Thursday, 10 April 2014

... Catch up

(This was last week's post, which somehow didn't publish)

...morning all.... Friday's weigh-in 79.2kg (12stone 6lb)....bit disappointed with that as did see 78.8 earlier in the week but couldn't log as wasn't my official weighin day... and then TOM arrived!  I think I'll see what shows on the scales middle of next week and then make an appt with the Dr if no real loss.  Have had a few stuck moments this week, so defo now that the extra fill in my band is there, sticking to around 1000calories and exercising...... so why not loosing???

Some motivational thinking.....

Some NSV (non-scale victories) for the week:  several people have commented on my weightloss this week saying how slim I'm looking......, I bought some stretchy jeans in a size 14....., I tried on some long boots and they did up over my calves (which never used to happen)....whoop, whoop...

Not much going on the Sleat house right now.... same ole thing..... kids out and about, friends sleeping over, have the afternoon to myself so think I might take myself to see the new Noah movie which I quite fancy.  I had to get my cardi out one morning this week, so Autumn is defo showing itself.... love to you all..x

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