Thursday, 22 May 2014

...its tight in here....

... its tight in here.... they say that stress makes the band tighter, I can certainly vouch for that!!  Since my last fill around 8 weeks I've definitely had to be more careful with my food choices for fear of getting stuck, its not really how I'd like to go on indefinitely but figured I'd put up with it for a while.... due to a stressy few weeks (I'll elaborate later) the band tightened even more and I've really struggled, most of what I've been eating has come back up and I've been living on milk and soup for the last 5 days.... thankfully today I saw the Dr and had some fill removed - just finished lunch of bread and egg mayo - to eat again - delicious!

The upside is that I've lost a further 1.4kg this week and weighed in this morning at 75kg (11stone 8lb) - yeah!

So my stressy few weeks..... you'll recall hubbie got sick with a blood clot (he fine now), then Harvey had routine surgery and got slight infection (he fine now), then last Monday we were burgled.... :( they stole all my jewellery, money, cards, spare car keys, they managed to wrench the safe off of the wall and took the entire thing.... it housed our passports, copies of all credit cards and anything of value that wasn't in the jewellery box - gutted!  Last Wednesday, Rich slipped over and we spent the evening in A&E fortunately he didn't break his ankle just a bad sprain but he is still in pain and on crutches now.  Last Fri Harvey broke his finger.... phew!  The decorator came to hang the football mural paper in Harvey's bedroom, and managed to hang it in the wrong order...(bless), so that will now have to be reordered and rehung!

We are due to travel to Bali in July for 5 days hols, and now have no travel passports!  UK one's will take a minimum of 6 weeks, so we've managed to push forward our Australian Citizenship ceremony to Monday so we can then at least apply for our Aussie passports which only take a couple of weeks.  I'll post some photos of the ceremony next week - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Was at the hosp with Harvey on Monday so didn't make zumba and was at the dentist this morning so missed that class too - hopefully I'll get there tomorrow.  I have played netball this week and went Xtend Barre last night so not too bad.

Hope everyone is travelling well... speak soon...x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Band Anniversary....

HAPPY BAND ANNIVERSARY!!!!  Yep its my 1yr band anniversary tomorrow...... wow what a year... and how quick that time has gone...!  Am I glad I had the band - hell yes!!, any regrets - none!! 
Today's weighin:  76.4kg (11stone 13lb) that's a yearly loss of:  24kg (3 stone 8lb)

just another 1.5kg (3lb) to get me to my amended goal, which if you remember the Dr changed a few months ago as she felt my original goal may be too low; or another 7kg (15lb) to get to me original goal.  I am soooo pleased with that, there is no way I would have lost anymore than 8kg without the band and then it would have all returned within a couple of months of loosing.   I am proud to say that I weigh 76.4kg and am probably the lightest weight I've been since my teens.

What's changed:  I really enjoy exercising now, I am not a gym fan and never will be, but I do so love zumba and try and go at least 3 times a week, I enjoy netball once a week (never thought I'd ever play a team sport again....), and have recently started going XtendBarre classes for toning.  If I don't exercise I feel sluggish and meh, its part of my weekly routine now.
One of the best parts has been revamping my wardrobe, passing on my size 22 clothes and restocking my wardrobe with size 14 and 16 - whoop!!  Buying a mini skirt to wear with opaque tights....and seeing my daughter roll her eyes lol, tight fitting jeans, clothes that I like and can choose to buy other than buying those that I don't particularly like but fit!  Wearing boots that do up around my calves, to go out and feel sassy is a great feeling.
The band is definitely a tool and not a fix, but if you work it well it does what it is supposed to do!  Up until my last fill, I could still eat any foods (albeit smaller portions) including bread, pasta etc, infact there was nothing that I couldn't eat - more recently I have to be a little more careful.  My social life hasn't changed I still drink wine (infact the band has made no difference to how much I can drink and my levels of getting drunk), I still go out to eat and will eat any cuisine, although I only order an entrĂ©e which is plenty..... so the band hasn't stopped me doing anything socially.
I LOVE my band!


Friday, 2 May 2014

An average kind of week....

Today's Friday weighin -77kg (12 stone), that's a total of 23.4kg (3stone 9lb) lost.... slow but steady!  Its very nearly my band anniversary....... wow so much change in a year - will upload some comparison pics then.  Still having quite a few stuck moments, think I'm eating too fast, although seem to be eating so little.  Am due back at the Dr in a couple of weeks, I think I'll get a smidgen of fill removed before we go to Bali, don't want to be having lots of stuck moments whilst on holiday.

Has anyone heard of "XtendBarre"??  A new studio has opened near to where I live so thought I might give it a go.  Its a cross between pilates and ballet barre work, apparently works all muscle groups, and is a great way to sculpt the body.  It seems more expensive than a normal workout class, but thought I'd try it out, would love to know if anyone has tried it?

Have been off work (carers leave) minding Harvey this week, so took the opportunity to paint his bedroom.  Did quite a good job if  I say so myself lol!  Just waiting for a friend to hang some wallpaper on one of walls and then he can move back in.  He's chosen a soccer theme.

Its my birthday on Monday, Rich and I are heading to the City for some lunch, but first we have to sit our citizenship test!!  Have been reading up about Australian history, politics etc.... assuming we pass, we then can become Australian citizens!!  Wow, its been a long journey from thinking about emigrating, actually doing it, getting PR and now citizenship - prob about 8yr in all phew!  The end is in sight, and means the kids will be able to travel between Australia and the UK without needing visa's and can live in whatever country they decide as they grow up.

It was freezing this morning, the temp has really dropped in the mornings and evenings, was about 15degrees earlier.  Not cold to alot of people, but now we have acclimatised to Perth weather bloomin freezing!

Hope everyone has a good week.....x