Friday, 22 November 2013


Morning all,

Phew its hot..... 30 odd degrees and doing housework do not mix!!  Nothing major to report, TOM arrived this week so the obligatory 0.6kg weight gain..... but do seem so have lost some more inches:

Inches                Chest:  Waist:   Tummy:   Hips:
May 2013           48        47.5       49.5        47
July 2013            44.5     44.5       46           43.5
August 2013       44         43.5       44.5       42.5
Nov 2013            42         41          43          42

Total lost             6           6.5        6.5          5

Have a look at these comparison photos:

May 2013
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Can definitely see some differences now, so glad that I decided to take pics throughout this journey, at least when the scales don't change I can see the changes in photos!  Have had to buy some more work pants as the last lot are too big now - whoop!  Well am off to Melbourne on Wednesday to see my oldest pal, can't wait to see her, and partake in some shopping delights that Melbourne is renowned for!!

Hope everyone is well, haven't heard much from you guys lately??!!?..x...

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