Friday, 26 July 2013

Unhealthy kids meal or healthy massive portion....?

Another 1kg/2.2lb down this week... so slow but steady.... a total of 13kg/28.6lb/2stone lost, so really quite pleased with that.

A bit of an uneventful week here, the weather has been awful, storms, rain, hail..... the perimeter fence is just about holding up, am hoping it lasts until Tuesday when its being replaced.  Signing off on the kitchen design tomorrow....eek..... keep changing my mind re. colours but am now opting for a chocolate brown colour base unit, cream matt top units and a cream/flecky stone top!  Think it should look nice!!

Just in from lunch with 2 girlfriends which was really nice, a wonderful varied menu but huge portion sizes, so I opted for the kids portion of fish and chips as it was smaller.  I could have chosen a more healthy adult meal but the portion sizes would have done me a weeks worth of lunch....  How do you guys deal with eating out?  There wasn't any entree's, otherwise I would have chosen one for my main.  Would you have chosen a kids meal or a more healthy adult meal?  The downside is that I managed to eat it all with no problem.... I have an appt for some more fill on Monday, I think I really need it.

Nothing planned for this weekend, very dull, although Holly has some friends over for sleepover on Sat and the normal soccer runs on Sunday morning.

Hubbie is not really one to encourage me to go clothes shopping, but this week he told me to go and buy some new jeans as mine have got too baggy around my bum and thighs....NSV(non-scale victory)!!  I decided to just buy a cheap pair for the time being, I bought ..... drumroll..... a size16 jean from BigW, albeit they are quite stretchy but that was awesome.  I tried a size16 in KMart and they didn't go anywhere near me, so strange how differently cut the shops make items.  So I am now Big W's No1 fan!

Well off to pick the kids up.... have a good week x


  1. Kmart jeans never work for me either, they're cut very small and when they do happen to fit, they give me major cameltoe...

    Congrats though on the size 16 jeans!!! Huge NSV :)

    1. You know you should of had a healthy adult meal, don't you? But how often so you treat yourself to some chippies? Hope you enjoyed every mouthful. Well done my girl xx

    2. Lol! Guess I'd bette steer clear of KMart jeans then, made me chuckle!!

      Cheers Mandy, they were delicios

  2. Don't beat yourself up over the kids meal. It's better than a full-sized meal. We can't be 100% good, all of the time.

  3. .... I guess next time I could order something nice from the adult menu, eat what I can and take the rest home in a takeaway carton...! You are right though, the chippies were quite delicious!! x