Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bad blogger......

Woo Hoo..... I'm back..!  What a bad blogger I have been..... well the news isn't good.... the scales are still moving, but in wrong direction.... bugger!!!!!!!!  Official weigh in day today:  78kg (12 stone 2lb), thats a 3kg (6lb) gain from my lowest weight!

Just can't get back on track since my hols in UK back in Sept/Oct whether that's because I overindulged when I was in England and got the taste back, or whether it was because my fill was adjusted, or that I keep making goodies in my thermomix or I'm just not in the right headspace.......!  Guess I'll need to reign in my Xmas indulgences now.   I could keep making excuses but:

guess its up to me!  Come on Sleaty get a grip woman!!!!

What else is happening..... had a great family weekend away in Melbourne.  Rich and Holly went to the Katie Perry concert which apparently was great.  Whilst in Melbourne we caught up with my dear friend Nicola and her hubbie and son which was great - they all looked really well and were able to stay overnight in the City so we could spend the night and following day together.  I posted a year ago when I last visited Nicola in Melbourne, there's not a huge amount of difference in my weight then and now gulp!

My kids have now broken up for the long Summer holidays 10 Dec - 2 Feb....... how ridiculous!  Fortunately I have Holly to mind Harvey whilst I'm working, although now she has a part-time job not sure how that will work.

Tomorrow we are off to a 40th birthday party, Gatesby theme!  I've got a black frapper dress to wear - should be fun.  I'll post some photos next week.

Feeling very bah humbug and not at all Christmassy!  Normally we are looking forward to having visitors during the festive period, but have no-one coming to see us this year.  Although next year should have bestie -fingers crossed!   We are spending Christmas Day at friends which will be nice, just doesn't feel very festive.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.....x

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