Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday already.......

Hi guys,

Well an odd week.... as you may recall was feeling too tight after my last fill so went back on Monday and had 0.2ml removed from my band... so now sitting at 6.1ml!  My doc thought that maybe I'm at limit, and if I plateau for too long that I need to start looking more at my food choices and exercise and really start working hard...!   Lets see what happens!

Mid-week I hit the 81.6kg mark whoop whoop.... couldn't log it as it wasn't "weigh-in Friday"..... this morning it was back up at 82kg (think I need a poo.... TMI!)  Since having the fill removed, have had no stuck moments whatsoever.... so not sure whether I'm looser than the before the fill or not... mind games or what!!!  However, I'm having a milky coffee for breakfast, and then can go for sometime without needing to eat, so maybe just need to see how I go!

Exercise - well didn't make zumba on Monday as got a call from school saying Harvey had fallen over and hurt his wrist, consequently spent the day in A&E..... result being a broken wrist and cast!!!   However made up for it by going on Wed evening instead!  Seem to be at the Doctors, Chiro, or hospital with one family member or other at the moment..... hoping we can go back to normal life again soon!

Kids having sleepovers tonight, and at friends for BBQ tomorrow which will be nice.... nothing new to report at the moment!

Hope everyone is travelling well..... let me know how you are doing...x


  1. XD This is tandykins from bandingtogether.

    I totally know the "think I need a poo" feeling when my weight creeps up a little bit. That gave me a giggle.

    You are doing amazingly!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sandra.... I shall keep an eye out for "tandykins" on the banding together website - I'm on it quite often as I find it a really useful forum... x