Thursday, 21 August 2014

...deflated balloon...

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is travelling well!  Not sure what happened to last week's post... , maybe I forgot to upload it - bizarre!  Anyhoose, not much to report here, no weightloss but no weightgain - there's a surprise!  A few stuck moments this week when I've eaten too fast, so I guess that recent smidgeon of fill is making itself known.  A few people have commented that I look like I've lost a little more, and today at zumba I was told my top was too big, and was told I could do with a smaller pair of work trousers....... thought I take some measurements as the scales have not changed.... but I forgot.... so will try to remember to do so next week!

Its strange how we all get fixated on certain things...., now that I've lost some weight I'm fixated on the size of my tummy, bit like a deflated balloon, thats all I seem to notice when trying on new clothes.... think I might start looking into the costs and process for a tummy tuck, my batwings, and scaggy thighs I can cope with, but my tummy needs to go!!!

A few pic's.... not really weight related, but thought I'd share:

 Here's a selfie of me in my new dress that I bought for next week's do!  SO looking forward to it, 12 of us will be arriving in a limo.....  Anyway, here's the dress:

....Chester's hiding can you see him lol!

Well have lots to do, so will catch up wth you all next week...x

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Morning all,

Finally got round to updating my blog!  All is tickety-boo here..... no great changes on the weightloss, Fridays weighin was 75.2kg.  I did go back to the Dr and have a little more fill (0.1), hasn't really made a huge amount of difference this time..... so am guessing that unless I make more sensible food choices and increase my exercise this is the weight I will pretty much maintain - that's OK with me!

We are going to a charity ball at the end of the month so had the fun of dress shopping.  I tried loads of different dresses on, black, colours, long, short, sequinned, plain, ruffles, rushes, slits, fitted, flarey....... in a variety of sizes depending on the cut and style.  I settled on a very plain, long, black dress I'll pop some photos up when I've got it on........ but get this...... a SIZE 12 - whoop whoop!!!  Great NSV!

The other exciting thing that has happened in my small world is that I got a thermomix, which is an advanced kitchen appliance that has 10 functions in one!  An expensive gadget, but all the go out here at the moment.  I've got one to cook more wholesome, foods at half the time.  However, not sure how it'll fit in with the waistline, as so far have made:  stock, orange cake, bacon/cheese bites, softserve icecream, slushie...... of course have to taste a bit of everything that is made!!!  Got a weekly mealplan for this week just need to get the ingredients!

Have had a weekend of soccer, with both kids playing on both days.... however Holly's team won the cup and Harvey got man of the match - so good result!  Rich is working at the Perth Home Show running a stall this weekend so have been single soccer mum!

Anyhoose, the day is young and lots to do..... hope everyone is well.....x