5kg to go..... so have made an appt to see the Dr on Monday for a smidgen more fill - am hoping this won't take me too tight, there is such a fine line.

Anyway, back to Bali -  the hotel was fabulous and the grounds amazing, had a chilled time which was great.  Both the kids and I had temporary tattoo's done, here's mine, what do you think?

Temporary tattoo
Unfortunately, Rich got a dose of the Bali Belly, and is still not right, so has got tablets from the Dr.  5 days was long enough, as Harvey tends to get fidgety lying around the pool relaxing, but I loved it, and the weather was fab.   Went to Nusa Dua this time, which is a part of Bali I much prefer......, highly recommend it.

It is bloody cold back here in Perth..... and wet..... Winter just makes me want to eat, does anyone else find this?

Now we are on countdown for our UK trip in September, so looking forward to catching up with friends and family, its 5yrs since we've seen some of them.... even more of a good reason to loose those final 5kg..... will get to see my Nan again too :)

Anyway, hope everyone is well....x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Never ending journey.....

.... 76.2kg..... no change there then!  Although sometime last week the scale read 77kg, so I guess 76.2kg is good!

Devoured an entire bag of toffee popcorn last week wtf...... why.... because I can.  A good reminder that the band is a around my stomach and not my brain.... and that I must not give in to that  evil nagging voice telling me "go on, eat it, once won't hurt", all the sweets, chocolate, crisps are known as sliders and the band has no impact on these at all, I could eat sliders all day long and not feel blocked but I MUST NOT!   Just goes to show the lapband is not a fix, but a never ending journey on which I must always stay on top and focused!

Received a letter from the Dr saying my recent blood test shows a low level of Vit D and that I must start taking a tablet.  Vit D is essential for strong bones, muscles etc and the best source is from natural sunlight..... you can tell therefore that it is Winter here in Perth...... but next week I'm in Bali with lots of sun - hopefully!

Do you remember that I mentioned Rich and I were expecting a child-free weekend last week as Harvey was at camp and Holly at friends?  We were planning on going to the city for the evening..... alas was not to be.... Harvey wouldn't do the "sleeping over" part of camp, so I was dropping him off each morning at 7.45am and picking him up at 8.30pm..... ho hum!

Tonight I'm supposed to be out for drinks with friends, although what was a girlie night out is now with hubbie's too....., problem is I have a 10yr old and no-one else does!  Tomorrow is the weekend, we are off to the Perth Food & Wine show...... (have you noticed how my life seems to be focused around food and alcohol?!?!?!?), and after that we are booked in at Perth Winterwonderland for some iceskating, so should be fun.  Dinner at friends on Sunday (food again...), and then I'm off work next week.

Not feeling a huge amount of restriction from my band, so think I may have a small fill when I get back from Bali, hopefully loose a little more before my UK trip.  Anyway, hope everyone is well....x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

... feel the burn

..oh dear... 76.6kg this morning.... another slight gain... can't seem to stop eating, everything and anything, if its covered in chocolate or comes from a crisp packet even better!!!  Making some really bad food choices.... my head's just not been in it this week, maybe its the cold weather!!!  MUST GET BACK ON TRACK!!!

Feel the burn...... went to an XtendBarre class this morning, and wow felt like my calves were on fire!!  I think I'll sure ache tomorrow, no pain no gain!  Have just booked 10 sessions, so as to keep me motivated, as much as I love zumba, I think a change would be good for me, especially as it involves lots of toning! Funnily enough I wore a Tshirt that I bought when we were in Sydney back in Feb, when I tried it on it was too tight, but fit me today so although I've gained a little I must be doing something right.

A friend passed on fab recipe to me "Coriander prawns with sweetcorn & coconut mash" - was so delicious:  367cal - 40g protein per normal size serve.  If you want to know more let me know and I'll email the recipe.

Only a few weeks before we head to Bali, so looking for some family downtime in the sun - it can't come quick enough!

Rich and I are off to a "Carwash music" and dancing night this evening, both kids are on sleepovers which makes a change so are having a night out, looking forward to it.

Hope everyone is well....xx

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Same old, same old......

Same old, same old,  bit late updating this week.... not much to report really!  I weighed in on Friday at 76kg, which means I've gained 1kg, although TOM was around so I normally gain then anyway.  However, if I'm completely honest I've not had the best of weeks foodwise!  Haven't tracked anything, and have drank far too much wine - so this week I'm back on track!

Does anybody else self-sabotage??  eg.  I usually buy Freddo Frog choc bars for the kids snack tin as I'm not overly keen on them, but this week bought mini crunchies, my all time fav choc bar.... why did I do that?  I ate 3, one after the other whilst watching a dvd yesterday!  Despite having my band I still at times have no self control.

I'm having a dry week (well at least up until Friday lol) and will track everything I am eating on MyFitnessPal, and see if the scales move.  Do you recall how my weight plateaued around 80kg for weeks on end, I have a feeling the same is going to happen with 75kg...., I think the only way I'm going to loose is if I have more fill and then I'd feel too tight!!  Will have to see!  Would love to be at goal 70kg for my trip back to UK in Sept.

Have you heard of Thermomix....?  I went to a demo party at the weekend and was really impressed with it, love the idea of using fresh produce/ingredients all the time and not bothering with any processed or packet foods - considering whether I'd get my money's worth out of it, or whether it'll be another kitchen appliance that ends up in the cupboard?  Its really expensive to buy out here $1939, although I believe is alot cheaper in the UK - now would I use it? ...x

Friday, 6 June 2014

..... the illusive green zone

.... the illusive green zone.... where have you gone?!?!  You will recall that due to a stressy few weeks my band tightened and I went back to the Dr for an unfill whereby she removed 0.2ml from my band (just for a second imagine what a small quantity that it is - would it be a drip from a tap....?) anyway although it was lovely to not be tight and stuck, I was then able to eat anything and everything and pretty much did lol! Having not been able to eat much other than liquid, I managed to eat all the mash, liquor and a quarter of the pie from this man-size serving:
Food Porn eh!  Anyway 5 days later I was back at the Dr for a smidgen more fill...... she added 0.1ml, anything more and I would have been back to when I was too tight and couldn't eat anything.... I have to be a little careful still but think its still too loose, but can't have anymore as it'll be too tight.... oh what to do!!

We have had to look through some past photos to identify jewellery etc for our insurance claim following the burglary, and I put together a few pics of pre and post band.... its funny I never felt as big as I look pre-band days, some not so great pics:

Pre- band

and here are some more recent one's post-banding - I feel so much nicer and healthier and look it too - don't you agree?:

Post band

Anyway, hope everyone is travelling well...x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

...its tight in here....

... its tight in here.... they say that stress makes the band tighter, I can certainly vouch for that!!  Since my last fill around 8 weeks I've definitely had to be more careful with my food choices for fear of getting stuck, its not really how I'd like to go on indefinitely but figured I'd put up with it for a while.... due to a stressy few weeks (I'll elaborate later) the band tightened even more and I've really struggled, most of what I've been eating has come back up and I've been living on milk and soup for the last 5 days.... thankfully today I saw the Dr and had some fill removed - just finished lunch of bread and egg mayo - to eat again - delicious!

The upside is that I've lost a further 1.4kg this week and weighed in this morning at 75kg (11stone 8lb) - yeah!

So my stressy few weeks..... you'll recall hubbie got sick with a blood clot (he fine now), then Harvey had routine surgery and got slight infection (he fine now), then last Monday we were burgled.... :( they stole all my jewellery, money, cards, spare car keys, they managed to wrench the safe off of the wall and took the entire thing.... it housed our passports, copies of all credit cards and anything of value that wasn't in the jewellery box - gutted!  Last Wednesday, Rich slipped over and we spent the evening in A&E fortunately he didn't break his ankle just a bad sprain but he is still in pain and on crutches now.  Last Fri Harvey broke his finger.... phew!  The decorator came to hang the football mural paper in Harvey's bedroom, and managed to hang it in the wrong order...(bless), so that will now have to be reordered and rehung!

We are due to travel to Bali in July for 5 days hols, and now have no travel passports!  UK one's will take a minimum of 6 weeks, so we've managed to push forward our Australian Citizenship ceremony to Monday so we can then at least apply for our Aussie passports which only take a couple of weeks.  I'll post some photos of the ceremony next week - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Was at the hosp with Harvey on Monday so didn't make zumba and was at the dentist this morning so missed that class too - hopefully I'll get there tomorrow.  I have played netball this week and went Xtend Barre last night so not too bad.

Hope everyone is travelling well... speak soon...x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Band Anniversary....

HAPPY BAND ANNIVERSARY!!!!  Yep its my 1yr band anniversary tomorrow...... wow what a year... and how quick that time has gone...!  Am I glad I had the band - hell yes!!, any regrets - none!! 
Today's weighin:  76.4kg (11stone 13lb) that's a yearly loss of:  24kg (3 stone 8lb)

just another 1.5kg (3lb) to get me to my amended goal, which if you remember the Dr changed a few months ago as she felt my original goal may be too low; or another 7kg (15lb) to get to me original goal.  I am soooo pleased with that, there is no way I would have lost anymore than 8kg without the band and then it would have all returned within a couple of months of loosing.   I am proud to say that I weigh 76.4kg and am probably the lightest weight I've been since my teens.

What's changed:  I really enjoy exercising now, I am not a gym fan and never will be, but I do so love zumba and try and go at least 3 times a week, I enjoy netball once a week (never thought I'd ever play a team sport again....), and have recently started going XtendBarre classes for toning.  If I don't exercise I feel sluggish and meh, its part of my weekly routine now.
One of the best parts has been revamping my wardrobe, passing on my size 22 clothes and restocking my wardrobe with size 14 and 16 - whoop!!  Buying a mini skirt to wear with opaque tights....and seeing my daughter roll her eyes lol, tight fitting jeans, clothes that I like and can choose to buy other than buying those that I don't particularly like but fit!  Wearing boots that do up around my calves, to go out and feel sassy is a great feeling.
The band is definitely a tool and not a fix, but if you work it well it does what it is supposed to do!  Up until my last fill, I could still eat any foods (albeit smaller portions) including bread, pasta etc, infact there was nothing that I couldn't eat - more recently I have to be a little more careful.  My social life hasn't changed I still drink wine (infact the band has made no difference to how much I can drink and my levels of getting drunk), I still go out to eat and will eat any cuisine, although I only order an entrée which is plenty..... so the band hasn't stopped me doing anything socially.
I LOVE my band!


Friday, 2 May 2014

An average kind of week....

Today's Friday weighin -77kg (12 stone), that's a total of 23.4kg (3stone 9lb) lost.... slow but steady!  Its very nearly my band anniversary....... wow so much change in a year - will upload some comparison pics then.  Still having quite a few stuck moments, think I'm eating too fast, although seem to be eating so little.  Am due back at the Dr in a couple of weeks, I think I'll get a smidgen of fill removed before we go to Bali, don't want to be having lots of stuck moments whilst on holiday.

Has anyone heard of "XtendBarre"??  A new studio has opened near to where I live so thought I might give it a go.  Its a cross between pilates and ballet barre work, apparently works all muscle groups, and is a great way to sculpt the body.  It seems more expensive than a normal workout class, but thought I'd try it out, would love to know if anyone has tried it?

Have been off work (carers leave) minding Harvey this week, so took the opportunity to paint his bedroom.  Did quite a good job if  I say so myself lol!  Just waiting for a friend to hang some wallpaper on one of walls and then he can move back in.  He's chosen a soccer theme.

Its my birthday on Monday, Rich and I are heading to the City for some lunch, but first we have to sit our citizenship test!!  Have been reading up about Australian history, politics etc.... assuming we pass, we then can become Australian citizens!!  Wow, its been a long journey from thinking about emigrating, actually doing it, getting PR and now citizenship - prob about 8yr in all phew!  The end is in sight, and means the kids will be able to travel between Australia and the UK without needing visa's and can live in whatever country they decide as they grow up.

It was freezing this morning, the temp has really dropped in the mornings and evenings, was about 15degrees earlier.  Not cold to alot of people, but now we have acclimatised to Perth weather bloomin freezing!

Hope everyone has a good week.....x

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Phew..... a strange two weeks....

Phew.... a strange two weeks.....somewhat hectic...... Rich ended up in hospital, Harvey ended up in hospital, bought a car, sold the UK house, and booked a holiday...... let me elaborate:

Firstly, no change with the weightloss, although have had many stuck moments (have been told that the band tightens with stress) so that would probably account for that....., TOM is here right now so am hoping to have lost a little this coming Friday weigh-in.  Although saying that, feel good.... here's a pic of me on Saturday night out with girls, quite a nice one of me, and had lots of flattering comments which was nice:

Anyway, on my last post I promised to add a pic of me horse riding, do you remember?  Well here it is:
This is me on Megs.......
we had a fun day out, I enjoyed the horse riding but felt a little uncomfortable/nervous at the same time.

So the saga of my last 2 weeks......, to cut a long story short, following chest pains, several tests and an andiogram Rich ended up in hospital with a blood clot in his artery!  Was somewhat unexpected, and meant he had a couple of days in hospital.  He is fine now, the intravenous drugs dispersed the clot, and he was allowed home with lots of drugs, 7 days of rest and a warning to change his lifestyle.  It was a little scarey at the time, but fortunately was sorted.  He was supposed to fly to Bali for a golf holiday with the guys last week, had he gone he would have likely had a heart attack......scarey!  Anyway, he is all good now:

The upside of Rich missing Bali, is that we have booked to go as a family in July for 5 days with the kids.... so the children and I get a break away now too - result!

Harvey had to go in for some routine surgery on Wed, he is fine, but has to have a week off school.  He has been very brave and a model patient - I'm hoping that I can stay out of hospital this week.... 

Finally completed on the sale of the UK house, mixed bag of emotions really - am pleased that we don't have the hassle of it anymore, but a little sad that an era of our life has closed.... have had some happy times in Windlesham, now fond memories!  Do you like the new Sleat machine:

Not the best pic, but you get the idea...... an orange car... whoop.... how in your face!

I went out with girls on Saturday, went to see Michal Buble, he was great and look how close he was:
A great show - highly recommend it!

.... and lastly.... look what two of my girlie friends have bought me for my birthday..... have been wanting one for ages but wasn't brave enough..... my arm piercing:

I love it..... !  Am now working on thoughts for a tattoo..... get me!!!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well....x

Thursday, 10 April 2014


THE SCALES MOVED....... FINALLY......  77.6kg (12stone 3lb) - whoop whoop!! 

That's a total of 22.8kg (3stone 6lb) lost now, with only 2.2kg to go to reach my amended goal and 7.2kg to reach the original goal (which is the one that I hope to get too).

Have to say, that's a relief was starting to wonder what was happening after such a long stagnant phase.  Can defo notice the fill in the band and have to take care to eat slowly and chew.  Met some friends for lunch on Monday they tucked into large meals of steak, chips and salad, and I had an entrée prawn gambas and couldn't eat it all... eating so much less than pre-band days and not feeling hungry which is good!  Have eaten quite a lot of fish this week, and the family have now told me that they are getting fed up of having fish....

Last day of term today for 2 weeks, so my exercise routine may go out the window a little, although saying that netball starts back on Monday - yeah!! and am playing netball as a fill-in on a friends team on Tuesday, and am going body combat on Thurs.... so not too bad I guess, just zumba that I may not make.

Am going horse-riding tomorrow..... yehaw......, am going with a friend, her son and Holly which should be fun.  Pre-band days I wouldn't have been allowed as I exceeded the weight limit, not anymore..... NSV (non-scale victory)!!!  Shall hopefully have some pics to post for next week..... hope my horse isn't too big...., it better be well behaved too...!!

Hope everyone is travelling well...x

... Catch up

(This was last week's post, which somehow didn't publish)

...morning all.... Friday's weigh-in 79.2kg (12stone 6lb)....bit disappointed with that as did see 78.8 earlier in the week but couldn't log as wasn't my official weighin day... and then TOM arrived!  I think I'll see what shows on the scales middle of next week and then make an appt with the Dr if no real loss.  Have had a few stuck moments this week, so defo now that the extra fill in my band is there, sticking to around 1000calories and exercising...... so why not loosing???

Some motivational thinking.....

Some NSV (non-scale victories) for the week:  several people have commented on my weightloss this week saying how slim I'm looking......, I bought some stretchy jeans in a size 14....., I tried on some long boots and they did up over my calves (which never used to happen)....whoop, whoop...

Not much going on the Sleat house right now.... same ole thing..... kids out and about, friends sleeping over, have the afternoon to myself so think I might take myself to see the new Noah movie which I quite fancy.  I had to get my cardi out one morning this week, so Autumn is defo showing itself.... love to you all..x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

... up and down....

...Grrr... just don't get it... weigh-in Friday today 80.6kg!!!!  How does that work, have been very conscious of my food intake this week as can notice the extra fill in my band, infact have tracked on MyFitnessPal this week and here's my calorie intake for the week, bearing in mind the the Dr said to have 1200calories as my limit:

Sun:  1190
Mon:  730
Tues:  846
Wed:  1183
Thur:  921

Have had some constipation (TMI) maybe this has something to do with it - just so bloody irritating and demotivating!  I'll give it another week, and will then go back to Dr for a scan to check all's fine with my band (which I'm sure it is).  Come on girlies, any advice?

Anyhoose, my non-scale victory (NSV) for the week.... I had to buy some new work trousers as my others were starting to look a little big... and I bought a size 14 - whoop whoop!  That was my ultimate goal at the beginning to buy a size 14.  Having said that, I couldn't buy a 14 in all shops as everything is cut so differently, my new snug fitting jeans are a size 16..... but was really pleased to be buying size 14!

Played "fill-in!" for a friends netball team on Tues, wow.... I certainly got a good run-around!  The team play at a higher level that me, so I got a good workout...and have been zumba as normal.

Well Perth got its first storm/rainfall this morning..... about time we haven't had rain in months.... but it came down like you wouldn't believe.... consequently the gutters etc couldn't cope and I had rainwater coming in the air con vents, and pouring down the inside of my new kitchen window....!  Another job that will need fixing!

Not much planned for this weekend, the kids are out at parties tomorrow and Rich is at rugby so a quiet evening for me..... what shall I plan?

Hope everyone is well....x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Out with the old, in with the new.....

Phew... 79.6kg today..... so it wasn't a fluke!!  Not a huge loss but at least I'm out of the 80's... I hope!!!  I went to see the Dr on Monday, as I haven't really lost anything since November, and she said that I should be loosing something although it would only be little and slow....  She gave me 0.3ml extra in my band and said if I don't see a change over the next couple of weeks to go back - I may need an xray to check that the band hasn't slipped, hope that's not the case!  Think I can feel a little more restriction since the fill.... but nothing major - watch this space!

Here's a pic of me with my family:

ha ha... you didn't realise I had such famous folks did you!!!

Had a real good clear out of my wardrobe - out with the old and in with the new - have a range of sizes in my wardrobe and some clothes that are older than my 13yr old daughter!!  Was very ruthless and gave everything to charity that was a size 18 and above..... blimey there's not much left in my closet..!!!   I reckon a shopping trip is on the cards!

Wow.... look at it all!!

Have quite a full on weekend this week, am out with some girlfriends tonight which will be a boozy affair, and then am out with a different set of girlfriends tomorrow night which won't be a boozy affair but which will include eating!  Not conducive to weightloss so will have to plan ahead!

Rich has been trying to get Katie Perry tickets for him and Holly, but they were all sold out - so he got them tickets to see her in Melbourne instead..... he thought it was good excuse for us all to have a weekend away! Have to say I agree with him!!!   Its not till December, so will be great for some Christmas shopping...

Would love to know how everyone is doing??.....x

Friday, 7 March 2014

Do you remember the 70's???

Well, we are back from our long weekend in Sydney and had an awesome time, a real good vibe about the place!  Albeit it did nothing but rain..... so we weren't able to do the open top bus ride or Bondi beach, but gives us an excuse to have to go back!  We did walk round the city, did some shopping, looked at the bridge and the opera house, took a water taxi, watched the Lion King musical which was absolutely fabulous, Madame Tussards, shopping etc.  We did lots of walking, eating and drinking..... found some really good restaurants and generally had a super time!

Well nothing's changed with my weightloss, weighed myself on Friday morning at the normal time and was 80kg...... damn, damn, damn..... am really starting to hate that number!  Went off to zumba, came home did some housework and just happened to weigh myself before jumping in the shower and look:

The scales read 79.6kg (apologies don't know how to flip the photo....)
 whoop, whoop..... 79.6kg, am I finally out of the 80's or is this just a fluke!!!  Will have to wait until my next Friday weigh-in to find out.  I have however, made an appt to go back to the clinic on Monday, am not sure whether I need anymore fill but need to find out if there is anything I can do to speed things along again!  Hope you all have a good week.........

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A glorious day.....

... wow life sure is good at the moment....  You may recall from earlier posts that a guy at work has a boat, well we had our team meeting on it this week, sailed around the ocean, had some nibbles on board - it was a glorious day, have to pinch myself sometimes this is such a beautiful place to live.  Here's a pic of me on board:

Don't think life gets better than that!!!!

Well it was Friday weigh-in again today, no great shakes there - I think its time I went back to the clinic maybe I should have some more fill.  Am off to Sydney next weekend, and can't wait so will make an appt for when I get back.   Here's my weekly weight tracker since 6/12/13:

6/12/13:  80kg
4/1/14:    81kg (gained 1kg over the festive period)
17/1/14:  80.2kg
24/1/14:  80.6kg
6/2/14:    81kg
14/2/14:  80.8kg
21/2/14:  80.4kg

Soooooo frustrating.... obviously my body feels comfortable between 80-81kg - I'm generally eating small portions and less than 1000 calories a day and am still exercising.  Infact this week I have done 3 zumba classes (will go to my fourth class of the week tomorrow morning), have ridden my bike to and from class today (instead of taking the car) and swam 20 lengths of a 50m pool on Monday as there was no netball.... so come on body give me a break.... can we please move into the 79kg region pleaassee!!  My body measurements have stayed the same too, so am definitely maintaining!!  Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks to get my weightloss moving again?!?!?

What else has been happening.... took a Holden TRAX for a test drive this week, we are thinking of changing my Barina to something a big bigger and the TRAX fits the picture - really liked it, so think we will go down that route.  Also we've been trying to sell our UK house since before Christmas and had an offer on Thursday which is great, although typically then got another offer from someone else.... what's the saying "You wait forever for a bus, and then 2 come at once!!!"

Having our family long weekend getaway to Sydney next week, am really looking forward to it.  I just hope the weather stays dry.  Should be lots to do, lots to eat and lots to drink - perfect holiday!!

Well, hope everyone is well.... will catch up with you next week....

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bad Blogger......

..What a bad blogger I am.... its been a while since I've blogged so I do apologise, although to be quite frank there is nothing new to report!  Still haven't lost any more weight infact I've gained almost a kilo and am 81kg now instead of 80kg!!  I notice that I've started grazing again, not sure why obviously a head game thing but I need to nip in the bud and get back on track.

I stole this from a fellow blogger as I thought it so apt:

I do find eating sensibly and exercising far harder to control during the school holidays, and wow its certainly been a long holiday.... but no excuses now as they went back this week so some routine is back in the Sleat household.

I've been continuing my exercise with netball and zumba and actually tried out a new class called "konga" high impact mix of aerobics/combat/dance etc to be honest I wasn't that keen, so will stick with my zumba.

I'm not sure whether I need go back for some more fill.  I am able to eat more food recently, and can consume an entire main course Caesar salad with no problem..... so perhaps I should get a smidgen more.  I notice that I'm starting to get hungrier more as well, at least I think I am..... maybe its that headgame thing again........

Nothing new happening at the mo, looks like we may head to Sydney end of Feb for a long weekend which should be good, and our trip back to the UK in Sept has been booked, and an exhausting itinerary put together to go with it!  Harvey's birthday is next week so am taking 3 boys to Adventureworld for some fun tomorrow - can't believe my baby will be 10yrs!

Need to find out more about this blogging malarky as have so few followers....... and even fewer people leaving comments.....x

Monday, 6 January 2014

... moving the goalposts

Moving the goalposts..... just had to mention that I went to the clinic yesterday to see my bariatric Doctor.  She was very pleased with me to date, and called me a "motivated patient working the band sensibly and effectively" guess that makes me a grade A student then lol!!

I've had 0.1 added although to date can't notice any difference, and the big comment is:

...... that she wants to change my goal weight.....

Instead of 70kg (11stone) being my goal she wants to up it to 75kg (11stone 8lb).... as she thinks I may look too drawn and old at 70kg and that 75kg will look more healthy on me!??!  Not sure how I feel about that, so guess will cross that bridge when and if I reach 75kg!!  However, decided to check this on the BMI (body mass index) calculator I would still be classed as overweight if I weighed 75kg, and the recommended weight range for me height should be 61-69kg.... really... you have got to be kidding me - sounds quite unhealthy to me!!!  What do you reckon?...x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2014!!!

Wow, how fast that past year went... but for me 2013 was a good one!  We had visits from my sister, parents and sister-in-law which was fab; had a great family holiday on the Gold Coast; managed a trip to Melbourne to catch up with my oldest pal; my ongoing contractual position at work became permanent; our permanent residency was granted allowing us to call Perth home; I managed to loose 20kg with the help of my band; and we all stayed healthy and happy for most of it!

I wonder what 2014 will hold...... mostly good things I hope!  We are planning a holiday back to the UK in September to catch up with our family and friends which will be good; I hope to loose a further 10kg and reach my goal for my band anniversary in May; and am hoping that again we stay healthy and happy!  I haven't made any NY resolutions although I'm keen to keep at my exercise, I'd like to get the kids outside more and away from the TV and XBOX and may look at doing some online study although not sure what yet.

Its been some weeks since I posted, as life has been full on and one big party really!  What with Xmas and New Year, visitors and parties..... life has been an endless stream of eating and drinking!!  Have kept to my small portion sizes, but have eaten everything and anything - not great for weightloss but great for enjoyment..... the booze however has been non-stop and continuously flowing....,. Zumba stopped over 2 weeks ago and doesn't restart until 13th... so not very conducive for weightloss!  On the upside, I wasn't looking to loose over the festive period, and set myself a goal of gaining no more than 1-2kg ........ I've managed to go swimming 3 times, swimming 14 lengths of a 50m pool which made a nice change and have gained only 1kg..... so pretty pleased with that.  I'm all set to get back to normal on Monday, and am even looking forward to some healthy, sensible eating and no booze!  I might even have a dry February..... but will think about that  nearer the time lol!

I have an appt on Monday at the clinic, and think I may have a smidgen more fill..... will see what the Doc suggests.  I will make sure I get back to my weekly blogging, and will upload some pics again soon.

Sending you all my very best wishes for 2014......x