Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weigh-in F riday

3 weeks post-op today, it seems like surgery day was a lifetime ago now.  Feeling really well and back to normal, although am not allowed to exercise until my post-op appt which isn't until 17 June.  Am walking but that's about all, really want to get back to my netball.... I so enjoy it and its a good workout too!

Well its also weigh-in Friday....... and I've lost 0.4kg/400g this week..... which brings me to a total loss of 8.2kg/18lb/1st 3lb since my preop diet on 6 May.  My last two weigh-ins have been quite disappointing, if you could see how little I am eating compared to my pre-band diet you'd think I'd be loosing loads of kilo's, I'm not drinking alcohol either.....!  Oh well, a small loss is better than a gain, and the surgeon does pre-warn us that we could gain weight on mushies.  I'm supposed to be on another week of mushies, but am moving to soft foods now because I can tolerate them with no problem...x

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