Monday, 22 December 2014

2 more sleeps...

... 2 more sleeps until Santa arrives....... am hoping he doesn't leave anymore chocolates, sherry and goodies!!  Have put my weight issues on the shelf until New Year, can't possibly fix anything over Christmas so I may as well enjoy!

Have some food shopping to do later and then all done - sigh!  What we haven't got, we go without!  Although saying that we are at friends on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so no real worries.

Am planning on taking the kids to see Paddington tomorrow evening (Xmas Eve), thought we'd go once I've picked Holly up from work - they are not too bothered but I'd like to do something with them that doesn't revolve around drinking in some bar - haven't told Rich yet - am guessing he won't come along.  Turkey to cook, profiteroles and banoffee pie to make before Santa can come.  Will go to beach Xmas Day, although am hoping this wind drops and off to friends for the rest of the day!  Starting to feel more festive now....

No plans for New Years Eve as yet, although no doubt something will crop up.

Anyway, as promised in last week's post here's Rich and I all dressed up for the Gatesby theme party.  Cheap and cheerful outfit I got online, not bad eh?

Well, Merry Christmast to you all - hope you all have a wonderful festive time!  Until next year......  x

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