Friday, 9 August 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Hi guys

Its not stopped raining this week, but look what I saw:

I'm a bit late posting this week.... have had to fight through the dust to find the PC!!!  Yep, the renovations started on Monday, there is dust everywhere, but its all coming along nicely!

Anyway, have done two zumba classes this week and really enjoyed them, my usual netball and walking.  I was talking to Rich saying that I'd like to do another form of exercise one evening a week.... quite fancy badmington but have no one to play with...., so think I will make some enquiries about going back to tap dancing.  I used to tap dance as a kid and as an adult and stopped once I had Harvey, but its great fun and really good exercise.... I don't want to do any shows/performances but quite fancy getting back into the classes.  Watch this space!!

You will recall that after my fill last week, I didn't really notice a difference..... BAM... for some reason its taken its time to be noticed, but certainly decided to let me know its there this week!!!  Have to really remember to eat slowly, and chew, chew, chew otherwise I get a pain in my chest.  The beef casserole I made on Tuesday got stuck (I think I ate the first two mouthfuls too fast) and I ended up sliming... yuck! Couldn't eat my dinner so Chester was pleased as he got the casserole.  I notice that the band feels tight mornings and evenings, lunchtime is no problem at all.  Went out for dinner on Thursday to an Italian, I had the garlic prawns entree as my main, which was plenty for me and really tasty!

Well I am down again this week, have lost 14.6kg/2stone 3lb in total.... I am just 0.4kg/0.8lb from reaching my half way mark... so lets hope I reach this NSV next weigh in.  I took some measurements today and have lost the following:

Chest:  4inches/10cm
Waist:  4inches/10cm
Tummy: 5 inches/12cm
Hips:  4.5inches/11cm

Not bad going eh??  Whoop whoop!!  Although I've not had to buy loads of new clothes yet, except for some jeans, just shows how tight I was wearing those clothes before!!

My sister Katie has been adding comments to my blog, but for some reason I've not been able to see them and she's checked and they've gone missing!!  Can anyone advise?  Find the technology of this blogging malarkay a bit cumbersome!!

Hope you've all had a good week...x

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