Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Monday mumblings....

Had a really nice weekend, although must confess that have eaten and drunk more than I should of!  It started wrong on Fri evening when hubbie took me out for an early glass of wine, we picked up a Chinese takeout on the way home - ate loads less than pre-band but not the best thing to have when trying to loose weight - but it was very yum!

Had a friends wedding on Saturday which was lovely, the ceremony was held in the park and then back to an Italian for the celebration.  It was a set menu comprising:  Starter:  bread and dips; Entree:  antipasto plate and crumbed calamari; Choice of Main:  Grilled fish and veg; Dessert:  Tiramuso!  I had some of the starter and entree and ate about half of my main - all very delicious.

Yesterday we had a friends over for a BBQ, and I drank too much wine !!  So lets hope I don't gain any weight this week!!

Went back to the surgery this morning for some more fill.  I saw my surgeon's sidekick, she was very nice and kept her appt to time!  I was complaining that my weightloss is so slow, and she said that my overall loss was what they would expect and that I am doing really well.  She measured my waist and said that I have already lost 10cm.... whoop!  (I am certainly feeling more comfortable in my clothes, I even bought a dress in the sale for the wedding, a stretchy material but nonetheless a size 18 - whoop NSV!!)  The Dr added an additional 1.5cc to my band bringing me up to 5.5cc in a 10ml band.  I'm now on liquids for the next 24hr.

Tonight is netball, although a horrible time 9.55pm.... hope I don't doze off beforehand!...x

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