Friday, 19 July 2013

Oh.. dilemma..... what to wear..?

I had my weekly weigh-in and................. bloody hell I've gained 0.4kg!!!!!!  WTF!   OK, so I need a poo (TMI - too much information), I had a netball bye on Monday and  haven't made my zumba or combat class = no exercise, I find it difficult to do these things when the kids are on school hols....., and a couple of wines have crept in this week also probably blamed on school holidays....... and that is all I have to say about that!!!!

Finally got round to uploading some photos, here are my too big workpants that I keep mentioning:

Not a sexy look, but had to show you my big pants - please excuse the bra!

Moving on, I am so looking forward to my Xmas night out in July tomorrow evening..... but the dilemma of what to wear.  I've added below my all time FAT photo, this is me just before surgery.... yeah, yeah, I hear you "who ate all the pies...."  oh, that would have been me:

My horrible yuckie "FAT" photo preband..... to give you some comparison

This is the GOK dress I bought in Target, that my daughter really liked, and am thinking of wearing tomorrow for the night out.....  bearing in mind that I am wearing the reinforced spanx big knickers, however I really like this one on me, although everyone is supposed to be going really glam and glitzy and I think it may be a bit worky/office looking:


This is what I call my glam and glitzy number, I bought it several years ago whilst in the UK, don't think I've worn it since, but it now fits and does up easily... although not sure its as flattering....  Again the spanx is on, you need to visualise with heels, makeup and hair done:


So what do you reckon???  What do I wear..... is my UK stylist Mrs M watching.......  quick, quick feedback is needed.... I need to be all glammed up ready to leave in 22hrs!!!!!...x

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