Thursday, 4 July 2013

Weigh in Friday

1.4kg/3lb lost this week.... whoop, whoop.... maybe something to do with the extra fill I had on Monday, or perhaps having a day of fluids after the fill.... but nice to see a positive change!!  Thats a total of 11.4kg/1stone 11lb.

I am feeling really well now, don't think I am in the green zone yet, as still get hungry moments, although I have kept to 0.5-1 cup of food at mealtimes, have been trying to reduce my carb intake and increase my protein too!  I haven't experienced any stuck moments yet, although am aware of a change since my fill, can at times get an uncomfortable feeling behind my chest when eating - I think a sign that I am eating too fast.  I have tried leaving a minute between mouthfuls but find that seems such a long gap.... so am trying to adapt.  How does everyone else manage with eating slowly??  I have just starting using the MyFitnessPal app, how many calories does everyone else try to stick to?

Its the kids last day of school today before 2 weeks off.  I've got the first week of work, so will be nice not to set the alarm clock.  They are wanting to go ice skating on Tuesday, am wondering whether I'll have the nerve to join in too?!?!  Must be good exercise!  Will have to keep on top of my food choices, I find it more difficult to manage when the kids are off school and we are out and about doing things!

I did a Body Combat class this morning, which I haven't done for ages - I really enjoyed it!  8.30am class so didn't really impact on my day - food shopping and ironing to follow - how exciting!

I have a Lapband support group meeting to attend tomorrow, so hopefully will come back armed with hints and tips!

Hope everyone has a good weekend...x

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