Monday, 30 September 2013

Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow??

OMG..... stressful or what!!  Am loving blogging although haven't many followers and I'm a bit sporadic, but keeps me accountable.  I decided to update my blog last Friday as per normal.... and I couldn't login, could see my blog, but couldn't access it - HOW FRUSTRATING!  Rich had done an update to the computer so the normal features weren't showing and had to login from scratch, and wasn't working..... have only now managed it as tried from the ipad which saves my previous logins.... would appear I have 3 different gmail accounts (which I didn't realise I had) one setup from  2008.... hence the confusion - phew! So now all good and can update - apologies for the delay!

Have stolen this from another blog I read, made me giggle and rang so so true... do you remember Eeyore's song:

"Do your EARS hang low, to they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow"

well substitute EAR's with BOOB's and that's me!!

Lol, thought it really was time to go and get fitted for some new bras, my bra's of old are all gaping at the top, (and if truth be told are not brilliant white anymore, bordering on grimy grey!?!) currently wearing anything from a 18D-20DD (approx 40D-42DD) depending on style and cut, everything has deflated so thought I'd be measured around a 16C ...... well am measuring a 16DD (38) - my girls are obviously still there although a little droopy!! yay!!  Must have over stretched the old ones, so invested in some nice new ones!  The fitter did say that when weight is lost it comes from the top of the breast!

Lost 1kg (2.2lb) this week which am really pleased with so down to 82.2kg (12.9lb), really pleased with being in the 12stone region - whoop whoop!  That's a total lost of 18.2kg (2stone 9lb).  Am booked to have some more fill when back from my hols, think I need some as my portion control is creeping up.

Have had some really positive comments on my weight loss this week, people are really starting to notice, which makes it all worthwhile, and am loving buying a size16.

Getting ready for our hols on Tues, can't wait, sooooo looking forward to some sunshine, and the kids are really excited about hitting the theme parks so should be good.  Have been going through my "thin clothes" section of the wardrobe, clothes I've brought over from the UK although never worn as they were all too tight, (I was saving them for if lost weight..ever.....), well they are all too big... lol.... so are now in the charity bag..... I need to buy a few new extras for our hols whoop whoop!  Think I might start enjoying this shopping malarkey!

We are away for a week, and although will be doing lots of walking, will also be doing lots of eating out!  I am planning on making good healthy choices, but am not going to beat myself up if I gain a kg or two, will have to wait and see how that all pans out!

Now I've announced that we are going away, just thought I'd let any potential burglars know that an old, trusty friend is moving in to house sit and look after Chester!  Couldn't send my faithful pup to the kennels, so all worked out well!

Hope everyone is doing OK, I won't be blogging this week as we are away so will catch up with you all the following week.  Would be great to get some comments from you all..... you've all gone so quiet!  Anyway, have a good week....x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Inch loss...

..... its still raining..... so over this weather!!!!!

Well,  down 0.2kg this week, weightloss is really slowing down and plateauing, which I guess is to be expected!  Am still having the occasional stuck moments (due to eating to fast), but other times can eat more than my half cup of food so may need a smidgeon more fill.  Have booked an appt to visit the clinic once I'm back from my hols.  Thought I'd log my inch loss since starting this journey, to date:

Chest:  5inches
Waist:  5 inches
Tummy:  6 inches
Hips:  4.5inches

so although weightloss is slow, have lost quite a few inches which is good.

Renovations are very nearly complete, kitchen, benctop, splashback is in, floor is almost finished, just deciding on what colour to paint the walls and will be done - its looking good!

Off to theatre this evening with the kids which should be good, and have friends over on Sunday, I was going to do a BBQ but as the weather is so crap will do mexican instead!  Hope everyone is having a good week...x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Not much to report....

Another week has passed, haven't a great deal to report this week.  Down 17kg/2stone 7lb, so currently weighin at 83.4kg/13stone 2lb which is great, once I loose another kg I'll weight 12stone something which I haven't weighed for many years!  People are starting to notice my weightloss now which is nice.

The weather here is atrocious, it hasn't stopped raining for weeks, I'm so over it now, its making me feel moody and short tempered - I know that I could never move back to the UK as I wouldn't be able to cope with the dismal weather!!!

It's Holly's 13th birthday on Monday, and I currently have 6 girls over for a sleepover.... OMG they are so noisy..... reckon I'll need the headache pills later on today.  They've taken over the front of the house, to chat (although they all seem to playing on their phones...), eat sweets, watch movies and have pizza!  We've dressed the house with banners, balloons and hanging foils so looks very birthdayish!

We will go out for a family dinner on Monday for her birthday, and are off to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the theatre on Friday - so a fun busy week ahead.

Hope everyone is well...x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Closet clearout........

Today I decided to clearout my wardrobe of everything too big, in the past I would have kept the clothes for when I gain weight again, but this time have decided to throw them out with the confidence that I'll never be a size 20/22 again - I hope!  So I have a nice big bagful to take to the charity shop.

We are off on our hols in less than a month so I had a spend up in KMart and Target yesterday.. I bought some linen trousers, vest tops, Tshirts, cropped jeans, and a new dress..... every item was size 16 - wow - that felt good, and was from the normal section and not the fat section - whoop whoop NSV!

Yesterday was my official weighin day and hadn't lost anything this week - disappointing but haven't made zumba as I had the joys of sitting in the dentist chair on Monday instead (root canal) and taking Holly to chiro on Friday...... weighed again this morning and have lost 0.6kg although not my official tracking day so won't count it :(   You'll recall that I cancelled my last fill appt, I'm wondering whether I perhaps should have a little more.......

I've copied below some pics of my cutlery and dishes etc, I mentioned in an earlier post that I find using smaller cutlery and china helps me eat less and eat more slowly, this gives you an idea...

The plate at the top is a normal size dinner plate, my portion control plate underneath is the size of a side plate/

The cutlery on the left of each pile is normal size, I use the smaller kids cutlery 

Average size cereal bowl on left, my bowl on the right.

Harvey has his last soccer match of the season today so am off to watch his game later, then we have some friends over for dinner which should be nice.  Have a busy week planned, Harvey has his sports carnival, and I have a work team building day as well as the normal working week, and have to get organised for Holly's 13th birthday next weekend!  Hope you all have a good week, would love to hear from you all...x