Saturday, 14 December 2013

Well, hello again.....

Woo Hoo, well hello again.... I'm back.... gosh its been a while since I posted - life has been hectic!

Well, on the weightloss no change..... am going to do sooooo well when I have to do maintenance!!  The upside is that I haven't gained either, my body has obviously found a weight its happy at and is happy to maintain.... !  I've had lots going on, have been to Melbourne and have had different Christmas events to attend so am pleased that am not gaining.  I am booked back at the clinic on 4 Jan, so may have some more fill or otherwise will either have to up the exercise or really re-evaluate what I'm eating!   On the health front my BMI has gone down from (36 - severely obese) to (28 - overweight), which is great and I'm feeling good about myself which is nice too!

Now Melbourne - had a fantastic time catching up with my oldest pal and her family, it was lovely to have some time-out away from hubby and kids to enjoy being with Nicola.  It was lovely to spend time in Nicola's beautiful home which was delightful and finally meet Marley the dog!  I did over indulge a little - but heck I was on holiday.... one day we went to the City and had a sandwich lunch closely followed by afternoon tea (more sandwiches, cream scones, cakes - yum)... our timing was a bit off lol; had thai one night; and cocktails at the movies another, and a delicious brekkie of poached eggs, mushroom, spinach on toast which was delicious ...... no stuck moments, but a brilliant time!

This is a full length of me at the Mornington Peninsula...
We had Richard's work's Christmas party last week, and had a really good time.... we seemed to dance all night long!  Although must have drunk plenty too as had the hangover from hell on Sunday!  We had a set meal, and can you believe I got stuck on the main of FISH....., mind it was soooooo dry, and I probably wasn't paying attention drinking and chatting, and obviously eating too fast!   Well, what gets stuck, must come out......

My Christmas shopping is bought and wrapped - whoop!  Thank God that's done, just the food bits I need to get, but as we are out for Christmas Day lunch no panic.

My sister-in-law and nephew arrive from the UK tomorrow, so we are frantically cleaning, tidying and shopping!  An excited house, as we are all looking forward to seeing them.  The weather here has been 40degrees for the last few days, so no doubt she'll be in shock following the UK weather!!  Have a few things planned but looking forward to a chilled out time.

Working a few hours on Monday, Wed and Fri this week and that's me done until the New Year.  Have works Christmas lunch on Friday - so should be a good week.

Well, my goal until the New Year is to not gain more than a kilo........ festive greetings to you all.....x

Friday, 22 November 2013


Morning all,

Phew its hot..... 30 odd degrees and doing housework do not mix!!  Nothing major to report, TOM arrived this week so the obligatory 0.6kg weight gain..... but do seem so have lost some more inches:

Inches                Chest:  Waist:   Tummy:   Hips:
May 2013           48        47.5       49.5        47
July 2013            44.5     44.5       46           43.5
August 2013       44         43.5       44.5       42.5
Nov 2013            42         41          43          42

Total lost             6           6.5        6.5          5

Have a look at these comparison photos:

May 2013
Add caption

Can definitely see some differences now, so glad that I decided to take pics throughout this journey, at least when the scales don't change I can see the changes in photos!  Have had to buy some more work pants as the last lot are too big now - whoop!  Well am off to Melbourne on Wednesday to see my oldest pal, can't wait to see her, and partake in some shopping delights that Melbourne is renowned for!!

Hope everyone is well, haven't heard much from you guys lately??!!?..x...

Friday, 15 November 2013

6 month's in.....

Whoop whoop.... after so many weeks plateauing (at least I know I'll manage maintenance!!), the scales moved.... down 1.2kg this week, bringing me to 80.8kg (12st 7lb) ..... so near but so far from the 70's.... well my lowest weight to date, and its my 6 month band anniversary!!!  Wow, how fast that 6months have gone!  Am pleased to have lost 19.6kg/3 stone 1lb in that time..... wow 3 stone.... would never have been able to do that without the help of the band... I love my band!!!

Looking back... what have I had to change.....:  I still love my food, that hasn't changed, just what and how much I eat... I eat very few carb's, haven't had a pasta meal since being banded, hardly eat potato, occasionally have a small amount of rice, the only consistent carb would be bread, if I need a quick lunch I may have a slice of toast with peanut butter.  If I go out for breakfast, I'll order the kids brekkie, if I go out for dinner I'll order an entree as my main, if we are having curry takeout I'll take a spoonful from everyone's else' curry instead of ordering one for myself.  I no longer drink fizzy drinks, haven't had a diet coke since being banded..... As I'm lucky enough to be able to eat all things, I've not felt that I've had to give anything up - all things in moderation..... and yes I still enjoy my wine!  Obviously, my portion sizes are hugely smaller now anything from half to 1 cup of food and this is how I'm able to loose weight.  The band stops me from feeling hungry, I do know that I would not be able to survive on eating so little without the band I would be in a state of hunger!!

What else has changed..... I'm enjoying exercising - whoop!  I've always done some form of exercise, but this time I enjoy it!  I love zumba, and try to go 3 times a week if poss, and I love my netball on a Monday evening.  I love trying on size16 clothes and buying them......  I love that I can buy clothes from most stores now and not just the outsize shops..... I love feeling more confident in how I look..... I love the fact that people are noticing and making nice comments.....  I love my band!

Loving my band....

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How cool to be a mermaid....

How cool to be a mermaid!!!

Hi guys

Well a good week for me, have really tried thinking more about my food choices.... looking back on the last few weeks although my calorie count has stayed low my protein count has stayed low too due to the food choices I have made.....  This week I've tried to up my protein and have had a couple of days when I've gone back to optifast for brekkie and lunch to keep the calories low and protein high...... not a major weight loss 0.6kg but good enough and feeling empowered that the numbers will come lower next week.

I'm a bit late blogging again.... where does the time go?!?  Maybe its something to do with the fantastic weather we are finally having.... finally Summer's arrived in Perth was 37degrees yesterday hot but beautiful!  Had a really nice weekend, busy but good.  Richard had Friday off, so we did some jobs around the house in the morning and went out to lunch at a restaurant that looks out to the ocean - I choose the entree size "panko crumbed shell crab with chickpea salad" but had it as my main - wow was absolutely delicious - yum!!  The golf resort near where we live is now holding Friday sunset sessions where a singer comes and they lay on tapas and wraps, really good atmosphere, and is walkable from home so even better! 

Had friends over for a BBQ on Saturday, the kids all played in the pool; and on Sunday dropped Holly off to Hilarys Marina where she met some girlfriends and spent the day in the water chutes.  We stopped down there for brekkie, I had the kids breakfast which comprised "poached egg on toast, slice of bacon and hash brown" - actually first time in ages that I've felt any type of restriction, think I was eating too fast, anyway gave Rich the bacon but ate the rest.  Came home to sit on my sun lounge and read my book before heading back to the marina for a few glasses of wine in the breakwater before bringing Holly home - life is good!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Needing to feel empowered......

What a cute picture eh?  But that's how I'm feeling at the mo..... disheartened - I need to feel empowered!!  82.6kg (13stone) at my weighin on Friday..... so fed up with seeing 82 on the scales.... hasn't come down since 27 September!!!  Someone said I should shock my system some way in order for it to start loosing again...... any ideas?  Anyway, have decided to really track everything I eat and drink this week, and go back to two optifast shakes and a small meal daily..... hopefully this will kick start my weightloss again!  I've been to zumba this morning, have netball tonight and hope to get at least another 2 zumba classes in this week - so watch this space!!

I think I may need some fill......., can't really feel any restriction since having 0.2ml taken out the other week when I felt too tight.... maybe need to have just 0.1ml added back in to make a difference!?!?  What do you think?  Although, think I'll wait until after my Melbourne trip later this month as I noticed the band got tighter when I travelled in the plane......

Not much else to report really.... the weather has really hotted up 36degrees.... so need to get our pool cleaned and ready for use this weekend.....  Had a work meeting last Wednesday morning, and for a change of scene we had it on a colleagues boat at Hilarys Marina.... hard life eh?  Rich was away on a golf jolly this weekend, so had a couple of girlfriends over for a mojito or two -it was nice to catch up!  The decorating has pretty much finished, just the doors to do - so that's looking good and will be all ready for our visitors in December.

Hoping everyone has a good week....x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday already.......

Hi guys,

Well an odd week.... as you may recall was feeling too tight after my last fill so went back on Monday and had 0.2ml removed from my band... so now sitting at 6.1ml!  My doc thought that maybe I'm at limit, and if I plateau for too long that I need to start looking more at my food choices and exercise and really start working hard...!   Lets see what happens!

Mid-week I hit the 81.6kg mark whoop whoop.... couldn't log it as it wasn't "weigh-in Friday"..... this morning it was back up at 82kg (think I need a poo.... TMI!)  Since having the fill removed, have had no stuck moments whatsoever.... so not sure whether I'm looser than the before the fill or not... mind games or what!!!  However, I'm having a milky coffee for breakfast, and then can go for sometime without needing to eat, so maybe just need to see how I go!

Exercise - well didn't make zumba on Monday as got a call from school saying Harvey had fallen over and hurt his wrist, consequently spent the day in A&E..... result being a broken wrist and cast!!!   However made up for it by going on Wed evening instead!  Seem to be at the Doctors, Chiro, or hospital with one family member or other at the moment..... hoping we can go back to normal life again soon!

Kids having sleepovers tonight, and at friends for BBQ tomorrow which will be nice.... nothing new to report at the moment!

Hope everyone is travelling well..... let me know how you are doing...x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Too tight.....

Hi guys

Hope everyone is well?  Finally the sun is shining, lets hope its here to stay for a while!

Had a good time at the golf dinner, the venue was really nice, as promised here's a photo of us all dressed up, (although don't know how to flip the pic the right way up doh)!:

You will recall how I mentioned that I may need some more fill.... well I went back to the doc's last Monday.  She was really pleased with my progress so far, and said my goal will be around 75kg..... originally they said my goal would be 70kg (I'm currently sitting at 82kg).... so she said we will gauge it by how I look and feel when nearer that weight!  Sounds like a good plan to me!  Anyhoose, she gave me an additional 0.3cc fill, bringing me up to 6.3ml in my 10ml band...... and now I'm too tight!!!!!   Nothing other than liquid or slider crap is going down easily, and most meals are getting stuck, and consequently coming back up again..... vitamin tablets, tuna mayo, chicken salad, scrambled egg...... so not a comfortable place to be, would feel very self conscious if were at a restaurant.  I therefore need to go back and have a little removed.... maybe I'll have 0.15ml removed and see how it feels - its amazing how such small amounts make such a big difference.  The downside is I have to pay for every fill or unfill so need to get it right!

I'm a bit peeved that my weight has plateaued, haven't really lost anything since the 27 Sept, I'm jumping around from 82kg up to 82.6kg down to 82.4kg, depending on holidays, TOM etc - bit sick of the 82kg want to see 81kg for a change!  Was hoping to get to 80kg for my Melbourne trip!

An "English chippy" has opened down the road, selling all the things one could buy from an English fish and chip shop.  Proper chips, not frozen ones that they sell in chippies out here.  Proper malt vinegar not white vinegar!  Has me salivating thinking about it......  Anyway, we decided to see what all the hype was about and bought a bag of chips to try at the weekend, (obviously I was only going to have a few ;) they looked "proper", smelt amazing, 2 chips in and I got stuck - how very disappointing!!!

Do any of you zumba?  If not you really must try it.  I try and go 3 times a week now, and soooooo enjoy it!  The more I go the more I get to learn the routines and the easier it becomes.  My instructor is fit, young and trendy and she makes the class alot of fun.  Its a form of exercise I look forward to.... wow didn't think I'd ever say that!  Monday is netball night, still enjoying that too!

Right, signing off now.  Haven't heard from a lot of you in a while..... hope everyone is travelling well...x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Back to normality!!

Hi guys

Well we are back to normality, back from our week in Queensland, had a fabulous although somewhat hectic time!  We visited Seaworld, MovieWorld (twice), Dreamworld, Wet & Wild, we went up Tambourine mountain, and walked along the beach from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise.  The apartment/hotel was great "Ocean Pacific" on Broadbeach and was only a short walk to the bars and restaurants - great time!  The best bit about our holiday for me though was having some catchup time as a family - so enjoyed it!

Well on the food front, I defo overdid it!  Ate too much and drank too much - have gained 0.8kg this week but no big deal!  Its funny how fickle the band is though...... I purposely didn't eat any food on the outbound flight (as heard some horror stories about stuck moments on a flight as apparently the band tightens with pressure (not sure if this is true or not!?!)), so once we arrived, unpacked etc we went out for dinner.  I ordered the entree garlic prawns, which I often have if we go out, and this particular time I got stuck - very uncomfortable - so maybe there is some truth in flying making the band tighter?  Does anyone else have this problem when they fly?  However, the following day I was back to normal.......

I have an appt on Monday with the Doc, and am thinking of getting a small fill.  My weightloss has really plateaued over the last few weeks, I can still get stuck if I eat too fast, but generally can still eat most things including breakfast - so maybe need a smidgen more!

I'm really going to buckle down this week, as I'd like to reach 20kg lost by the time I go to Melbourne which is end of November - so is definitely doable.

Am going to a posh golf dinner tomorrow, have been out and bought new shoes (very high for me..... !) and a new bag to go with the green/silver dress I posted about sometime ago, am soooo looking forward to it - will post a pic of me all dressed up once done!

Here's a pic of me on the beach in Queensland, its been many many years since I've been able to wear a swimming cossie with shorts, and not coverup with a tshirt....NSV - I quite like this one of me:

Well hope everyone is doing ok??....x

Monday, 30 September 2013

Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow??

OMG..... stressful or what!!  Am loving blogging although haven't many followers and I'm a bit sporadic, but keeps me accountable.  I decided to update my blog last Friday as per normal.... and I couldn't login, could see my blog, but couldn't access it - HOW FRUSTRATING!  Rich had done an update to the computer so the normal features weren't showing and had to login from scratch, and wasn't working..... have only now managed it as tried from the ipad which saves my previous logins.... would appear I have 3 different gmail accounts (which I didn't realise I had) one setup from  2008.... hence the confusion - phew! So now all good and can update - apologies for the delay!

Have stolen this from another blog I read, made me giggle and rang so so true... do you remember Eeyore's song:

"Do your EARS hang low, to they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow"

well substitute EAR's with BOOB's and that's me!!

Lol, thought it really was time to go and get fitted for some new bras, my bra's of old are all gaping at the top, (and if truth be told are not brilliant white anymore, bordering on grimy grey!?!) currently wearing anything from a 18D-20DD (approx 40D-42DD) depending on style and cut, everything has deflated so thought I'd be measured around a 16C ...... well am measuring a 16DD (38) - my girls are obviously still there although a little droopy!! yay!!  Must have over stretched the old ones, so invested in some nice new ones!  The fitter did say that when weight is lost it comes from the top of the breast!

Lost 1kg (2.2lb) this week which am really pleased with so down to 82.2kg (12.9lb), really pleased with being in the 12stone region - whoop whoop!  That's a total lost of 18.2kg (2stone 9lb).  Am booked to have some more fill when back from my hols, think I need some as my portion control is creeping up.

Have had some really positive comments on my weight loss this week, people are really starting to notice, which makes it all worthwhile, and am loving buying a size16.

Getting ready for our hols on Tues, can't wait, sooooo looking forward to some sunshine, and the kids are really excited about hitting the theme parks so should be good.  Have been going through my "thin clothes" section of the wardrobe, clothes I've brought over from the UK although never worn as they were all too tight, (I was saving them for if lost weight..ever.....), well they are all too big... lol.... so are now in the charity bag..... I need to buy a few new extras for our hols whoop whoop!  Think I might start enjoying this shopping malarkey!

We are away for a week, and although will be doing lots of walking, will also be doing lots of eating out!  I am planning on making good healthy choices, but am not going to beat myself up if I gain a kg or two, will have to wait and see how that all pans out!

Now I've announced that we are going away, just thought I'd let any potential burglars know that an old, trusty friend is moving in to house sit and look after Chester!  Couldn't send my faithful pup to the kennels, so all worked out well!

Hope everyone is doing OK, I won't be blogging this week as we are away so will catch up with you all the following week.  Would be great to get some comments from you all..... you've all gone so quiet!  Anyway, have a good week....x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Inch loss...

..... its still raining..... so over this weather!!!!!

Well,  down 0.2kg this week, weightloss is really slowing down and plateauing, which I guess is to be expected!  Am still having the occasional stuck moments (due to eating to fast), but other times can eat more than my half cup of food so may need a smidgeon more fill.  Have booked an appt to visit the clinic once I'm back from my hols.  Thought I'd log my inch loss since starting this journey, to date:

Chest:  5inches
Waist:  5 inches
Tummy:  6 inches
Hips:  4.5inches

so although weightloss is slow, have lost quite a few inches which is good.

Renovations are very nearly complete, kitchen, benctop, splashback is in, floor is almost finished, just deciding on what colour to paint the walls and will be done - its looking good!

Off to theatre this evening with the kids which should be good, and have friends over on Sunday, I was going to do a BBQ but as the weather is so crap will do mexican instead!  Hope everyone is having a good week...x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Not much to report....

Another week has passed, haven't a great deal to report this week.  Down 17kg/2stone 7lb, so currently weighin at 83.4kg/13stone 2lb which is great, once I loose another kg I'll weight 12stone something which I haven't weighed for many years!  People are starting to notice my weightloss now which is nice.

The weather here is atrocious, it hasn't stopped raining for weeks, I'm so over it now, its making me feel moody and short tempered - I know that I could never move back to the UK as I wouldn't be able to cope with the dismal weather!!!

It's Holly's 13th birthday on Monday, and I currently have 6 girls over for a sleepover.... OMG they are so noisy..... reckon I'll need the headache pills later on today.  They've taken over the front of the house, to chat (although they all seem to playing on their phones...), eat sweets, watch movies and have pizza!  We've dressed the house with banners, balloons and hanging foils so looks very birthdayish!

We will go out for a family dinner on Monday for her birthday, and are off to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the theatre on Friday - so a fun busy week ahead.

Hope everyone is well...x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Closet clearout........

Today I decided to clearout my wardrobe of everything too big, in the past I would have kept the clothes for when I gain weight again, but this time have decided to throw them out with the confidence that I'll never be a size 20/22 again - I hope!  So I have a nice big bagful to take to the charity shop.

We are off on our hols in less than a month so I had a spend up in KMart and Target yesterday.. I bought some linen trousers, vest tops, Tshirts, cropped jeans, and a new dress..... every item was size 16 - wow - that felt good, and was from the normal section and not the fat section - whoop whoop NSV!

Yesterday was my official weighin day and hadn't lost anything this week - disappointing but haven't made zumba as I had the joys of sitting in the dentist chair on Monday instead (root canal) and taking Holly to chiro on Friday...... weighed again this morning and have lost 0.6kg although not my official tracking day so won't count it :(   You'll recall that I cancelled my last fill appt, I'm wondering whether I perhaps should have a little more.......

I've copied below some pics of my cutlery and dishes etc, I mentioned in an earlier post that I find using smaller cutlery and china helps me eat less and eat more slowly, this gives you an idea...

The plate at the top is a normal size dinner plate, my portion control plate underneath is the size of a side plate/

The cutlery on the left of each pile is normal size, I use the smaller kids cutlery 

Average size cereal bowl on left, my bowl on the right.

Harvey has his last soccer match of the season today so am off to watch his game later, then we have some friends over for dinner which should be nice.  Have a busy week planned, Harvey has his sports carnival, and I have a work team building day as well as the normal working week, and have to get organised for Holly's 13th birthday next weekend!  Hope you all have a good week, would love to hear from you all...x

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Before and after....

 Well, I do apologise for being such a poor blogger.... didn't manage to blog anything last week!!  To be frank there wasn't really alot to say...  TOM arrived so as per the norm so I gained 0.6kg.... which really annoys me - but its been a full on week this last week!!

Richard's birthday was last weekend, had a super weekend but ate out whether breakfast, lunch or dinner for 4 days in a row...... I tried to make sensible food choices, ate wisely and didn't feel like I missed out! I think Rich enjoyed his birthday weekend.  We also had the George Benson concert which was absolutely fantastic.... so, so, so enjoyed it.  It was quite surreal, I said to Rich everyone looks so old..... then it dawned on me we are getting old - might feel 18yrs in my head, but sure don't look it!

Holly had her WA Junior soccer final - an important game for her so we all went along to support her.  Unfortunately, during half-time Harvey jumped of the play equip, landed in the sand and cut his toe..... by the time he came to find me there was blood everywhere..... fortunately a paramedic was on hand (we were in the middle of a field), was able to clean up some of the mess with some saline but advised he should go straight to hospital for stitches!!  Consequently, Rich and I had to leave and take Harvey to hospital and we missed the second half of Holly's game!  She has her league final next week, so hopefully we can cheer her on then!

I was due another fill today, but I decided to postpone it for a couple of weeks.  If I eat to quickly or take too big bites I am getting stuck; (although am obviously trying to avoid this) am still loosing my slow on average 0.5kg per week so figured I'm doing OK.

I'm down to 84.4kg/13stone 4lb, which is a total loss of 16kg/2 stone 5lb.

Am off out tonight to see "50 shades of Maggie Muff" have you heard of it??  Its a comedy show, thats supposed to be hilarious - am going with the girlies, although have bad toothache (have managed to get a dental appt for lunchtime) hopefully will be feeling better later.

Well as the title of my blog is "before & after" I thought I'd upload some before and after shots this week.  You'll recall we have been renovating our kitchen, still needs to have splashback, flooring and be decorated... but I am loving it so far:

Before reno
Before reno

After reno
After reno

Its been quite cold here in WA so we have kept Chester's hair longer than normal.. bless him he looks like a cross between a sheep and a teddybear.... well today was haircut day:

Before haircut
After haircut

and here are some pic's of me before surgery and now....

Pre-band - YUCK!
Pre-band - Ready for a workout

Me with the love of my life x
All ready for netball

Its Australia's Fathers Day tomorrow, so Harvey wanted to make something with some wood and screws for Dad....!!!  WTF!!!  I coerced him into baking and making some of Dad's favourites instead... so we've made rock cakes, shortbread and victoria sponge.... needed to try out my new ovem so that was handy!!  Anyway, have a good week, will try and blog again in couple of days...x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Half way to normal......

Whoop, whoop...... well its Friday weighin and I'm now halfway to my goal weight, ...... x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Hi guys

Its not stopped raining this week, but look what I saw:

I'm a bit late posting this week.... have had to fight through the dust to find the PC!!!  Yep, the renovations started on Monday, there is dust everywhere, but its all coming along nicely!

Anyway, have done two zumba classes this week and really enjoyed them, my usual netball and walking.  I was talking to Rich saying that I'd like to do another form of exercise one evening a week.... quite fancy badmington but have no one to play with...., so think I will make some enquiries about going back to tap dancing.  I used to tap dance as a kid and as an adult and stopped once I had Harvey, but its great fun and really good exercise.... I don't want to do any shows/performances but quite fancy getting back into the classes.  Watch this space!!

You will recall that after my fill last week, I didn't really notice a difference..... BAM... for some reason its taken its time to be noticed, but certainly decided to let me know its there this week!!!  Have to really remember to eat slowly, and chew, chew, chew otherwise I get a pain in my chest.  The beef casserole I made on Tuesday got stuck (I think I ate the first two mouthfuls too fast) and I ended up sliming... yuck! Couldn't eat my dinner so Chester was pleased as he got the casserole.  I notice that the band feels tight mornings and evenings, lunchtime is no problem at all.  Went out for dinner on Thursday to an Italian, I had the garlic prawns entree as my main, which was plenty for me and really tasty!

Well I am down again this week, have lost 14.6kg/2stone 3lb in total.... I am just 0.4kg/0.8lb from reaching my half way mark... so lets hope I reach this NSV next weigh in.  I took some measurements today and have lost the following:

Chest:  4inches/10cm
Waist:  4inches/10cm
Tummy: 5 inches/12cm
Hips:  4.5inches/11cm

Not bad going eh??  Whoop whoop!!  Although I've not had to buy loads of new clothes yet, except for some jeans, just shows how tight I was wearing those clothes before!!

My sister Katie has been adding comments to my blog, but for some reason I've not been able to see them and she's checked and they've gone missing!!  Can anyone advise?  Find the technology of this blogging malarkay a bit cumbersome!!

Hope you've all had a good week...x

Friday, 2 August 2013

My willpower has walked off......

Morning all,

Well as I previously posted I had 0.5 fill on Monday and it appears to have made no difference..... infact I am wondering if she took it out in error...... Lol!!!!  My willpower has walked off, and my motivation is missing in action...!!  My food choices haven't been the best this week, its not helped that Harvey has made chocolate cupcakes, RIchard has brought home wine every night and we've had a meal out midweek for a friends birthday.  TOM has also arrived and with it my need for chocolate;  on top of that I'm only going no2 once a week.... so all in not a great week for me - very disappointed with myself - I have gained 0.3kg on a fill week so should have lost! Oh well off to Zumba to shake my bootie!

Another disappointment, is that I may have misled you all regarding my recent NSV!!  You will recall that I tried on and purchased a size 16 jeans from Big W, well when I put the jeans on at home, they nowhere near fit..... no way on earth they would meet to do up.... I had to take them back and swap them for a size 18 which fit snugly and look nice - so in all the excitement it must have been a size 18 I tried on in the changing room and not a 16..... how disappointing eh??

Completely off topic, I think my hubbie Richard is about to be fleeced...... he made a deal with Holly that he would give her $50 for every 'A' she got in her school report.  Very generous I know, but she normally achieves all B's and one or 2 C's so I think he thought he was motivating her to do well and may be out of pocket by $50 or so....  Well Holly's school report is due today, she texted me lunchtime to tell me that this time she has achieved 7 A's!!!  That is obviously fantastic news, and shows she is working hard at her first year in high school although I'm sure Richard's wallet will disagree..... do you think its fair to re-negotiate the deal at this stage?!?!?

The renovations start on Monday....eek!  Having to spend this weekend emptying the kitchen, and covering pretty much everything in dust sheets.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend...x

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Third fill today...

I went back to the clinic this morning for my checkup, the Dr was really pleased with my progress which was nice to hear.  I've noticed that in the last week I am starting to feel hungry again, so I had an adjustment of an additional 0.5cc bringing me up to 6ml in my band, so I am to eat liquids for the next 24hr.

I'm hoping that I'll notice a little more restriction but that I won't be too restricted.  I read on a forum that many people are not able to eat any proteins or breads, they struggling when eating out etc - I would really hate that as it would impact on my lifestyle so much - we are often socialising with friends over drinks and food.

Shook my bootie in zumba this morning, and have netball this evening so a double dose of exercise today!

I thought I take the time to mention my hubbie, who has been soooo supportive and complimentary so far cheers hun love you lots...x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Unhealthy kids meal or healthy massive portion....?

Another 1kg/2.2lb down this week... so slow but steady.... a total of 13kg/28.6lb/2stone lost, so really quite pleased with that.

A bit of an uneventful week here, the weather has been awful, storms, rain, hail..... the perimeter fence is just about holding up, am hoping it lasts until Tuesday when its being replaced.  Signing off on the kitchen design tomorrow....eek..... keep changing my mind re. colours but am now opting for a chocolate brown colour base unit, cream matt top units and a cream/flecky stone top!  Think it should look nice!!

Just in from lunch with 2 girlfriends which was really nice, a wonderful varied menu but huge portion sizes, so I opted for the kids portion of fish and chips as it was smaller.  I could have chosen a more healthy adult meal but the portion sizes would have done me a weeks worth of lunch....  How do you guys deal with eating out?  There wasn't any entree's, otherwise I would have chosen one for my main.  Would you have chosen a kids meal or a more healthy adult meal?  The downside is that I managed to eat it all with no problem.... I have an appt for some more fill on Monday, I think I really need it.

Nothing planned for this weekend, very dull, although Holly has some friends over for sleepover on Sat and the normal soccer runs on Sunday morning.

Hubbie is not really one to encourage me to go clothes shopping, but this week he told me to go and buy some new jeans as mine have got too baggy around my bum and thighs....NSV(non-scale victory)!!  I decided to just buy a cheap pair for the time being, I bought ..... drumroll..... a size16 jean from BigW, albeit they are quite stretchy but that was awesome.  I tried a size16 in KMart and they didn't go anywhere near me, so strange how differently cut the shops make items.  So I am now Big W's No1 fan!

Well off to pick the kids up.... have a good week x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Monday madness.......

Its last day of school holidays today, and I am minding some friends kids.... I have 4 boys, 2 girls and the dog in the house..... blimey - they are soooo noisy, how do the teachers cope?!?!?

Had a fab evening at Xmas in July on Saturday, I laughed lots, danced lots and drank lots!!  I wore the black and white dress in the end as I felt more comfortable in it - and received lots of nice comments from people I've not seen for a while on my weightloss :)  You'll be pleased to note that the 0.4kg I gained on Friday appear's to have gone this morning, although won't track this morning's weight as my official weigh day is Friday.  I woke up bright and breezy on Sunday morning, but by lunchtime had the hangover from hell.... how does that work.... shouldn't I have woken up with the hangover and felt better by lunchtime....?!??!?!  I guess either a band or age thing!

I love this pic of Chester, it reminds me of Oliver Twist... "Please Sir, can I have some more....?"

Have netball semi-final this evening, although our shooter is on holiday so I guess its not looking promising.  Kids back to school tomorrow - whoop, whoop life returns to normal...x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Oh.. dilemma..... what to wear..?

I had my weekly weigh-in and................. bloody hell I've gained 0.4kg!!!!!!  WTF!   OK, so I need a poo (TMI - too much information), I had a netball bye on Monday and  haven't made my zumba or combat class = no exercise, I find it difficult to do these things when the kids are on school hols....., and a couple of wines have crept in this week also probably blamed on school holidays....... and that is all I have to say about that!!!!

Finally got round to uploading some photos, here are my too big workpants that I keep mentioning:

Not a sexy look, but had to show you my big pants - please excuse the bra!

Moving on, I am so looking forward to my Xmas night out in July tomorrow evening..... but the dilemma of what to wear.  I've added below my all time FAT photo, this is me just before surgery.... yeah, yeah, I hear you "who ate all the pies...."  oh, that would have been me:

My horrible yuckie "FAT" photo preband..... to give you some comparison

This is the GOK dress I bought in Target, that my daughter really liked, and am thinking of wearing tomorrow for the night out.....  bearing in mind that I am wearing the reinforced spanx big knickers, however I really like this one on me, although everyone is supposed to be going really glam and glitzy and I think it may be a bit worky/office looking:


This is what I call my glam and glitzy number, I bought it several years ago whilst in the UK, don't think I've worn it since, but it now fits and does up easily... although not sure its as flattering....  Again the spanx is on, you need to visualise with heels, makeup and hair done:


So what do you reckon???  What do I wear..... is my UK stylist Mrs M watching.......  quick, quick feedback is needed.... I need to be all glammed up ready to leave in 22hrs!!!!!...x

Monday, 15 July 2013

My first stuck moment......

Well, I've experienced my first stuck moment and YUCK!!

It happened on Friday, Rich and I had been out so were late having dinner, infact didn't sit down to eat until 8.45pm.... I was so hungry, that in my haste I shoved some food in my mouth, chewed, swallowed like in pre-band days and BAM - felt a pain behind my chest, the mouthful was stuck!!  The pain continued for a bit, and then I felt like the food might come back up instead of down so headed off to the loo!  I now know what everyone means by "sliming", basically an overproduction of saliva that has to come out, followed by the offending food object - the upside is the food comes out as it went down, it hadn't got as far as my stomach so wasn't mixed with any stomach acid!  Not pleasant - I would feel really uncomfortable if that happened when I was out at a restaurant!!

I tried a size 18 dress on in Target at the weekend (one of the new GOK style ones), stretchy material although did have a zip at the back, to which my daughter said "OMG Mum, that looks awesome", which made me feel pretty good as she's not normally one to dish out such compliments!!  Its quite a busy material , black and white peplin design, thought I'd wear it for my night out on Saturday, I;ll take a photo and post it so that you can see.  Got new black patern heels and clutch bag too!!!

We went to friends for Sunday roast yesterday, had a lovely afternoon.  Managed to eat OK with no stuck moments - phew!

Back to work tomorrow..... x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How time flies...

Morning all,  wow.... how time flies eh?  Its been a week since my last blog, I must dedicate more time to blogging.

Well its my usual weigh-in Friday and this week I've lost 0.6kg/1.3lb... bringing me to a total of 12kg/26lb - that's only 2lb away from 2 stone which for me is a milestone as don't think I've ever lost that much weight before!!   I have to confess that I thought the process would be alot quicker... but slow and steady wins the race!  Can any of my banded fellows tell me how many daily calories you are consuming?  My days vary anything from 800-1200 calories depending on what/where we have been doing, I'm also cutting back on the carbs - cheers guys.

Also, are you eating fruit?  My Dr said to stick to 3 meals daily and not to snack - how therefore do I get any fruit in?  I've just realised that I've probably not eaten any fruit since surgery day..... I'm having a multi-vit but probably ought to be eating some fruit?  Do you agree?

My daily diet looks like this:

B/fast:  Skimmed milk coffee or optifast
Lunch:  4 vitawheat crackers with boiled egg/mayo, cucumber, rocket
Dinner:  Protein (chicken/lamb/beef or fish) with veg's (0.5-1cup)
I have to confess that the odd glass of wine has crept in this week too...... will need to cut back on this.

I have noticed some difference since my last fill, in that if I eat too quickly I can feel the food going down and that reminds me to slow down.  I can still eat anything (which I am pleased about, as I know many bandsters struggle with proteins or bread products), but could happily eat more than I am supposed to, so I know I'm not in my green zone yet.

Rich and I are off to "Xmas in July" event next weekend at our local golf club, a 3 course Xmas meal and 5hr drinks package.  I'm really looking forward to it, but wondering how I'll manage the meal?!?  Although I can seem to eat anything and haven't have any real stuck moments/PB's, I'm assuming it'll be quite alot of food (not my normal half a cup amount).  I think I'll skip starter and pudding and just try and eat my main - what would everyone else do?  Now the big dilemma... oh what to wear??  I have an evening dress that I wore to a dinner/dance many years ago now, I tried it on yesterday and it damn well fits - whoop NSV(non-scale victory), however as much as I like the dress its a little OTT for here in Oz.  I also tried on a dress I bought for Xmas 2012, and its too big - NSV! unfortunately (or not) I've lost 9cm from my girls... so the strapless dress just slips down and gapes!  I thought I'd have a look in the department stores tomorrow and see if I can find something new otherwise I might take my "too big" dress in for altering.... wow - I've never had to have something taken in before.... how easily pleased I am!!!

What else has been happening........ well its school hols, so have been iceskating/movies/kid's friends over etc, I've had this week off work but go back next week (will be nice to get away from my bickering kids lol!)

I bought a new oven today (how exciting I hear you say) for my new kitchen...... The old kitchen is due to be ripped out first week of August, I still have no plans, designs, quotes, colours, flooring organised.... ah panic.... but don't worry I have a new oven!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope everyone has a good week, I'll try and check in with you all mid-week.  Happy weekend...x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Weigh in Friday

1.4kg/3lb lost this week.... whoop, whoop.... maybe something to do with the extra fill I had on Monday, or perhaps having a day of fluids after the fill.... but nice to see a positive change!!  Thats a total of 11.4kg/1stone 11lb.

I am feeling really well now, don't think I am in the green zone yet, as still get hungry moments, although I have kept to 0.5-1 cup of food at mealtimes, have been trying to reduce my carb intake and increase my protein too!  I haven't experienced any stuck moments yet, although am aware of a change since my fill, can at times get an uncomfortable feeling behind my chest when eating - I think a sign that I am eating too fast.  I have tried leaving a minute between mouthfuls but find that seems such a long gap.... so am trying to adapt.  How does everyone else manage with eating slowly??  I have just starting using the MyFitnessPal app, how many calories does everyone else try to stick to?

Its the kids last day of school today before 2 weeks off.  I've got the first week of work, so will be nice not to set the alarm clock.  They are wanting to go ice skating on Tuesday, am wondering whether I'll have the nerve to join in too?!?!  Must be good exercise!  Will have to keep on top of my food choices, I find it more difficult to manage when the kids are off school and we are out and about doing things!

I did a Body Combat class this morning, which I haven't done for ages - I really enjoyed it!  8.30am class so didn't really impact on my day - food shopping and ironing to follow - how exciting!

I have a Lapband support group meeting to attend tomorrow, so hopefully will come back armed with hints and tips!

Hope everyone has a good weekend...x

Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Monday mumblings....

Had a really nice weekend, although must confess that have eaten and drunk more than I should of!  It started wrong on Fri evening when hubbie took me out for an early glass of wine, we picked up a Chinese takeout on the way home - ate loads less than pre-band but not the best thing to have when trying to loose weight - but it was very yum!

Had a friends wedding on Saturday which was lovely, the ceremony was held in the park and then back to an Italian for the celebration.  It was a set menu comprising:  Starter:  bread and dips; Entree:  antipasto plate and crumbed calamari; Choice of Main:  Grilled fish and veg; Dessert:  Tiramuso!  I had some of the starter and entree and ate about half of my main - all very delicious.

Yesterday we had a friends over for a BBQ, and I drank too much wine !!  So lets hope I don't gain any weight this week!!

Went back to the surgery this morning for some more fill.  I saw my surgeon's sidekick, she was very nice and kept her appt to time!  I was complaining that my weightloss is so slow, and she said that my overall loss was what they would expect and that I am doing really well.  She measured my waist and said that I have already lost 10cm.... whoop!  (I am certainly feeling more comfortable in my clothes, I even bought a dress in the sale for the wedding, a stretchy material but nonetheless a size 18 - whoop NSV!!)  The Dr added an additional 1.5cc to my band bringing me up to 5.5cc in a 10ml band.  I'm now on liquids for the next 24hr.

Tonight is netball, although a horrible time 9.55pm.... hope I don't doze off beforehand!...x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slow weigh-in Friday...

Well here we are again.... weighin-Friday..... as per the norm a total lost this week of 0.4kg - bringing me to a total weightloss of 10kg/22lb/1st6lb!!

Yes, I am majorly disappointed with the slow rate of weightloss, especially as I am eating/drinking so little.  I'm sticking to 0.5-0.75 cups of food 3 times daily, without snacking in between, although have been allowing myself 1 cup of skimmed milk coffee and a yoghurt as extra's on most days!  The upside is that each week I have lost (albeit meagre and miserly) I have not gained - and apparently 10kg equates to a dress size.

My daughter is into taking "selfies", why do the kids do this?  Anyway, thought if you can't beat them join them, so here are a couple of my selfies....  you will note that I haven't mastered this yet - hence the flash:

Start of pre-op 
3 weeks ago
I know black is more slimming, but can you see the difference.....?

I am going for another fill on Monday, it will be interesting to see if that makes any difference, and their is a support group meeting next Saturday which I shall go along to for any hints and tips!

This morning I am off to zumba to shake my bootie and get myself into a more happy mood for the weekend.

It's been a non-event of a week really with not much happening!  Netball on Monday was odd.... I had to defend a woman who is due to give birth in 7 weeks.....(in my opinion she shouldn't have been allowed to play!), I was to frightened to get near her incase I dug her or pushed her by mistake - a non-enjoyable game.      Have gained a hole in my bathroom door..... don't ask - but shoe/kicking/not mine.... springs to mind!  Tomorrow we are off to a friend's wedding, the wedding is in the park and off to Italian restaurant for some celebrations after - so that will be nice...  Enjoy your weekend ...x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

To fill or not to fill.....

Hi all

I rang the clinic today and decided to bring my next fill forward.  I am feeling really well, am not really hungry in between meals, and am eating very small portions - but I do know without the self control (which may not last that much longer) I could eat lots more!  I am able to eat any type of food and am really trying to eat small forkfulls very slowly, although I think I am still eating too fast.  I haven't had any stuck moments, just one time when I could feel something in my chest as if I'd eaten too quick.....  So instead of waiting another 3 weeks, feeling as I do now, I have brought forward my next fill to Monday.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want stuck moments and difficulty with eating types of food, just want to feel more full and content I guess.

Its funny we are all so fixated on the scales - I know I am - I would really like to see some big differences on the scales soon.  My work trousers are starting too look too big on me, yet I'm still concerned about the scales!

For info. after only 2 days of doing the "30 Day Shred video" -  I could hardly walk or bend lol!  No pain, no gain - but that was ridiculous!  Started feeling mobile again yesterday, will have to make sure I warm up and down better tomorrow...x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

.... I lost 1kg - finally..... hallelujah - not a superb weight-loss but better than the last 3 weigh-ins!  This brings me to a total weight loss of:  9.6kg/21lb/1st5lb.  Apparently 10kg is a dress size, so if I loose at last 0.4kg this coming week I may have to take myself off clothes shopping!

Did Day2 of my 30-day-shred workout this morning, (I'm having to improvise as haven't got round to buying the hand weights yet so am using tins of baked beans instead - sophistication is my middle name !!!), its only a 30min workout but my legs just above my knees are killing me.... its an effort to bend, sitting to the loo is most uncomfortable!

We're looking at renovating our kitchen soon, so as I wasn't working today thought I'd investigate further - its soooo much more expensive here to do refits than in England, and most of the new kitchen are white, or glossy modern colours.... I just want the traditional light beech wood and do you think anywhere does it... NO!

Am off on a girlie night this evening, crowd of us are going out for drinks at at bar on the sea which will be nice.  Hubbie kindly gave up his night out to babysit for me, he's going to go out and watch the rugby tomorrow instead - cheers hun!

Not much else to report - hope everyone has a good weekend, catch up soon...x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back to netball....

I forgot to mention..... the Dr said I can get back to netball...whoop, whoop!!!

Did I mention that I play every Monday evening and sooooooo enjoy it!  Have really missed playing post-op.  I started playing again last year at the ripe old age of 41yr, having not played since my school days, am not very good but look forward to it each week - never thought I'd say that about exercise!

Having been given the all clear to exercise, I started my couch-5k running program last night..... thought I was going to die!!  Am also ordering the "30 day Shred" exercise video that I hear lots of good things about, and will be able to get back to zumba on Friday...x

First fill....

Firstly, apologies I'm not blogging as much as I should be, although have been taking some time to catch up with my reading of other blogs!

Well, alls good here, Harvey managed to stay the duration at cub camp so Richard and I went to the City with friends as planned on Saturday night.  Had a really good evening, went to a tapas bar which was nice and had a few glasses of wine which was even nicer!

I had my first fill on Monday, and what a non-event it was!!  No pain, over with in seconds, so really nothing to worry about at all.  My appt was at 10.20am, and already the surgeon was running 1hr late - how does that work?!?!?!

He asked me to jump on the scales, when I asked if I could take my boots off (they weigh quite alot....) he said I could take all my clothes off if I preferred..... cheeky bugger, he obviously has quite a sense of humour!!  He was really pleased with my weight loss and said that I should now move to more solid foods and aim to loose between 0.5-1kg per week.  I asked how much fill he was going to give me (I have a 10ml band, with no fluid to date) he said I could be sensible and have 0.4cc or take a gamble and have 0.5cc.......... I decided to play it safe and went for 0.4cc!  He filled a syringe with 0.4 of saline, poked my tummy found the port straight away and inflated me with 0.4!  Liquid diet for the next 24hrs and to return in one month.

Today is Wednesday and I feel no change... 

I then went into see the dietitian.  She explained that I now need to eat solid foods to ensure that the band does its job, and to stop with the diet/protein shakes.  She said to not worry about calories but to try and eat a minimum of 75g protein a day having 3 small meals daily.  Any advice on how to eat that much protein in just 3 small meals would be very much appreciated?????????   A very nice lady, but so young and slim, will have never had a weight problem so how she can possibly relate/understand I do not know - hopefully she know her stuff!..x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

Wow... how time flies.... its Friday again!  Well as seems to be the pattern, no remarkable weightloss this week, just 0.4kg, bringing me to a total loss of:  8.6kg/19lb/1st 5lb, but I decided to take my measurements and there has been some change there since my last measurements 5 weeks ago:

Chest - lost 2.5inches
Tummy - lost 2inches
Belly - 2.5inches
Hips - 2.5inches
Right thigh - 1.5inches

so thats made me feel better!  My weightloss isn't really noticeable yet (although hubbie claims I'm looking thinner - bless him!), but my work trousers are defintely getting too loose NSV!

Well only 3 days until my post-op check and hopefully some fill.....I have a 10ml band so I wonder how much he'll give me?  From what I've read about 4cc seems to be the average for a first fill - I'll let you know. The Dr should also approve me exercising again, so I'll be able to play netball on Monday night again - whoop whoop!

Am glad its the weekend and have some grownup plans for a change :)  Harvey is off on 2 night cub camp (although last time I had to pick him up early as he wanted to come home.... and this morning he has already said he's not feeling so great!!), so Rich and I are meeting some friends tomorrow and heading off to the City for a few drinks and tapas - am looking forward to that.  Lets hope I don't get a call from the cub leader wanting me to pick Harvey up.... maybe I should turn my phone off!?!?!?

Well, hope everyone enjoys their weekend...x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Spatial awareness....

We have two cars, the Honda CRV (family car) and the Barina (small cheap run around) which live happily side by side in the garage.  I use the Barina, and its normally all alone in the garage waiting for me on weekday mornings as Rich leaves the house earlier than I do.  Now it wasn't my fault that I forgot it was the weekend and not a normal week day.... I was taking Harvey to his soccer match as Rich had done the same earlier with Holly.  Harvey and I promptly got in the car and I reversed out of the garage..... smack bang into the Honda!!  Yep, incase you didn't get that I reversed our small car into our big car....  Didn't think to check my mirror to see if there was a car parked on the drive (because normally there isn't....).  Rich wasn't best pleased...... and Harvey proceeded to remind him that I had driven into the dustbin, run over Holly's school bag and run over his leaf blower in the last 6 months....... to which Rich asked:  "Do you think you have a spatial awareness problem".... I don't think so, just that we need a bigger garage!!

Talking about size, I will upload a photo of my dishes and cutlery, I have reverted to children's utensils as they are so much smaller and mean that I can't shovel such big mouthfuls in.... its a good way to slow down eating whilst remembering to chew...x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Full to bursting....

Is anyone reading my blog.....????  I could do with some followers.....

...... well although my band is empty, I now know that it is there..... I was beginning to think that the surgeon had forgotten to insert it during surgery.... but more about that later!

Have had a busy few days.... work has been busy so have worked extra hours this week, I went to a cyberspace presentation on Thurs evening at the school.  The presenter was Susan McLean she was really good.  She talked all about cybersafety, cyberbullying, online grooming, sexting and lots of other things that our kids are getting up to on the internet.  It was quite eye-opening, and a little scary..... so my kids will now hate me as I am going to enforce some more rules!!!!  If you are interested take a look at:

I was a parent helper at the upper primary disco on Fri evening, handing out hot dogs.... mmm they did smell good!!  We went to an all-day party on Saturday, a friends little one turned 4yrs....., and both kids have their soccer matches at different times and locations on Sunday.... my social life rocks eh?

Anyway, getting back to the band..... as mentioned previously I've been really good with my food and drink intake in the last two weeks even though the scales have not moved much.  My weightloss is not noticeable yet, although I can notice it in my clothes, I can slip my work trousers off now without undoing the button and zip first... a NSV (non-scale victory).   However, I did eat and drink more than usual (although not nearly as much as pre-band) yesterday at the all-day party.  We went out for breakfast in the morning, I'd normally order the veg big brekkie (2 eggs, 2 toast, beans, tomatoes, m/rooms, fried potatoes), but sensible just ordered scrambled eggs on toast, and left the toast......, during the course of the day at the party I ate:

-2 mini sausage rolls
-a couple of spoonfuls of choc birthday (from Holly's plate)
- 2 small sub-way rolls (from the subway platter)
- 4 glasses of wine
- a bite of Richard's bread pudding

and wow did I feel fullup....... when I went to bed I felt really uncomfortable and nauseous!  I wonder what it will feel like when I have some fill in my band!

Weigh-in F riday

3 weeks post-op today, it seems like surgery day was a lifetime ago now.  Feeling really well and back to normal, although am not allowed to exercise until my post-op appt which isn't until 17 June.  Am walking but that's about all, really want to get back to my netball.... I so enjoy it and its a good workout too!

Well its also weigh-in Friday....... and I've lost 0.4kg/400g this week..... which brings me to a total loss of 8.2kg/18lb/1st 3lb since my preop diet on 6 May.  My last two weigh-ins have been quite disappointing, if you could see how little I am eating compared to my pre-band diet you'd think I'd be loosing loads of kilo's, I'm not drinking alcohol either.....!  Oh well, a small loss is better than a gain, and the surgeon does pre-warn us that we could gain weight on mushies.  I'm supposed to be on another week of mushies, but am moving to soft foods now because I can tolerate them with no problem...x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A slow start... couch to 5k..

... a little late posting this one:   I decided to start my Couch-5k running program on Friday morning, I think I mentioned previously that we had bought a treadmill.  It didn't start well as my phone broke (water damage, but is fixed now) so I couldn't use the stop-clock app, and my ipod had no charge, so no tunes to jog along too....  Anyway, this was not going to stop me so I started with a brisk walk on the treadmill to warm up.  Now I haven't used this particular machine before, but it didn't feel right, every now and then it seemed to jolt or slip... it kinda threw me of balance..... so decided to stop before I caused myself some damage!  Hubbie will be pleased to know that its another job I've added to his weekend todo list, might need some WD40 or something!

This however worked in Chester's favour as I took him out for a power walk instead, we ended up at the park and as no-one else was there, I thought I'd try jogging round..... I could feel my body jigging around and felt uncomfortable/pressure on my wound sites, so figure I'll leave running for another week.  (On a side note I read somewhere that fat people should wear the swimming costume under their running clothes to help prevent the jigging around...... good idea - I'll let you know if it makes any difference)...x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

2 weeks post-op and Friday weigh-in....

Well you will remember that one word summed up my day yesterday, well my BFF kindly text me from the UK to put it all in perspective, I quote:

"You are not starving, kids in Africa are starving, you are hungry, hungry is good because it means you are burning fat!"

OK then, I was remarkably, extremely, exceptionally hungry yesterday lol!  Ah I do miss my buddy - mwah!

Well its 2 weeks since surgery day, and have spent the last week on the liquid diet and have managed to loose a staggering............ 0.2kg/200g, wow, whoppee.... I know, I know how disappointing!!!!

I don't get it, Ive done nothing different this week to last week on liquids and managed to loose 3.2kg last week, only difference being TOM arrived or perhaps too few calories is not good for my weightloss.  A typical day's diet looked like this:

Breakfast:  1 x optifast
Lunch:    1/2 cup of soup
Mid-afternoon:  coffee made with skimmed milk
Dinner:   1/2 cup of soup
Evening:  coffee made with skimmed milk
(plus water, flavoured tea, ice pole)

The surgeon did say that the 4 weeks post op is all about recovery and not about loosing weight..... but thats like saying the Pope isn't Catholic to someone who's just had WLS!

Anyway, this brings me to the start of week 3 and I'm allowed mushies.... yeah, whoop, whoop!!  Basically means anything sloppy or baby food texture.... will make a great change from liquid, but apparently can bring on weight gain!  Remember, that its all about willpower right now as I have no fill in my band, I am looking forward to eating normally again with some fill in my band!

On a completely different note, I found out that some people back home are reading my blog - "Welcome Katie and Mandy - love you guys!" but what I didn't realise is that you have to have a google account to make comments.... guess you'll have to set one up girls!  Also, can any of the experienced bloggers tell me how to add the followers icon?

Here's a picture of what the band looks like:

Well, its bank holiday weekend for us here in Perth, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, but its bloody freezing its about 15degrees!

I have a girlie night out this evening which I am looking forward too, Motown night, so shall have to dig out my dancing shoes.  I think I might drive, as not having much food and think anything more than  2 glasses of wine at this stage will make me fall down drunk!

Enjoy your weekend everyone..x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Thursday mumblings.........

I have one word to sum up my day today:


and that's all I have to say about that..x

Ssshhhh..... its a secret

Wow, there's lots of mixed opinion on whether to be open or secretive about gastric band surgery.  I've thought about this one long and hard, I've discussed it over and over with a good friend.....

My initial thoughts were "I'm keeping it a secret, but will tell a selected few close friends and family......", mainly because I didn't want the negativity, criticism and extra pressure of feeling that people were watching what I was eating, or not eating, drinking or not drinking, continually asking about the weightloss or not etc  

"I've had a hernia repair or gallbladder op" was going to be my routine answer, if anyone asked where I was last week.  "I'm on a calorie controlled diet with lots of exercise" if anyone asks about my weightloss.....................
....................................but you know, its not sitting comfortably with me - I'm really not very good at telling porkies, and don't feel comfortable with the elaborated stories, so if anyone asks......................
..................................."I've had minor stomach surgery" and if people dig deeper "I've had WLS (weightloss surgery)"...I won't volunteer the information, but equally I won't lie!

As hubbie pointed out:  It has bugger all to do with anyone else, so they can stick the negativity where the sun don't shine!

(For those of you that haven't researched gastric band surgery.... please don't be hoodwinked into believing that it is the easy option, and that weight just miraculously melts away like magic...... it'll take hardwork, motivation, exercise, and sensible lifelong choices for the weight to go.  No amount of surgery will cure the headhunger.... and slider foods (eg chocolate, cake, crisps etc) are the easiest foods to eat, but obviously the wrong ones!)
The band is a tool, not a magic wand!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back to normal week.....

Back to normal week.....

Here's how I'm healing 1 week after surgery:

Yep feeling really well so all back to normal and back to work!  Have been walking our dog Chester since last week, but managed a 5k power walk with him on Saturday, just a week post-op so pretty good going I'd say.  It was a beautiful day here in sunny Perth for a walk, and I could see my shadow on the ground as I marched along...... I swear my shadow looked skinner than normal.... ;)  Anyway, when glanced at my reflection in the shop window this morning I looked huge..... mind games I guess!

TOM appeared on Friday, so haven't lost any further weight, in fact gained 0.6kg / 1.3lb..... (must be hormonal, can't possibly have gained anything from the limited fluids that I am allowed at the mo), things are not moving along either... if you get my drift..... so had to stop by the chemist yesterday as well.

I must post a pic of gorgeous Chester, he's our 2yr old cavoodle and is the only one in the house that doesn't argue back, give me lip, moan or fall asleep drunk on the sofa..... he just falls asleep when he's tired himself out using the Wii...!

On another note we've got ourselves a treadmill....  I keep reading about the "Couch to 5K" program, and have decided to give it try.  The bookies are placing bets as to whether I start the program or use the treadmill as another clotheshorse - watch this space!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

1 week post-op

Wow, how time flies - I'm 1 week post-op today and am feeling really well.  I think I've been one of the fortunate ones as I've had little pain, just some bad hearburn (which has eased now), I'm able to carry on as normal, get a slight twinge when I bend down to tie my laces, but thats all.  My incisions are healing nicely, jut some purple/yellow bruising now - so all's good!  Back to work next week.

Have decided that Friday will be my official weigh-in day:
...... drumroll......
since starting my preop diet on 6 May I have lost:  7.4kg / 16.2lb / 1st 2lb - yeah - happy with that!

So I have done 1 week of the post-op liquid diet.... and am sooooo over soup and optifast - just another week of it to go, how exciting not! before starting the 2 week mushies stage.  Am so looking forward to eating something solid and chewing.

The downside of healing so nicely is that the surgery swelling will have subsided and the hunger will return - currently have no fluid in my band and won't have until 17 June, so am expecting the "bandster hell" that everyone talks about to hit me full on in the face!

Have a good weekend all...x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Surgery day

17 May 2013 - Well the day finally arrived, I had to be at the hospital for 6.30am (... why so early?).  Fortunately hubbie had the day off work so I left him sorting the kids and drove myself off to the hospital.  I checked in and was taken to my room, I was lucky to have a room to myself with my own bathroom and TV.

Hubbie got dropped down by a friend, and checked in on me, before driving my car home.  All of the nurses that attended me during my stay were fantastic - a big cheer for the nurses at Glengarry hospital!  I was wheeled down to theatre around 11.30am, and laid in the waiting area for a while.  The nurses got me a lovely hot blanket, to keep me toasty!  My nerves had started to kick in at this point, and I started cross-checking myself as to whether I really wanted to go through with this surgery (par for the course I would think)...., then I wasn't sure whether I needed to pee again or not.....

I was wheeled into the op room, and Dr Dolan said something like "Are you ready, sure you want to do this?"  Eeek, wtf!!!  Anyway, the anaesthetist tried to insert my IV, he had trouble finding my veins (pin cushion springs to mind) but third time lucky managed, and the next thing I remember was waking up in recovery room!

Unfortunately I always feel quite nausea after anaesthetic, and this time was no different, apparently I had been given several things to try and alleviate this, but I was dry wretching into a sick bag, and some nurse was rubbing my arm... (times like that you always want your Mum!), I was taken back to my room along with my sick bag...., the nausea didn't subside for about 5hr but once it went I really felt pretty good :)  I felt quite sleepy, and didn't have a lot of pain, some shoulder tip pain (common with stomach surgery), but no real soreness!  Infact I was only on liquid panadol 8hrs after surgery.

Hubbie came to visit with my 2 beautiful kids, they didn't stay long, just long enough to see that I was OK and give me a kiss, before they headed off for a fun night at friends house.

The nurses kept waking me every 3 hrs to check my blood pressure, pulse, temp - all of which was OK.  I was able to sleep on my side from the beginning, infact lying on my left side helped the shoulder pain to go - weird!  I kept sipping water through the rest of day and night, was able to get up and pee and generally move around OK.  I felt far better than I thought I would.

The following morning I had a coffee, which went down fine.  Hubbie picked me up and brought me home, with some panadol, inflammation tablets, some strong painkiller (which I never used).  Liquid diet now for 2 weeks!...x