Sunday, 21 July 2013

Monday madness.......

Its last day of school holidays today, and I am minding some friends kids.... I have 4 boys, 2 girls and the dog in the house..... blimey - they are soooo noisy, how do the teachers cope?!?!?

Had a fab evening at Xmas in July on Saturday, I laughed lots, danced lots and drank lots!!  I wore the black and white dress in the end as I felt more comfortable in it - and received lots of nice comments from people I've not seen for a while on my weightloss :)  You'll be pleased to note that the 0.4kg I gained on Friday appear's to have gone this morning, although won't track this morning's weight as my official weigh day is Friday.  I woke up bright and breezy on Sunday morning, but by lunchtime had the hangover from hell.... how does that work.... shouldn't I have woken up with the hangover and felt better by lunchtime....?!??!?!  I guess either a band or age thing!

I love this pic of Chester, it reminds me of Oliver Twist... "Please Sir, can I have some more....?"

Have netball semi-final this evening, although our shooter is on holiday so I guess its not looking promising.  Kids back to school tomorrow - whoop, whoop life returns to normal...x

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