Thursday, 20 February 2014

A glorious day.....

... wow life sure is good at the moment....  You may recall from earlier posts that a guy at work has a boat, well we had our team meeting on it this week, sailed around the ocean, had some nibbles on board - it was a glorious day, have to pinch myself sometimes this is such a beautiful place to live.  Here's a pic of me on board:

Don't think life gets better than that!!!!

Well it was Friday weigh-in again today, no great shakes there - I think its time I went back to the clinic maybe I should have some more fill.  Am off to Sydney next weekend, and can't wait so will make an appt for when I get back.   Here's my weekly weight tracker since 6/12/13:

6/12/13:  80kg
4/1/14:    81kg (gained 1kg over the festive period)
17/1/14:  80.2kg
24/1/14:  80.6kg
6/2/14:    81kg
14/2/14:  80.8kg
21/2/14:  80.4kg

Soooooo frustrating.... obviously my body feels comfortable between 80-81kg - I'm generally eating small portions and less than 1000 calories a day and am still exercising.  Infact this week I have done 3 zumba classes (will go to my fourth class of the week tomorrow morning), have ridden my bike to and from class today (instead of taking the car) and swam 20 lengths of a 50m pool on Monday as there was no netball.... so come on body give me a break.... can we please move into the 79kg region pleaassee!!  My body measurements have stayed the same too, so am definitely maintaining!!  Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks to get my weightloss moving again?!?!?

What else has been happening.... took a Holden TRAX for a test drive this week, we are thinking of changing my Barina to something a big bigger and the TRAX fits the picture - really liked it, so think we will go down that route.  Also we've been trying to sell our UK house since before Christmas and had an offer on Thursday which is great, although typically then got another offer from someone else.... what's the saying "You wait forever for a bus, and then 2 come at once!!!"

Having our family long weekend getaway to Sydney next week, am really looking forward to it.  I just hope the weather stays dry.  Should be lots to do, lots to eat and lots to drink - perfect holiday!!

Well, hope everyone is well.... will catch up with you next week....

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bad Blogger......

..What a bad blogger I am.... its been a while since I've blogged so I do apologise, although to be quite frank there is nothing new to report!  Still haven't lost any more weight infact I've gained almost a kilo and am 81kg now instead of 80kg!!  I notice that I've started grazing again, not sure why obviously a head game thing but I need to nip in the bud and get back on track.

I stole this from a fellow blogger as I thought it so apt:

I do find eating sensibly and exercising far harder to control during the school holidays, and wow its certainly been a long holiday.... but no excuses now as they went back this week so some routine is back in the Sleat household.

I've been continuing my exercise with netball and zumba and actually tried out a new class called "konga" high impact mix of aerobics/combat/dance etc to be honest I wasn't that keen, so will stick with my zumba.

I'm not sure whether I need go back for some more fill.  I am able to eat more food recently, and can consume an entire main course Caesar salad with no problem..... so perhaps I should get a smidgen more.  I notice that I'm starting to get hungrier more as well, at least I think I am..... maybe its that headgame thing again........

Nothing new happening at the mo, looks like we may head to Sydney end of Feb for a long weekend which should be good, and our trip back to the UK in Sept has been booked, and an exhausting itinerary put together to go with it!  Harvey's birthday is next week so am taking 3 boys to Adventureworld for some fun tomorrow - can't believe my baby will be 10yrs!

Need to find out more about this blogging malarky as have so few followers....... and even fewer people leaving comments.....x