Thursday, 19 September 2013

Inch loss...

..... its still raining..... so over this weather!!!!!

Well,  down 0.2kg this week, weightloss is really slowing down and plateauing, which I guess is to be expected!  Am still having the occasional stuck moments (due to eating to fast), but other times can eat more than my half cup of food so may need a smidgeon more fill.  Have booked an appt to visit the clinic once I'm back from my hols.  Thought I'd log my inch loss since starting this journey, to date:

Chest:  5inches
Waist:  5 inches
Tummy:  6 inches
Hips:  4.5inches

so although weightloss is slow, have lost quite a few inches which is good.

Renovations are very nearly complete, kitchen, benctop, splashback is in, floor is almost finished, just deciding on what colour to paint the walls and will be done - its looking good!

Off to theatre this evening with the kids which should be good, and have friends over on Sunday, I was going to do a BBQ but as the weather is so crap will do mexican instead!  Hope everyone is having a good week...x


  1. Ooooh...I am going to be banded Wednesday and had not thought of cataloging inches. Great idea! I will have to post my current stats.

    Congrats on your inches lost!!!

  2. How are you going? Are you feeling OK following your op? Defo keep a log of your measurements as they tend to go down even when your weightloss plateaus - hope all's going well for you x