Friday, 21 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

.... I lost 1kg - finally..... hallelujah - not a superb weight-loss but better than the last 3 weigh-ins!  This brings me to a total weight loss of:  9.6kg/21lb/1st5lb.  Apparently 10kg is a dress size, so if I loose at last 0.4kg this coming week I may have to take myself off clothes shopping!

Did Day2 of my 30-day-shred workout this morning, (I'm having to improvise as haven't got round to buying the hand weights yet so am using tins of baked beans instead - sophistication is my middle name !!!), its only a 30min workout but my legs just above my knees are killing me.... its an effort to bend, sitting to the loo is most uncomfortable!

We're looking at renovating our kitchen soon, so as I wasn't working today thought I'd investigate further - its soooo much more expensive here to do refits than in England, and most of the new kitchen are white, or glossy modern colours.... I just want the traditional light beech wood and do you think anywhere does it... NO!

Am off on a girlie night this evening, crowd of us are going out for drinks at at bar on the sea which will be nice.  Hubbie kindly gave up his night out to babysit for me, he's going to go out and watch the rugby tomorrow instead - cheers hun!

Not much else to report - hope everyone has a good weekend, catch up soon...x

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