Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Monday mumblings....

Had a really nice weekend, although must confess that have eaten and drunk more than I should of!  It started wrong on Fri evening when hubbie took me out for an early glass of wine, we picked up a Chinese takeout on the way home - ate loads less than pre-band but not the best thing to have when trying to loose weight - but it was very yum!

Had a friends wedding on Saturday which was lovely, the ceremony was held in the park and then back to an Italian for the celebration.  It was a set menu comprising:  Starter:  bread and dips; Entree:  antipasto plate and crumbed calamari; Choice of Main:  Grilled fish and veg; Dessert:  Tiramuso!  I had some of the starter and entree and ate about half of my main - all very delicious.

Yesterday we had a friends over for a BBQ, and I drank too much wine !!  So lets hope I don't gain any weight this week!!

Went back to the surgery this morning for some more fill.  I saw my surgeon's sidekick, she was very nice and kept her appt to time!  I was complaining that my weightloss is so slow, and she said that my overall loss was what they would expect and that I am doing really well.  She measured my waist and said that I have already lost 10cm.... whoop!  (I am certainly feeling more comfortable in my clothes, I even bought a dress in the sale for the wedding, a stretchy material but nonetheless a size 18 - whoop NSV!!)  The Dr added an additional 1.5cc to my band bringing me up to 5.5cc in a 10ml band.  I'm now on liquids for the next 24hr.

Tonight is netball, although a horrible time 9.55pm.... hope I don't doze off beforehand!...x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slow weigh-in Friday...

Well here we are again.... weighin-Friday..... as per the norm a total lost this week of 0.4kg - bringing me to a total weightloss of 10kg/22lb/1st6lb!!

Yes, I am majorly disappointed with the slow rate of weightloss, especially as I am eating/drinking so little.  I'm sticking to 0.5-0.75 cups of food 3 times daily, without snacking in between, although have been allowing myself 1 cup of skimmed milk coffee and a yoghurt as extra's on most days!  The upside is that each week I have lost (albeit meagre and miserly) I have not gained - and apparently 10kg equates to a dress size.

My daughter is into taking "selfies", why do the kids do this?  Anyway, thought if you can't beat them join them, so here are a couple of my selfies....  you will note that I haven't mastered this yet - hence the flash:

Start of pre-op 
3 weeks ago
I know black is more slimming, but can you see the difference.....?

I am going for another fill on Monday, it will be interesting to see if that makes any difference, and their is a support group meeting next Saturday which I shall go along to for any hints and tips!

This morning I am off to zumba to shake my bootie and get myself into a more happy mood for the weekend.

It's been a non-event of a week really with not much happening!  Netball on Monday was odd.... I had to defend a woman who is due to give birth in 7 weeks.....(in my opinion she shouldn't have been allowed to play!), I was to frightened to get near her incase I dug her or pushed her by mistake - a non-enjoyable game.      Have gained a hole in my bathroom door..... don't ask - but shoe/kicking/not mine.... springs to mind!  Tomorrow we are off to a friend's wedding, the wedding is in the park and off to Italian restaurant for some celebrations after - so that will be nice...  Enjoy your weekend ...x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

To fill or not to fill.....

Hi all

I rang the clinic today and decided to bring my next fill forward.  I am feeling really well, am not really hungry in between meals, and am eating very small portions - but I do know without the self control (which may not last that much longer) I could eat lots more!  I am able to eat any type of food and am really trying to eat small forkfulls very slowly, although I think I am still eating too fast.  I haven't had any stuck moments, just one time when I could feel something in my chest as if I'd eaten too quick.....  So instead of waiting another 3 weeks, feeling as I do now, I have brought forward my next fill to Monday.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want stuck moments and difficulty with eating types of food, just want to feel more full and content I guess.

Its funny we are all so fixated on the scales - I know I am - I would really like to see some big differences on the scales soon.  My work trousers are starting too look too big on me, yet I'm still concerned about the scales!

For info. after only 2 days of doing the "30 Day Shred video" -  I could hardly walk or bend lol!  No pain, no gain - but that was ridiculous!  Started feeling mobile again yesterday, will have to make sure I warm up and down better tomorrow...x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

.... I lost 1kg - finally..... hallelujah - not a superb weight-loss but better than the last 3 weigh-ins!  This brings me to a total weight loss of:  9.6kg/21lb/1st5lb.  Apparently 10kg is a dress size, so if I loose at last 0.4kg this coming week I may have to take myself off clothes shopping!

Did Day2 of my 30-day-shred workout this morning, (I'm having to improvise as haven't got round to buying the hand weights yet so am using tins of baked beans instead - sophistication is my middle name !!!), its only a 30min workout but my legs just above my knees are killing me.... its an effort to bend, sitting to the loo is most uncomfortable!

We're looking at renovating our kitchen soon, so as I wasn't working today thought I'd investigate further - its soooo much more expensive here to do refits than in England, and most of the new kitchen are white, or glossy modern colours.... I just want the traditional light beech wood and do you think anywhere does it... NO!

Am off on a girlie night this evening, crowd of us are going out for drinks at at bar on the sea which will be nice.  Hubbie kindly gave up his night out to babysit for me, he's going to go out and watch the rugby tomorrow instead - cheers hun!

Not much else to report - hope everyone has a good weekend, catch up soon...x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back to netball....

I forgot to mention..... the Dr said I can get back to netball...whoop, whoop!!!

Did I mention that I play every Monday evening and sooooooo enjoy it!  Have really missed playing post-op.  I started playing again last year at the ripe old age of 41yr, having not played since my school days, am not very good but look forward to it each week - never thought I'd say that about exercise!

Having been given the all clear to exercise, I started my couch-5k running program last night..... thought I was going to die!!  Am also ordering the "30 day Shred" exercise video that I hear lots of good things about, and will be able to get back to zumba on Friday...x

First fill....

Firstly, apologies I'm not blogging as much as I should be, although have been taking some time to catch up with my reading of other blogs!

Well, alls good here, Harvey managed to stay the duration at cub camp so Richard and I went to the City with friends as planned on Saturday night.  Had a really good evening, went to a tapas bar which was nice and had a few glasses of wine which was even nicer!

I had my first fill on Monday, and what a non-event it was!!  No pain, over with in seconds, so really nothing to worry about at all.  My appt was at 10.20am, and already the surgeon was running 1hr late - how does that work?!?!?!

He asked me to jump on the scales, when I asked if I could take my boots off (they weigh quite alot....) he said I could take all my clothes off if I preferred..... cheeky bugger, he obviously has quite a sense of humour!!  He was really pleased with my weight loss and said that I should now move to more solid foods and aim to loose between 0.5-1kg per week.  I asked how much fill he was going to give me (I have a 10ml band, with no fluid to date) he said I could be sensible and have 0.4cc or take a gamble and have 0.5cc.......... I decided to play it safe and went for 0.4cc!  He filled a syringe with 0.4 of saline, poked my tummy found the port straight away and inflated me with 0.4!  Liquid diet for the next 24hrs and to return in one month.

Today is Wednesday and I feel no change... 

I then went into see the dietitian.  She explained that I now need to eat solid foods to ensure that the band does its job, and to stop with the diet/protein shakes.  She said to not worry about calories but to try and eat a minimum of 75g protein a day having 3 small meals daily.  Any advice on how to eat that much protein in just 3 small meals would be very much appreciated?????????   A very nice lady, but so young and slim, will have never had a weight problem so how she can possibly relate/understand I do not know - hopefully she know her stuff!..x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

Wow... how time flies.... its Friday again!  Well as seems to be the pattern, no remarkable weightloss this week, just 0.4kg, bringing me to a total loss of:  8.6kg/19lb/1st 5lb, but I decided to take my measurements and there has been some change there since my last measurements 5 weeks ago:

Chest - lost 2.5inches
Tummy - lost 2inches
Belly - 2.5inches
Hips - 2.5inches
Right thigh - 1.5inches

so thats made me feel better!  My weightloss isn't really noticeable yet (although hubbie claims I'm looking thinner - bless him!), but my work trousers are defintely getting too loose NSV!

Well only 3 days until my post-op check and hopefully some fill.....I have a 10ml band so I wonder how much he'll give me?  From what I've read about 4cc seems to be the average for a first fill - I'll let you know. The Dr should also approve me exercising again, so I'll be able to play netball on Monday night again - whoop whoop!

Am glad its the weekend and have some grownup plans for a change :)  Harvey is off on 2 night cub camp (although last time I had to pick him up early as he wanted to come home.... and this morning he has already said he's not feeling so great!!), so Rich and I are meeting some friends tomorrow and heading off to the City for a few drinks and tapas - am looking forward to that.  Lets hope I don't get a call from the cub leader wanting me to pick Harvey up.... maybe I should turn my phone off!?!?!?

Well, hope everyone enjoys their weekend...x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Spatial awareness....

We have two cars, the Honda CRV (family car) and the Barina (small cheap run around) which live happily side by side in the garage.  I use the Barina, and its normally all alone in the garage waiting for me on weekday mornings as Rich leaves the house earlier than I do.  Now it wasn't my fault that I forgot it was the weekend and not a normal week day.... I was taking Harvey to his soccer match as Rich had done the same earlier with Holly.  Harvey and I promptly got in the car and I reversed out of the garage..... smack bang into the Honda!!  Yep, incase you didn't get that I reversed our small car into our big car....  Didn't think to check my mirror to see if there was a car parked on the drive (because normally there isn't....).  Rich wasn't best pleased...... and Harvey proceeded to remind him that I had driven into the dustbin, run over Holly's school bag and run over his leaf blower in the last 6 months....... to which Rich asked:  "Do you think you have a spatial awareness problem".... I don't think so, just that we need a bigger garage!!

Talking about size, I will upload a photo of my dishes and cutlery, I have reverted to children's utensils as they are so much smaller and mean that I can't shovel such big mouthfuls in.... its a good way to slow down eating whilst remembering to chew...x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Full to bursting....

Is anyone reading my blog.....????  I could do with some followers.....

...... well although my band is empty, I now know that it is there..... I was beginning to think that the surgeon had forgotten to insert it during surgery.... but more about that later!

Have had a busy few days.... work has been busy so have worked extra hours this week, I went to a cyberspace presentation on Thurs evening at the school.  The presenter was Susan McLean she was really good.  She talked all about cybersafety, cyberbullying, online grooming, sexting and lots of other things that our kids are getting up to on the internet.  It was quite eye-opening, and a little scary..... so my kids will now hate me as I am going to enforce some more rules!!!!  If you are interested take a look at:

I was a parent helper at the upper primary disco on Fri evening, handing out hot dogs.... mmm they did smell good!!  We went to an all-day party on Saturday, a friends little one turned 4yrs....., and both kids have their soccer matches at different times and locations on Sunday.... my social life rocks eh?

Anyway, getting back to the band..... as mentioned previously I've been really good with my food and drink intake in the last two weeks even though the scales have not moved much.  My weightloss is not noticeable yet, although I can notice it in my clothes, I can slip my work trousers off now without undoing the button and zip first... a NSV (non-scale victory).   However, I did eat and drink more than usual (although not nearly as much as pre-band) yesterday at the all-day party.  We went out for breakfast in the morning, I'd normally order the veg big brekkie (2 eggs, 2 toast, beans, tomatoes, m/rooms, fried potatoes), but sensible just ordered scrambled eggs on toast, and left the toast......, during the course of the day at the party I ate:

-2 mini sausage rolls
-a couple of spoonfuls of choc birthday (from Holly's plate)
- 2 small sub-way rolls (from the subway platter)
- 4 glasses of wine
- a bite of Richard's bread pudding

and wow did I feel fullup....... when I went to bed I felt really uncomfortable and nauseous!  I wonder what it will feel like when I have some fill in my band!

Weigh-in F riday

3 weeks post-op today, it seems like surgery day was a lifetime ago now.  Feeling really well and back to normal, although am not allowed to exercise until my post-op appt which isn't until 17 June.  Am walking but that's about all, really want to get back to my netball.... I so enjoy it and its a good workout too!

Well its also weigh-in Friday....... and I've lost 0.4kg/400g this week..... which brings me to a total loss of 8.2kg/18lb/1st 3lb since my preop diet on 6 May.  My last two weigh-ins have been quite disappointing, if you could see how little I am eating compared to my pre-band diet you'd think I'd be loosing loads of kilo's, I'm not drinking alcohol either.....!  Oh well, a small loss is better than a gain, and the surgeon does pre-warn us that we could gain weight on mushies.  I'm supposed to be on another week of mushies, but am moving to soft foods now because I can tolerate them with no problem...x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A slow start... couch to 5k..

... a little late posting this one:   I decided to start my Couch-5k running program on Friday morning, I think I mentioned previously that we had bought a treadmill.  It didn't start well as my phone broke (water damage, but is fixed now) so I couldn't use the stop-clock app, and my ipod had no charge, so no tunes to jog along too....  Anyway, this was not going to stop me so I started with a brisk walk on the treadmill to warm up.  Now I haven't used this particular machine before, but it didn't feel right, every now and then it seemed to jolt or slip... it kinda threw me of balance..... so decided to stop before I caused myself some damage!  Hubbie will be pleased to know that its another job I've added to his weekend todo list, might need some WD40 or something!

This however worked in Chester's favour as I took him out for a power walk instead, we ended up at the park and as no-one else was there, I thought I'd try jogging round..... I could feel my body jigging around and felt uncomfortable/pressure on my wound sites, so figure I'll leave running for another week.  (On a side note I read somewhere that fat people should wear the swimming costume under their running clothes to help prevent the jigging around...... good idea - I'll let you know if it makes any difference)...x