Friday, 22 November 2013


Morning all,

Phew its hot..... 30 odd degrees and doing housework do not mix!!  Nothing major to report, TOM arrived this week so the obligatory 0.6kg weight gain..... but do seem so have lost some more inches:

Inches                Chest:  Waist:   Tummy:   Hips:
May 2013           48        47.5       49.5        47
July 2013            44.5     44.5       46           43.5
August 2013       44         43.5       44.5       42.5
Nov 2013            42         41          43          42

Total lost             6           6.5        6.5          5

Have a look at these comparison photos:

May 2013
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Can definitely see some differences now, so glad that I decided to take pics throughout this journey, at least when the scales don't change I can see the changes in photos!  Have had to buy some more work pants as the last lot are too big now - whoop!  Well am off to Melbourne on Wednesday to see my oldest pal, can't wait to see her, and partake in some shopping delights that Melbourne is renowned for!!

Hope everyone is well, haven't heard much from you guys lately??!!?..x...

Friday, 15 November 2013

6 month's in.....

Whoop whoop.... after so many weeks plateauing (at least I know I'll manage maintenance!!), the scales moved.... down 1.2kg this week, bringing me to 80.8kg (12st 7lb) ..... so near but so far from the 70's.... well my lowest weight to date, and its my 6 month band anniversary!!!  Wow, how fast that 6months have gone!  Am pleased to have lost 19.6kg/3 stone 1lb in that time..... wow 3 stone.... would never have been able to do that without the help of the band... I love my band!!!

Looking back... what have I had to change.....:  I still love my food, that hasn't changed, just what and how much I eat... I eat very few carb's, haven't had a pasta meal since being banded, hardly eat potato, occasionally have a small amount of rice, the only consistent carb would be bread, if I need a quick lunch I may have a slice of toast with peanut butter.  If I go out for breakfast, I'll order the kids brekkie, if I go out for dinner I'll order an entree as my main, if we are having curry takeout I'll take a spoonful from everyone's else' curry instead of ordering one for myself.  I no longer drink fizzy drinks, haven't had a diet coke since being banded..... As I'm lucky enough to be able to eat all things, I've not felt that I've had to give anything up - all things in moderation..... and yes I still enjoy my wine!  Obviously, my portion sizes are hugely smaller now anything from half to 1 cup of food and this is how I'm able to loose weight.  The band stops me from feeling hungry, I do know that I would not be able to survive on eating so little without the band I would be in a state of hunger!!

What else has changed..... I'm enjoying exercising - whoop!  I've always done some form of exercise, but this time I enjoy it!  I love zumba, and try to go 3 times a week if poss, and I love my netball on a Monday evening.  I love trying on size16 clothes and buying them......  I love that I can buy clothes from most stores now and not just the outsize shops..... I love feeling more confident in how I look..... I love the fact that people are noticing and making nice comments.....  I love my band!

Loving my band....

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How cool to be a mermaid....

How cool to be a mermaid!!!

Hi guys

Well a good week for me, have really tried thinking more about my food choices.... looking back on the last few weeks although my calorie count has stayed low my protein count has stayed low too due to the food choices I have made.....  This week I've tried to up my protein and have had a couple of days when I've gone back to optifast for brekkie and lunch to keep the calories low and protein high...... not a major weight loss 0.6kg but good enough and feeling empowered that the numbers will come lower next week.

I'm a bit late blogging again.... where does the time go?!?  Maybe its something to do with the fantastic weather we are finally having.... finally Summer's arrived in Perth was 37degrees yesterday hot but beautiful!  Had a really nice weekend, busy but good.  Richard had Friday off, so we did some jobs around the house in the morning and went out to lunch at a restaurant that looks out to the ocean - I choose the entree size "panko crumbed shell crab with chickpea salad" but had it as my main - wow was absolutely delicious - yum!!  The golf resort near where we live is now holding Friday sunset sessions where a singer comes and they lay on tapas and wraps, really good atmosphere, and is walkable from home so even better! 

Had friends over for a BBQ on Saturday, the kids all played in the pool; and on Sunday dropped Holly off to Hilarys Marina where she met some girlfriends and spent the day in the water chutes.  We stopped down there for brekkie, I had the kids breakfast which comprised "poached egg on toast, slice of bacon and hash brown" - actually first time in ages that I've felt any type of restriction, think I was eating too fast, anyway gave Rich the bacon but ate the rest.  Came home to sit on my sun lounge and read my book before heading back to the marina for a few glasses of wine in the breakwater before bringing Holly home - life is good!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Needing to feel empowered......

What a cute picture eh?  But that's how I'm feeling at the mo..... disheartened - I need to feel empowered!!  82.6kg (13stone) at my weighin on Friday..... so fed up with seeing 82 on the scales.... hasn't come down since 27 September!!!  Someone said I should shock my system some way in order for it to start loosing again...... any ideas?  Anyway, have decided to really track everything I eat and drink this week, and go back to two optifast shakes and a small meal daily..... hopefully this will kick start my weightloss again!  I've been to zumba this morning, have netball tonight and hope to get at least another 2 zumba classes in this week - so watch this space!!

I think I may need some fill......., can't really feel any restriction since having 0.2ml taken out the other week when I felt too tight.... maybe need to have just 0.1ml added back in to make a difference!?!?  What do you think?  Although, think I'll wait until after my Melbourne trip later this month as I noticed the band got tighter when I travelled in the plane......

Not much else to report really.... the weather has really hotted up 36degrees.... so need to get our pool cleaned and ready for use this weekend.....  Had a work meeting last Wednesday morning, and for a change of scene we had it on a colleagues boat at Hilarys Marina.... hard life eh?  Rich was away on a golf jolly this weekend, so had a couple of girlfriends over for a mojito or two -it was nice to catch up!  The decorating has pretty much finished, just the doors to do - so that's looking good and will be all ready for our visitors in December.

Hoping everyone has a good week....x