Monday, 6 January 2014

... moving the goalposts

Moving the goalposts..... just had to mention that I went to the clinic yesterday to see my bariatric Doctor.  She was very pleased with me to date, and called me a "motivated patient working the band sensibly and effectively" guess that makes me a grade A student then lol!!

I've had 0.1 added although to date can't notice any difference, and the big comment is:

...... that she wants to change my goal weight.....

Instead of 70kg (11stone) being my goal she wants to up it to 75kg (11stone 8lb).... as she thinks I may look too drawn and old at 70kg and that 75kg will look more healthy on me!??!  Not sure how I feel about that, so guess will cross that bridge when and if I reach 75kg!!  However, decided to check this on the BMI (body mass index) calculator I would still be classed as overweight if I weighed 75kg, and the recommended weight range for me height should be 61-69kg.... really... you have got to be kidding me - sounds quite unhealthy to me!!!  What do you reckon?...x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2014!!!

Wow, how fast that past year went... but for me 2013 was a good one!  We had visits from my sister, parents and sister-in-law which was fab; had a great family holiday on the Gold Coast; managed a trip to Melbourne to catch up with my oldest pal; my ongoing contractual position at work became permanent; our permanent residency was granted allowing us to call Perth home; I managed to loose 20kg with the help of my band; and we all stayed healthy and happy for most of it!

I wonder what 2014 will hold...... mostly good things I hope!  We are planning a holiday back to the UK in September to catch up with our family and friends which will be good; I hope to loose a further 10kg and reach my goal for my band anniversary in May; and am hoping that again we stay healthy and happy!  I haven't made any NY resolutions although I'm keen to keep at my exercise, I'd like to get the kids outside more and away from the TV and XBOX and may look at doing some online study although not sure what yet.

Its been some weeks since I posted, as life has been full on and one big party really!  What with Xmas and New Year, visitors and parties..... life has been an endless stream of eating and drinking!!  Have kept to my small portion sizes, but have eaten everything and anything - not great for weightloss but great for enjoyment..... the booze however has been non-stop and continuously flowing....,. Zumba stopped over 2 weeks ago and doesn't restart until 13th... so not very conducive for weightloss!  On the upside, I wasn't looking to loose over the festive period, and set myself a goal of gaining no more than 1-2kg ........ I've managed to go swimming 3 times, swimming 14 lengths of a 50m pool which made a nice change and have gained only 1kg..... so pretty pleased with that.  I'm all set to get back to normal on Monday, and am even looking forward to some healthy, sensible eating and no booze!  I might even have a dry February..... but will think about that  nearer the time lol!

I have an appt on Monday at the clinic, and think I may have a smidgen more fill..... will see what the Doc suggests.  I will make sure I get back to my weekly blogging, and will upload some pics again soon.

Sending you all my very best wishes for 2014......x