Saturday, 8 June 2013

Full to bursting....

Is anyone reading my blog.....????  I could do with some followers.....

...... well although my band is empty, I now know that it is there..... I was beginning to think that the surgeon had forgotten to insert it during surgery.... but more about that later!

Have had a busy few days.... work has been busy so have worked extra hours this week, I went to a cyberspace presentation on Thurs evening at the school.  The presenter was Susan McLean she was really good.  She talked all about cybersafety, cyberbullying, online grooming, sexting and lots of other things that our kids are getting up to on the internet.  It was quite eye-opening, and a little scary..... so my kids will now hate me as I am going to enforce some more rules!!!!  If you are interested take a look at:

I was a parent helper at the upper primary disco on Fri evening, handing out hot dogs.... mmm they did smell good!!  We went to an all-day party on Saturday, a friends little one turned 4yrs....., and both kids have their soccer matches at different times and locations on Sunday.... my social life rocks eh?

Anyway, getting back to the band..... as mentioned previously I've been really good with my food and drink intake in the last two weeks even though the scales have not moved much.  My weightloss is not noticeable yet, although I can notice it in my clothes, I can slip my work trousers off now without undoing the button and zip first... a NSV (non-scale victory).   However, I did eat and drink more than usual (although not nearly as much as pre-band) yesterday at the all-day party.  We went out for breakfast in the morning, I'd normally order the veg big brekkie (2 eggs, 2 toast, beans, tomatoes, m/rooms, fried potatoes), but sensible just ordered scrambled eggs on toast, and left the toast......, during the course of the day at the party I ate:

-2 mini sausage rolls
-a couple of spoonfuls of choc birthday (from Holly's plate)
- 2 small sub-way rolls (from the subway platter)
- 4 glasses of wine
- a bite of Richard's bread pudding

and wow did I feel fullup....... when I went to bed I felt really uncomfortable and nauseous!  I wonder what it will feel like when I have some fill in my band!

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