Sunday, 3 November 2013

Needing to feel empowered......

What a cute picture eh?  But that's how I'm feeling at the mo..... disheartened - I need to feel empowered!!  82.6kg (13stone) at my weighin on Friday..... so fed up with seeing 82 on the scales.... hasn't come down since 27 September!!!  Someone said I should shock my system some way in order for it to start loosing again...... any ideas?  Anyway, have decided to really track everything I eat and drink this week, and go back to two optifast shakes and a small meal daily..... hopefully this will kick start my weightloss again!  I've been to zumba this morning, have netball tonight and hope to get at least another 2 zumba classes in this week - so watch this space!!

I think I may need some fill......., can't really feel any restriction since having 0.2ml taken out the other week when I felt too tight.... maybe need to have just 0.1ml added back in to make a difference!?!?  What do you think?  Although, think I'll wait until after my Melbourne trip later this month as I noticed the band got tighter when I travelled in the plane......

Not much else to report really.... the weather has really hotted up 36degrees.... so need to get our pool cleaned and ready for use this weekend.....  Had a work meeting last Wednesday morning, and for a change of scene we had it on a colleagues boat at Hilarys Marina.... hard life eh?  Rich was away on a golf jolly this weekend, so had a couple of girlfriends over for a mojito or two -it was nice to catch up!  The decorating has pretty much finished, just the doors to do - so that's looking good and will be all ready for our visitors in December.

Hoping everyone has a good week....x


  1. oh how I want the warm weather you have, it is below 0 here. I think waiting until after your trip is a great idea, just in case it will be uncomfortable in the plane. Hope your trip goes great

    1. Thanks BandedIceGirl - I think I agree with you....., although have gone back to 2 meals of optifast and a small dinner daily for this week - hope the scales start moving again!!! OMG... below zero degrees... don't think I'd cope!