Thursday, 10 April 2014


THE SCALES MOVED....... FINALLY......  77.6kg (12stone 3lb) - whoop whoop!! 

That's a total of 22.8kg (3stone 6lb) lost now, with only 2.2kg to go to reach my amended goal and 7.2kg to reach the original goal (which is the one that I hope to get too).

Have to say, that's a relief was starting to wonder what was happening after such a long stagnant phase.  Can defo notice the fill in the band and have to take care to eat slowly and chew.  Met some friends for lunch on Monday they tucked into large meals of steak, chips and salad, and I had an entrĂ©e prawn gambas and couldn't eat it all... eating so much less than pre-band days and not feeling hungry which is good!  Have eaten quite a lot of fish this week, and the family have now told me that they are getting fed up of having fish....

Last day of term today for 2 weeks, so my exercise routine may go out the window a little, although saying that netball starts back on Monday - yeah!! and am playing netball as a fill-in on a friends team on Tuesday, and am going body combat on Thurs.... so not too bad I guess, just zumba that I may not make.

Am going horse-riding tomorrow..... yehaw......, am going with a friend, her son and Holly which should be fun.  Pre-band days I wouldn't have been allowed as I exceeded the weight limit, not anymore..... NSV (non-scale victory)!!!  Shall hopefully have some pics to post for next week..... hope my horse isn't too big...., it better be well behaved too...!!

Hope everyone is travelling well...x

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