Monday, 10 June 2013

Spatial awareness....

We have two cars, the Honda CRV (family car) and the Barina (small cheap run around) which live happily side by side in the garage.  I use the Barina, and its normally all alone in the garage waiting for me on weekday mornings as Rich leaves the house earlier than I do.  Now it wasn't my fault that I forgot it was the weekend and not a normal week day.... I was taking Harvey to his soccer match as Rich had done the same earlier with Holly.  Harvey and I promptly got in the car and I reversed out of the garage..... smack bang into the Honda!!  Yep, incase you didn't get that I reversed our small car into our big car....  Didn't think to check my mirror to see if there was a car parked on the drive (because normally there isn't....).  Rich wasn't best pleased...... and Harvey proceeded to remind him that I had driven into the dustbin, run over Holly's school bag and run over his leaf blower in the last 6 months....... to which Rich asked:  "Do you think you have a spatial awareness problem".... I don't think so, just that we need a bigger garage!!

Talking about size, I will upload a photo of my dishes and cutlery, I have reverted to children's utensils as they are so much smaller and mean that I can't shovel such big mouthfuls in.... its a good way to slow down eating whilst remembering to chew...x

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