Friday, 11 October 2013

Back to normality!!

Hi guys

Well we are back to normality, back from our week in Queensland, had a fabulous although somewhat hectic time!  We visited Seaworld, MovieWorld (twice), Dreamworld, Wet & Wild, we went up Tambourine mountain, and walked along the beach from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise.  The apartment/hotel was great "Ocean Pacific" on Broadbeach and was only a short walk to the bars and restaurants - great time!  The best bit about our holiday for me though was having some catchup time as a family - so enjoyed it!

Well on the food front, I defo overdid it!  Ate too much and drank too much - have gained 0.8kg this week but no big deal!  Its funny how fickle the band is though...... I purposely didn't eat any food on the outbound flight (as heard some horror stories about stuck moments on a flight as apparently the band tightens with pressure (not sure if this is true or not!?!)), so once we arrived, unpacked etc we went out for dinner.  I ordered the entree garlic prawns, which I often have if we go out, and this particular time I got stuck - very uncomfortable - so maybe there is some truth in flying making the band tighter?  Does anyone else have this problem when they fly?  However, the following day I was back to normal.......

I have an appt on Monday with the Doc, and am thinking of getting a small fill.  My weightloss has really plateaued over the last few weeks, I can still get stuck if I eat too fast, but generally can still eat most things including breakfast - so maybe need a smidgen more!

I'm really going to buckle down this week, as I'd like to reach 20kg lost by the time I go to Melbourne which is end of November - so is definitely doable.

Am going to a posh golf dinner tomorrow, have been out and bought new shoes (very high for me..... !) and a new bag to go with the green/silver dress I posted about sometime ago, am soooo looking forward to it - will post a pic of me all dressed up once done!

Here's a pic of me on the beach in Queensland, its been many many years since I've been able to wear a swimming cossie with shorts, and not coverup with a tshirt....NSV - I quite like this one of me:

Well hope everyone is doing ok??....x

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