Sunday, 28 July 2013

Third fill today...

I went back to the clinic this morning for my checkup, the Dr was really pleased with my progress which was nice to hear.  I've noticed that in the last week I am starting to feel hungry again, so I had an adjustment of an additional 0.5cc bringing me up to 6ml in my band, so I am to eat liquids for the next 24hr.

I'm hoping that I'll notice a little more restriction but that I won't be too restricted.  I read on a forum that many people are not able to eat any proteins or breads, they struggling when eating out etc - I would really hate that as it would impact on my lifestyle so much - we are often socialising with friends over drinks and food.

Shook my bootie in zumba this morning, and have netball this evening so a double dose of exercise today!

I thought I take the time to mention my hubbie, who has been soooo supportive and complimentary so far cheers hun love you lots...x

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  1. A band is not just for Xmas, it's for life lovely. If it means your lifestyle has to change a wee bit for a skinny ass then so be it. Anyway if food gets in the way just stick to liquids lol x