Wednesday, 19 June 2013

First fill....

Firstly, apologies I'm not blogging as much as I should be, although have been taking some time to catch up with my reading of other blogs!

Well, alls good here, Harvey managed to stay the duration at cub camp so Richard and I went to the City with friends as planned on Saturday night.  Had a really good evening, went to a tapas bar which was nice and had a few glasses of wine which was even nicer!

I had my first fill on Monday, and what a non-event it was!!  No pain, over with in seconds, so really nothing to worry about at all.  My appt was at 10.20am, and already the surgeon was running 1hr late - how does that work?!?!?!

He asked me to jump on the scales, when I asked if I could take my boots off (they weigh quite alot....) he said I could take all my clothes off if I preferred..... cheeky bugger, he obviously has quite a sense of humour!!  He was really pleased with my weight loss and said that I should now move to more solid foods and aim to loose between 0.5-1kg per week.  I asked how much fill he was going to give me (I have a 10ml band, with no fluid to date) he said I could be sensible and have 0.4cc or take a gamble and have 0.5cc.......... I decided to play it safe and went for 0.4cc!  He filled a syringe with 0.4 of saline, poked my tummy found the port straight away and inflated me with 0.4!  Liquid diet for the next 24hrs and to return in one month.

Today is Wednesday and I feel no change... 

I then went into see the dietitian.  She explained that I now need to eat solid foods to ensure that the band does its job, and to stop with the diet/protein shakes.  She said to not worry about calories but to try and eat a minimum of 75g protein a day having 3 small meals daily.  Any advice on how to eat that much protein in just 3 small meals would be very much appreciated?????????   A very nice lady, but so young and slim, will have never had a weight problem so how she can possibly relate/understand I do not know - hopefully she know her stuff!..x

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