Thursday, 20 March 2014

... up and down....

...Grrr... just don't get it... weigh-in Friday today 80.6kg!!!!  How does that work, have been very conscious of my food intake this week as can notice the extra fill in my band, infact have tracked on MyFitnessPal this week and here's my calorie intake for the week, bearing in mind the the Dr said to have 1200calories as my limit:

Sun:  1190
Mon:  730
Tues:  846
Wed:  1183
Thur:  921

Have had some constipation (TMI) maybe this has something to do with it - just so bloody irritating and demotivating!  I'll give it another week, and will then go back to Dr for a scan to check all's fine with my band (which I'm sure it is).  Come on girlies, any advice?

Anyhoose, my non-scale victory (NSV) for the week.... I had to buy some new work trousers as my others were starting to look a little big... and I bought a size 14 - whoop whoop!  That was my ultimate goal at the beginning to buy a size 14.  Having said that, I couldn't buy a 14 in all shops as everything is cut so differently, my new snug fitting jeans are a size 16..... but was really pleased to be buying size 14!

Played "fill-in!" for a friends netball team on Tues, wow.... I certainly got a good run-around!  The team play at a higher level that me, so I got a good workout...and have been zumba as normal.

Well Perth got its first storm/rainfall this morning..... about time we haven't had rain in months.... but it came down like you wouldn't believe.... consequently the gutters etc couldn't cope and I had rainwater coming in the air con vents, and pouring down the inside of my new kitchen window....!  Another job that will need fixing!

Not much planned for this weekend, the kids are out at parties tomorrow and Rich is at rugby so a quiet evening for me..... what shall I plan?

Hope everyone is well....x

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