Monday, 8 September 2014

Cinderella went to the ball....

Phew.... what a busy time of it, as mentioned previously, Cinderella went to the ball....

Had a fabulous time at the ball, went in the limo, had 3 course meal, dancing, auctions, entertainment - fab night!  Finished off in the casino.  Have to say that I felt really great in my new dress with my hair done, heres a pic:

This made me chuckle:  "I'm doing well on my diet today, I ate a doughnut with no sprinkles...!" ha!

Friday's weigh in was:  75.6kg.... no change (there's a surprise!!)  So as mentioned last week thought I'd take my measurements, not loosing much more but have lost another inch from my tummy since my measurements in July.  Here take a look:

Inches                     Chest          Tummy             Hips           Thighs

Preband:                 48                47.5                   47              26.5
Sept 13:                  43.5             42.5                   43.5           24
April 14:                 41                40                      40.5
This weighing:       40                38.5                   40              23

Total inches lost:     8                 9                        7                 3.5

Not bad when you see it like that eh!!  Went to the Dr this morning for an unfill for my hols.  I still want some restriction but don't want to have to feel worried/cautious about all the eating out we have planned.  So have gone from 6.5cc back down to 5.8cc, with an appt for a fill as soon as I'm back home.  I also mentioned about a tummy tuck, and my bariatric surgeon does these..... out of pocket expenses around $4,500 with my insurance so may look more into this in the New year.  3 days in hospital, 3 weeks off recovering...... will give it some consideration thought.

Had my 20th wedding anniversary last week, Rich bought me a lovely watch and we had a lovely lunch out together - here's to another 20yrs!

Off to UK this weekend, we all so very excited have so much planned will need a holiday when we come home!  Signing off now, won't be updating till we're back.... au revoir!