Friday, 7 March 2014

Do you remember the 70's???

Well, we are back from our long weekend in Sydney and had an awesome time, a real good vibe about the place!  Albeit it did nothing but rain..... so we weren't able to do the open top bus ride or Bondi beach, but gives us an excuse to have to go back!  We did walk round the city, did some shopping, looked at the bridge and the opera house, took a water taxi, watched the Lion King musical which was absolutely fabulous, Madame Tussards, shopping etc.  We did lots of walking, eating and drinking..... found some really good restaurants and generally had a super time!

Well nothing's changed with my weightloss, weighed myself on Friday morning at the normal time and was 80kg...... damn, damn, damn..... am really starting to hate that number!  Went off to zumba, came home did some housework and just happened to weigh myself before jumping in the shower and look:

The scales read 79.6kg (apologies don't know how to flip the photo....)
 whoop, whoop..... 79.6kg, am I finally out of the 80's or is this just a fluke!!!  Will have to wait until my next Friday weigh-in to find out.  I have however, made an appt to go back to the clinic on Monday, am not sure whether I need anymore fill but need to find out if there is anything I can do to speed things along again!  Hope you all have a good week.........

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