Thursday, 27 June 2013

Slow weigh-in Friday...

Well here we are again.... weighin-Friday..... as per the norm a total lost this week of 0.4kg - bringing me to a total weightloss of 10kg/22lb/1st6lb!!

Yes, I am majorly disappointed with the slow rate of weightloss, especially as I am eating/drinking so little.  I'm sticking to 0.5-0.75 cups of food 3 times daily, without snacking in between, although have been allowing myself 1 cup of skimmed milk coffee and a yoghurt as extra's on most days!  The upside is that each week I have lost (albeit meagre and miserly) I have not gained - and apparently 10kg equates to a dress size.

My daughter is into taking "selfies", why do the kids do this?  Anyway, thought if you can't beat them join them, so here are a couple of my selfies....  you will note that I haven't mastered this yet - hence the flash:

Start of pre-op 
3 weeks ago
I know black is more slimming, but can you see the difference.....?

I am going for another fill on Monday, it will be interesting to see if that makes any difference, and their is a support group meeting next Saturday which I shall go along to for any hints and tips!

This morning I am off to zumba to shake my bootie and get myself into a more happy mood for the weekend.

It's been a non-event of a week really with not much happening!  Netball on Monday was odd.... I had to defend a woman who is due to give birth in 7 weeks.....(in my opinion she shouldn't have been allowed to play!), I was to frightened to get near her incase I dug her or pushed her by mistake - a non-enjoyable game.      Have gained a hole in my bathroom door..... don't ask - but shoe/kicking/not mine.... springs to mind!  Tomorrow we are off to a friend's wedding, the wedding is in the park and off to Italian restaurant for some celebrations after - so that will be nice...  Enjoy your weekend ...x

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