Monday, 15 July 2013

My first stuck moment......

Well, I've experienced my first stuck moment and YUCK!!

It happened on Friday, Rich and I had been out so were late having dinner, infact didn't sit down to eat until 8.45pm.... I was so hungry, that in my haste I shoved some food in my mouth, chewed, swallowed like in pre-band days and BAM - felt a pain behind my chest, the mouthful was stuck!!  The pain continued for a bit, and then I felt like the food might come back up instead of down so headed off to the loo!  I now know what everyone means by "sliming", basically an overproduction of saliva that has to come out, followed by the offending food object - the upside is the food comes out as it went down, it hadn't got as far as my stomach so wasn't mixed with any stomach acid!  Not pleasant - I would feel really uncomfortable if that happened when I was out at a restaurant!!

I tried a size 18 dress on in Target at the weekend (one of the new GOK style ones), stretchy material although did have a zip at the back, to which my daughter said "OMG Mum, that looks awesome", which made me feel pretty good as she's not normally one to dish out such compliments!!  Its quite a busy material , black and white peplin design, thought I'd wear it for my night out on Saturday, I;ll take a photo and post it so that you can see.  Got new black patern heels and clutch bag too!!!

We went to friends for Sunday roast yesterday, had a lovely afternoon.  Managed to eat OK with no stuck moments - phew!

Back to work tomorrow..... x

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