Saturday, 7 September 2013

Closet clearout........

Today I decided to clearout my wardrobe of everything too big, in the past I would have kept the clothes for when I gain weight again, but this time have decided to throw them out with the confidence that I'll never be a size 20/22 again - I hope!  So I have a nice big bagful to take to the charity shop.

We are off on our hols in less than a month so I had a spend up in KMart and Target yesterday.. I bought some linen trousers, vest tops, Tshirts, cropped jeans, and a new dress..... every item was size 16 - wow - that felt good, and was from the normal section and not the fat section - whoop whoop NSV!

Yesterday was my official weighin day and hadn't lost anything this week - disappointing but haven't made zumba as I had the joys of sitting in the dentist chair on Monday instead (root canal) and taking Holly to chiro on Friday...... weighed again this morning and have lost 0.6kg although not my official tracking day so won't count it :(   You'll recall that I cancelled my last fill appt, I'm wondering whether I perhaps should have a little more.......

I've copied below some pics of my cutlery and dishes etc, I mentioned in an earlier post that I find using smaller cutlery and china helps me eat less and eat more slowly, this gives you an idea...

The plate at the top is a normal size dinner plate, my portion control plate underneath is the size of a side plate/

The cutlery on the left of each pile is normal size, I use the smaller kids cutlery 

Average size cereal bowl on left, my bowl on the right.

Harvey has his last soccer match of the season today so am off to watch his game later, then we have some friends over for dinner which should be nice.  Have a busy week planned, Harvey has his sports carnival, and I have a work team building day as well as the normal working week, and have to get organised for Holly's 13th birthday next weekend!  Hope you all have a good week, would love to hear from you all...x


  1. Congrats on being a size 16!! Feels great, doesn't it!!

    1. Thanks for that - yep feels great!! xx

  2. Ooh well done skinny bird. Bet your still a nightmare to shop with tho. Weird o.... A women that hates shopping!!

  3. Woop woop... Well done size 16 that is incredible! You are doing so well! Love you xx