Sunday, 27 April 2014

Phew..... a strange two weeks....

Phew.... a strange two weeks.....somewhat hectic...... Rich ended up in hospital, Harvey ended up in hospital, bought a car, sold the UK house, and booked a holiday...... let me elaborate:

Firstly, no change with the weightloss, although have had many stuck moments (have been told that the band tightens with stress) so that would probably account for that....., TOM is here right now so am hoping to have lost a little this coming Friday weigh-in.  Although saying that, feel good.... here's a pic of me on Saturday night out with girls, quite a nice one of me, and had lots of flattering comments which was nice:

Anyway, on my last post I promised to add a pic of me horse riding, do you remember?  Well here it is:
This is me on Megs.......
we had a fun day out, I enjoyed the horse riding but felt a little uncomfortable/nervous at the same time.

So the saga of my last 2 weeks......, to cut a long story short, following chest pains, several tests and an andiogram Rich ended up in hospital with a blood clot in his artery!  Was somewhat unexpected, and meant he had a couple of days in hospital.  He is fine now, the intravenous drugs dispersed the clot, and he was allowed home with lots of drugs, 7 days of rest and a warning to change his lifestyle.  It was a little scarey at the time, but fortunately was sorted.  He was supposed to fly to Bali for a golf holiday with the guys last week, had he gone he would have likely had a heart attack......scarey!  Anyway, he is all good now:

The upside of Rich missing Bali, is that we have booked to go as a family in July for 5 days with the kids.... so the children and I get a break away now too - result!

Harvey had to go in for some routine surgery on Wed, he is fine, but has to have a week off school.  He has been very brave and a model patient - I'm hoping that I can stay out of hospital this week.... 

Finally completed on the sale of the UK house, mixed bag of emotions really - am pleased that we don't have the hassle of it anymore, but a little sad that an era of our life has closed.... have had some happy times in Windlesham, now fond memories!  Do you like the new Sleat machine:

Not the best pic, but you get the idea...... an orange car... whoop.... how in your face!

I went out with girls on Saturday, went to see Michal Buble, he was great and look how close he was:
A great show - highly recommend it!

.... and lastly.... look what two of my girlie friends have bought me for my birthday..... have been wanting one for ages but wasn't brave enough..... my arm piercing:

I love it..... !  Am now working on thoughts for a tattoo..... get me!!!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well....x

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  1. wow that is a lot happening in a short amount of time. Hope the boys will be back to normal soon. Love love your car :)