Friday, 2 August 2013

My willpower has walked off......

Morning all,

Well as I previously posted I had 0.5 fill on Monday and it appears to have made no difference..... infact I am wondering if she took it out in error...... Lol!!!!  My willpower has walked off, and my motivation is missing in action...!!  My food choices haven't been the best this week, its not helped that Harvey has made chocolate cupcakes, RIchard has brought home wine every night and we've had a meal out midweek for a friends birthday.  TOM has also arrived and with it my need for chocolate;  on top of that I'm only going no2 once a week.... so all in not a great week for me - very disappointed with myself - I have gained 0.3kg on a fill week so should have lost! Oh well off to Zumba to shake my bootie!

Another disappointment, is that I may have misled you all regarding my recent NSV!!  You will recall that I tried on and purchased a size 16 jeans from Big W, well when I put the jeans on at home, they nowhere near fit..... no way on earth they would meet to do up.... I had to take them back and swap them for a size 18 which fit snugly and look nice - so in all the excitement it must have been a size 18 I tried on in the changing room and not a 16..... how disappointing eh??

Completely off topic, I think my hubbie Richard is about to be fleeced...... he made a deal with Holly that he would give her $50 for every 'A' she got in her school report.  Very generous I know, but she normally achieves all B's and one or 2 C's so I think he thought he was motivating her to do well and may be out of pocket by $50 or so....  Well Holly's school report is due today, she texted me lunchtime to tell me that this time she has achieved 7 A's!!!  That is obviously fantastic news, and shows she is working hard at her first year in high school although I'm sure Richard's wallet will disagree..... do you think its fair to re-negotiate the deal at this stage?!?!?

The renovations start on Monday....eek!  Having to spend this weekend emptying the kitchen, and covering pretty much everything in dust sheets.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend...x

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  1. LOL No, I don't think it would be fair for Richard to re-negotiate the terms of the bet. It was made in good faith (to encourage good grades), and should be honored. He should pony up the full amount. They will laugh about this years from now!