Thursday, 13 March 2014

Out with the old, in with the new.....

Phew... 79.6kg today..... so it wasn't a fluke!!  Not a huge loss but at least I'm out of the 80's... I hope!!!  I went to see the Dr on Monday, as I haven't really lost anything since November, and she said that I should be loosing something although it would only be little and slow....  She gave me 0.3ml extra in my band and said if I don't see a change over the next couple of weeks to go back - I may need an xray to check that the band hasn't slipped, hope that's not the case!  Think I can feel a little more restriction since the fill.... but nothing major - watch this space!

Here's a pic of me with my family:

ha ha... you didn't realise I had such famous folks did you!!!

Had a real good clear out of my wardrobe - out with the old and in with the new - have a range of sizes in my wardrobe and some clothes that are older than my 13yr old daughter!!  Was very ruthless and gave everything to charity that was a size 18 and above..... blimey there's not much left in my closet..!!!   I reckon a shopping trip is on the cards!

Wow.... look at it all!!

Have quite a full on weekend this week, am out with some girlfriends tonight which will be a boozy affair, and then am out with a different set of girlfriends tomorrow night which won't be a boozy affair but which will include eating!  Not conducive to weightloss so will have to plan ahead!

Rich has been trying to get Katie Perry tickets for him and Holly, but they were all sold out - so he got them tickets to see her in Melbourne instead..... he thought it was good excuse for us all to have a weekend away! Have to say I agree with him!!!   Its not till December, so will be great for some Christmas shopping...

Would love to know how everyone is doing??.....x

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