Thursday, 26 June 2014

... feel the burn

..oh dear... 76.6kg this morning.... another slight gain... can't seem to stop eating, everything and anything, if its covered in chocolate or comes from a crisp packet even better!!!  Making some really bad food choices.... my head's just not been in it this week, maybe its the cold weather!!!  MUST GET BACK ON TRACK!!!

Feel the burn...... went to an XtendBarre class this morning, and wow felt like my calves were on fire!!  I think I'll sure ache tomorrow, no pain no gain!  Have just booked 10 sessions, so as to keep me motivated, as much as I love zumba, I think a change would be good for me, especially as it involves lots of toning! Funnily enough I wore a Tshirt that I bought when we were in Sydney back in Feb, when I tried it on it was too tight, but fit me today so although I've gained a little I must be doing something right.

A friend passed on fab recipe to me "Coriander prawns with sweetcorn & coconut mash" - was so delicious:  367cal - 40g protein per normal size serve.  If you want to know more let me know and I'll email the recipe.

Only a few weeks before we head to Bali, so looking for some family downtime in the sun - it can't come quick enough!

Rich and I are off to a "Carwash music" and dancing night this evening, both kids are on sleepovers which makes a change so are having a night out, looking forward to it.

Hope everyone is well....xx

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Same old, same old......

Same old, same old,  bit late updating this week.... not much to report really!  I weighed in on Friday at 76kg, which means I've gained 1kg, although TOM was around so I normally gain then anyway.  However, if I'm completely honest I've not had the best of weeks foodwise!  Haven't tracked anything, and have drank far too much wine - so this week I'm back on track!

Does anybody else self-sabotage??  eg.  I usually buy Freddo Frog choc bars for the kids snack tin as I'm not overly keen on them, but this week bought mini crunchies, my all time fav choc bar.... why did I do that?  I ate 3, one after the other whilst watching a dvd yesterday!  Despite having my band I still at times have no self control.

I'm having a dry week (well at least up until Friday lol) and will track everything I am eating on MyFitnessPal, and see if the scales move.  Do you recall how my weight plateaued around 80kg for weeks on end, I have a feeling the same is going to happen with 75kg...., I think the only way I'm going to loose is if I have more fill and then I'd feel too tight!!  Will have to see!  Would love to be at goal 70kg for my trip back to UK in Sept.

Have you heard of Thermomix....?  I went to a demo party at the weekend and was really impressed with it, love the idea of using fresh produce/ingredients all the time and not bothering with any processed or packet foods - considering whether I'd get my money's worth out of it, or whether it'll be another kitchen appliance that ends up in the cupboard?  Its really expensive to buy out here $1939, although I believe is alot cheaper in the UK - now would I use it? ...x

Friday, 6 June 2014

..... the illusive green zone

.... the illusive green zone.... where have you gone?!?!  You will recall that due to a stressy few weeks my band tightened and I went back to the Dr for an unfill whereby she removed 0.2ml from my band (just for a second imagine what a small quantity that it is - would it be a drip from a tap....?) anyway although it was lovely to not be tight and stuck, I was then able to eat anything and everything and pretty much did lol! Having not been able to eat much other than liquid, I managed to eat all the mash, liquor and a quarter of the pie from this man-size serving:
Food Porn eh!  Anyway 5 days later I was back at the Dr for a smidgen more fill...... she added 0.1ml, anything more and I would have been back to when I was too tight and couldn't eat anything.... I have to be a little careful still but think its still too loose, but can't have anymore as it'll be too tight.... oh what to do!!

We have had to look through some past photos to identify jewellery etc for our insurance claim following the burglary, and I put together a few pics of pre and post band.... its funny I never felt as big as I look pre-band days, some not so great pics:

Pre- band

and here are some more recent one's post-banding - I feel so much nicer and healthier and look it too - don't you agree?:

Post band

Anyway, hope everyone is travelling well...x