Friday, 2 May 2014

An average kind of week....

Today's Friday weighin -77kg (12 stone), that's a total of 23.4kg (3stone 9lb) lost.... slow but steady!  Its very nearly my band anniversary....... wow so much change in a year - will upload some comparison pics then.  Still having quite a few stuck moments, think I'm eating too fast, although seem to be eating so little.  Am due back at the Dr in a couple of weeks, I think I'll get a smidgen of fill removed before we go to Bali, don't want to be having lots of stuck moments whilst on holiday.

Has anyone heard of "XtendBarre"??  A new studio has opened near to where I live so thought I might give it a go.  Its a cross between pilates and ballet barre work, apparently works all muscle groups, and is a great way to sculpt the body.  It seems more expensive than a normal workout class, but thought I'd try it out, would love to know if anyone has tried it?

Have been off work (carers leave) minding Harvey this week, so took the opportunity to paint his bedroom.  Did quite a good job if  I say so myself lol!  Just waiting for a friend to hang some wallpaper on one of walls and then he can move back in.  He's chosen a soccer theme.

Its my birthday on Monday, Rich and I are heading to the City for some lunch, but first we have to sit our citizenship test!!  Have been reading up about Australian history, politics etc.... assuming we pass, we then can become Australian citizens!!  Wow, its been a long journey from thinking about emigrating, actually doing it, getting PR and now citizenship - prob about 8yr in all phew!  The end is in sight, and means the kids will be able to travel between Australia and the UK without needing visa's and can live in whatever country they decide as they grow up.

It was freezing this morning, the temp has really dropped in the mornings and evenings, was about 15degrees earlier.  Not cold to alot of people, but now we have acclimatised to Perth weather bloomin freezing!

Hope everyone has a good week.....x

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