Saturday, 31 August 2013

Before and after....

 Well, I do apologise for being such a poor blogger.... didn't manage to blog anything last week!!  To be frank there wasn't really alot to say...  TOM arrived so as per the norm so I gained 0.6kg.... which really annoys me - but its been a full on week this last week!!

Richard's birthday was last weekend, had a super weekend but ate out whether breakfast, lunch or dinner for 4 days in a row...... I tried to make sensible food choices, ate wisely and didn't feel like I missed out! I think Rich enjoyed his birthday weekend.  We also had the George Benson concert which was absolutely fantastic.... so, so, so enjoyed it.  It was quite surreal, I said to Rich everyone looks so old..... then it dawned on me we are getting old - might feel 18yrs in my head, but sure don't look it!

Holly had her WA Junior soccer final - an important game for her so we all went along to support her.  Unfortunately, during half-time Harvey jumped of the play equip, landed in the sand and cut his toe..... by the time he came to find me there was blood everywhere..... fortunately a paramedic was on hand (we were in the middle of a field), was able to clean up some of the mess with some saline but advised he should go straight to hospital for stitches!!  Consequently, Rich and I had to leave and take Harvey to hospital and we missed the second half of Holly's game!  She has her league final next week, so hopefully we can cheer her on then!

I was due another fill today, but I decided to postpone it for a couple of weeks.  If I eat to quickly or take too big bites I am getting stuck; (although am obviously trying to avoid this) am still loosing my slow on average 0.5kg per week so figured I'm doing OK.

I'm down to 84.4kg/13stone 4lb, which is a total loss of 16kg/2 stone 5lb.

Am off out tonight to see "50 shades of Maggie Muff" have you heard of it??  Its a comedy show, thats supposed to be hilarious - am going with the girlies, although have bad toothache (have managed to get a dental appt for lunchtime) hopefully will be feeling better later.

Well as the title of my blog is "before & after" I thought I'd upload some before and after shots this week.  You'll recall we have been renovating our kitchen, still needs to have splashback, flooring and be decorated... but I am loving it so far:

Before reno
Before reno

After reno
After reno

Its been quite cold here in WA so we have kept Chester's hair longer than normal.. bless him he looks like a cross between a sheep and a teddybear.... well today was haircut day:

Before haircut
After haircut

and here are some pic's of me before surgery and now....

Pre-band - YUCK!
Pre-band - Ready for a workout

Me with the love of my life x
All ready for netball

Its Australia's Fathers Day tomorrow, so Harvey wanted to make something with some wood and screws for Dad....!!!  WTF!!!  I coerced him into baking and making some of Dad's favourites instead... so we've made rock cakes, shortbread and victoria sponge.... needed to try out my new ovem so that was handy!!  Anyway, have a good week, will try and blog again in couple of days...x

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