Monday, 6 January 2014

... moving the goalposts

Moving the goalposts..... just had to mention that I went to the clinic yesterday to see my bariatric Doctor.  She was very pleased with me to date, and called me a "motivated patient working the band sensibly and effectively" guess that makes me a grade A student then lol!!

I've had 0.1 added although to date can't notice any difference, and the big comment is:

...... that she wants to change my goal weight.....

Instead of 70kg (11stone) being my goal she wants to up it to 75kg (11stone 8lb).... as she thinks I may look too drawn and old at 70kg and that 75kg will look more healthy on me!??!  Not sure how I feel about that, so guess will cross that bridge when and if I reach 75kg!!  However, decided to check this on the BMI (body mass index) calculator I would still be classed as overweight if I weighed 75kg, and the recommended weight range for me height should be 61-69kg.... really... you have got to be kidding me - sounds quite unhealthy to me!!!  What do you reckon?...x

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  1. Hey sugar, I'm goons call I promise. Mental life!! I think go as far as you feel comfortable with, I think you best to go that little bit lower as when your on maintenance you may fluctuate and it's always good to have room for movement, if you pardon the pun! You will know when you get there what is best for you and how you look and feel so concentrate on now because slow and steady wins the race lol just keep swimming Dory.... Love ya xxx