Tuesday, 25 June 2013

To fill or not to fill.....

Hi all

I rang the clinic today and decided to bring my next fill forward.  I am feeling really well, am not really hungry in between meals, and am eating very small portions - but I do know without the self control (which may not last that much longer) I could eat lots more!  I am able to eat any type of food and am really trying to eat small forkfulls very slowly, although I think I am still eating too fast.  I haven't had any stuck moments, just one time when I could feel something in my chest as if I'd eaten too quick.....  So instead of waiting another 3 weeks, feeling as I do now, I have brought forward my next fill to Monday.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want stuck moments and difficulty with eating types of food, just want to feel more full and content I guess.

Its funny we are all so fixated on the scales - I know I am - I would really like to see some big differences on the scales soon.  My work trousers are starting too look too big on me, yet I'm still concerned about the scales!

For info. after only 2 days of doing the "30 Day Shred video" -  I could hardly walk or bend lol!  No pain, no gain - but that was ridiculous!  Started feeling mobile again yesterday, will have to make sure I warm up and down better tomorrow...x

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