Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weigh-in Friday

Wow... how time flies.... its Friday again!  Well as seems to be the pattern, no remarkable weightloss this week, just 0.4kg, bringing me to a total loss of:  8.6kg/19lb/1st 5lb, but I decided to take my measurements and there has been some change there since my last measurements 5 weeks ago:

Chest - lost 2.5inches
Tummy - lost 2inches
Belly - 2.5inches
Hips - 2.5inches
Right thigh - 1.5inches

so thats made me feel better!  My weightloss isn't really noticeable yet (although hubbie claims I'm looking thinner - bless him!), but my work trousers are defintely getting too loose NSV!

Well only 3 days until my post-op check and hopefully some fill.....I have a 10ml band so I wonder how much he'll give me?  From what I've read about 4cc seems to be the average for a first fill - I'll let you know. The Dr should also approve me exercising again, so I'll be able to play netball on Monday night again - whoop whoop!

Am glad its the weekend and have some grownup plans for a change :)  Harvey is off on 2 night cub camp (although last time I had to pick him up early as he wanted to come home.... and this morning he has already said he's not feeling so great!!), so Rich and I are meeting some friends tomorrow and heading off to the City for a few drinks and tapas - am looking forward to that.  Lets hope I don't get a call from the cub leader wanting me to pick Harvey up.... maybe I should turn my phone off!?!?!?

Well, hope everyone enjoys their weekend...x

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