Thursday, 11 July 2013

How time flies...

Morning all,  wow.... how time flies eh?  Its been a week since my last blog, I must dedicate more time to blogging.

Well its my usual weigh-in Friday and this week I've lost 0.6kg/1.3lb... bringing me to a total of 12kg/26lb - that's only 2lb away from 2 stone which for me is a milestone as don't think I've ever lost that much weight before!!   I have to confess that I thought the process would be alot quicker... but slow and steady wins the race!  Can any of my banded fellows tell me how many daily calories you are consuming?  My days vary anything from 800-1200 calories depending on what/where we have been doing, I'm also cutting back on the carbs - cheers guys.

Also, are you eating fruit?  My Dr said to stick to 3 meals daily and not to snack - how therefore do I get any fruit in?  I've just realised that I've probably not eaten any fruit since surgery day..... I'm having a multi-vit but probably ought to be eating some fruit?  Do you agree?

My daily diet looks like this:

B/fast:  Skimmed milk coffee or optifast
Lunch:  4 vitawheat crackers with boiled egg/mayo, cucumber, rocket
Dinner:  Protein (chicken/lamb/beef or fish) with veg's (0.5-1cup)
I have to confess that the odd glass of wine has crept in this week too...... will need to cut back on this.

I have noticed some difference since my last fill, in that if I eat too quickly I can feel the food going down and that reminds me to slow down.  I can still eat anything (which I am pleased about, as I know many bandsters struggle with proteins or bread products), but could happily eat more than I am supposed to, so I know I'm not in my green zone yet.

Rich and I are off to "Xmas in July" event next weekend at our local golf club, a 3 course Xmas meal and 5hr drinks package.  I'm really looking forward to it, but wondering how I'll manage the meal?!?  Although I can seem to eat anything and haven't have any real stuck moments/PB's, I'm assuming it'll be quite alot of food (not my normal half a cup amount).  I think I'll skip starter and pudding and just try and eat my main - what would everyone else do?  Now the big dilemma... oh what to wear??  I have an evening dress that I wore to a dinner/dance many years ago now, I tried it on yesterday and it damn well fits - whoop NSV(non-scale victory), however as much as I like the dress its a little OTT for here in Oz.  I also tried on a dress I bought for Xmas 2012, and its too big - NSV! unfortunately (or not) I've lost 9cm from my girls... so the strapless dress just slips down and gapes!  I thought I'd have a look in the department stores tomorrow and see if I can find something new otherwise I might take my "too big" dress in for altering.... wow - I've never had to have something taken in before.... how easily pleased I am!!!

What else has been happening........ well its school hols, so have been iceskating/movies/kid's friends over etc, I've had this week off work but go back next week (will be nice to get away from my bickering kids lol!)

I bought a new oven today (how exciting I hear you say) for my new kitchen...... The old kitchen is due to be ripped out first week of August, I still have no plans, designs, quotes, colours, flooring organised.... ah panic.... but don't worry I have a new oven!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope everyone has a good week, I'll try and check in with you all mid-week.  Happy weekend...x

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